Friday, September 22, 2017

Oz Day 12: Featherdale Wildlife Park...

~ 17th November 2015 ~
After reading about Featherdale Wildlife Park online, I was really excited because finally, I could get to touch a koala. We were only given an hour so, the first thing we did was rush to the queue where koalas were on display.
The queue was only starting and it was a short wait. We were not suppose to touch it's face but only the ass. It's like molesting the koala's ass and the ass was so soft, it should be the pillow. 
I caught a video of a koala snorting like a pig. It was crying out loud or maybe he was just complaining about his boring life, all alone without friends, seeking compassion and attention. Don't know... I don't speak koala language. Maybe a pig would understand better since they speak the same language. A pig's life would be worse as it would turn out to be bacon on platters.
There were quite a lot to see but I only wanted to see the wombat. I like wombat, but I have never touch one before. There's also an albino kangaroo. And yeah, kangaroos looks muscular, like a boxing champion. 

Thursday, September 21, 2017

Oz Day 12: Off to One Day Tour in Sydney...

~ 17th November 2015 ~
We woke up before everyone else at 6a.m. again, that was 3a.m. Malaysian time. Crazy time~! We sneaked out of the house as not to disturb Ah Ching and hubby. Caught the train to central and find our way to the pick up spot. 
Get your exit platform right or you would appear in another place and get yourself lost. Ah Ching's hubby checked out for us that we should exit at platform 6 but when we asked the lady on duty, she told us platform 3. We came out completely lost but I seriously think I have built in GPS in my head. We found our way. 
The bus came almost an hour later. If we knew it was going to be so late, I wouldn't wake up so early or maybe we could find a good spot to have breakfast. Seriously, no breakfast again. Must make huge mental note not to go hungry for our future trips.
Got stuck in the morning traffic but all was well. The tour guide cum driver was not as comical as the guides in Tasmania. This one spoke in monotone, it was like lullaby but he's very knowledgeable with all the facts and stories. Must have said the same thing repeatedly countless times.

Oz Day 11: Dinner at Bondi Pizza...

~ 16th November 2015 ~
Mi madre and I are not fans of pizza. Reason being was because mi madre isn't much into cheese while I do not enjoy thick pizze base. Let's talk about Pizza Hut. I'm talking about my preference, not running down on any other pizza joints found locally. Pizza Hut has such thick bread base that it's like eating French loaf instead of enjoying the pizza topping. I used to like Dominos but after that the topping was made too thin. There's no more joy in having pizza until US Pizza appeared in the picture.
Bondi Pizza was a completely different pizza player. They really know how to make a pizza that's really satisfying. I'll choose Bondi Pizza over any other pizza. The crust was so crunchy and the base was biscuit thin, it was done to perfection.
The ribs were really juicy~! Excellent dinner~! It's not because I was so hungry that anything goes. I'm one fussy eater.

Oz Day 11: Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk, Sydney...

~ 16th November 2015 ~
I actually followed my own plan to the dot for this one. Ah Ching was very kind to take us around. She became a tourist on that day as well. We started off with Bondi Beach. It was summer and surfing class for children were on. I will be on the surfboard joining the lesson if I have the time and provided there's no shark in the water. 
The place was quite happening and then we continued with the walk. Along the boardwalk,we arrived at Hunters Park. There's a huge building with infinity pool. From that point onwards, I have always wanted an infinity pool inside the house. I have finally found my dream house with a swimming pool inside and that's the only thing I could think of right now.
Then, Marks Park was next. The rock formation was really breathtaking. It was like somewhere in a national park.
Mackenzies Bay was awesome, too.
I like Tamarama Beach the most. It made Bondi Beach kids-friendly. The waves at Tamarama was fiercer, suitable for professional surfers. 
Bronte Beach was a little quiet. The suggested time to finish the coastal walk was 1 hour but walking with a camera would take a longer time to complete. 
We did not walk back to where we started. Instead, we took a bus back to Bondi. So, we spent a few minutes at Bondi Junction before we took a train back to Carlton. Time for dinner.

Wednesday, September 20, 2017

Oz Day 11: Watsons Bay...

~ 16th November 2015 ~
The lookout platform at Watsons Bay was too far away according to our walking feet. The sun was shining too brightly and Sydney was inching towards summer thus, we couldn't keep on with the walk. I dislike summer, coming from a country with 365 days of hot weather. I could hike during winter and walked from morning till night, but with the sun shining brightly, I could barely stepped out of the house when I'm at home.
I took some photos real quick before we moved on to our next destination. 
It should be a really beautiful place but I've seen enough rock formation at that point of time so I was not too excited.

Tuesday, September 19, 2017

Oz Day 11: From Circular Quay to Watsons Bay...

~ 16th November 2017 ~
The public ferry ride was like taking a private boat tour. It was so fast, I have no idea powered by how many motors. There were so much to enjoy, looking at expensive houses along the coastal bay. They don't have xeroxed houses like what have here in the housing areas. I do prefer xeroxed houses, make them look neater, and not having a headache to think of the design. I still want my Fort Knox-shaped house and I have found it.
Then, the Sydney Harbour Bridge and Sydney Opera house came in view. Snapped a few more photos to prove that we've arrived in Sydney. I think without those two iconic structures, no one would believe that you've been to Sydney.