Monday, February 19, 2018

Korea Day 2: Dinner at생선 회마당[Sashimi Garden}

~ 24th January 2017 ~
생선 회마당 the direct translation does not mean Sashimi Garden but it's actually Sashimi Shed. Imagine having the whole shed with freshly sliced sashimi. I like raw food depending on what time. It was Jaerok's 12th birthday and I got the blessings to join in the exquisite dining experience.
It's private dining just like back in China. You can't be too loud though as the dividers were not sound proof. Our ass was heated by the heating element. There were lots of dishes which I like really much.
These were the few that I don't like because there were leaves and grass in them.
The assorted sashimi platter was the best. It was also my first time eating wriggly sliced octopus. Pour some soy sauce and they would dance for you. I don't think I will post any videos here. I'm a still photo person.
I don't know how four of us could eat so much. Eating until too full was not really a pleasant experience. It made moving around difficult but the tummy was happy, mouth also happy.

Wednesday, February 07, 2018

Korea Day 2: My 1% Knowledge about Korea and Koreans...

~ 24th January 2017~
Toboggan in the open~!
As far as I remember, I think it's Jaerok's 12th birthday. Breakfast was at home. The porridge was a piece of brown wheat, dried as Maggi noodles. Cooked like how you gonna cook your Maggi noodles but since it's tasteless, you'll need to have something that's salty enough to cover the blandness. Top it with kimchi. I don't eat kimchi but I found the only kimchi I like. No such vegetables in Malaysia, thank God for that~!
I heard the boom early in the morning. I thought it was thunder and it would be raining soon. The sky was oddly really clear and blue in colour. After uncountable booms, finally I realized it was the sound of cannons as I was staying at the army barrack. What was I thinking? Haih... Before we left, we were busy working from home.
Working from home... money coming in~!
The traditional heater found in the village area of China...
We made a stop at a shop owned by a Siamese. South Korea is both modern and ancient at the same time. Everything can be so technologically inclined that you feel like you're coming out from a cave but there were things that they use that baffles you, like you have more modern electronic stuff in your cave. It may confuse you to the extend that you figure, living as a Malaysian is of good balance to the body, mind and soul. 
Why are you shining so brightly until I don't get to ice-skate?
We went to the military playground for family members. I wanted to ice-skate but the low temperature was not low enough. The sun was shining brightly and making the ice surface really thin. We just played with toboggan. Sad case, all photos and videos were not to be found. I wanted to build a snowman but it wasn't snowing and the snow was really powdered, like having ice shave. I can make many bowls of ais-kacang with the powdery snow.
No sign of life... We owned the road...
Then, we went off to my camel's parents-in-law place somewhere in Cheorwon. You may Google about Cheorwon and read up on DMZ - the de-militarized zone. Why would anyone want to live in that area with tanks moving along the road, on active training. The whole village was left with mostly the elderly. And because it is so close to the north, the cold was really harsh. You would wish you're able to have the sun all to yourself, the best is having the sun right on top of your roof, or even pull the sun down and hug it all day long, slap the moon away. But even the sun felt that it was too cold and left really early. By the time we were done visiting for a few minutes, we were looking at sunset with the sun running away so fast, it was gone within minutes.
Maybe next time I would really want to take a tour at the DMZ. I did not know of such tour because I was one ignorant tourist who had no knowledge about South Korea. I have only heard of Seoul, Busan and Jeju Island. I can tell you that I did not go those places at all. I was everywhere except those places. I don't know what type of tourist I was, with no plans at all. I trust my camel~!
The old houses were built with red bricks~! I like houses with red bricks because it would be really cooling but the whole house turned into a freezer during winter. Penang no winter, so I want my house built with red bricks~!!!! It was my first time looking at a huge refrigerator with boxes and many more boxes of kimchi. Those kimchi must be stored for one year and the smell was, oh my... so sour... There's another refrigerator with good food though, all the meat that I can live with without getting out of the house. The heating element was on the mat only, not the whole house. I have yet to figure out how the heater works in the whole house. Why only the flooring? Heat rises but the winter was so bad, the heat could not fight the cold. The heat only managed to get to your ankle. All potted plants must be kept in the house, you see nothing could survive the winter.
Can you smell the spiciness?

Oh, to make perfect kimchi, make sure you have the best quality of chilli powder. But whatever is it, as long as it's chilli powder, it works la. The rest depends on your skill.
Let's talk about recycling your rubbish around the housing area. This is how they do it. You either sort your rubbish out in your house or you bring everything out, stand in the cold and sort it out accordingly. There's no smell because your kitchen waste is freezing cold. No bacteria can live. It will different in Malaysia. The flies will be swarming all over you and the smell will make you vomit before you're done sorting out your recyclables. I sort my rubbish already but until today, I don't see different coloured trucks coming to pick up my rubbish. Now even the rubbish collectors decide what to take and what not to take. Before long, my house will be a rubbish dump as we do not know where to get rid of some of our bigger size trash. All keep in the pocket la....