Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Day 4: Melbourne City Tour...

~9th November 2015~
Mi madre was the tourist while I was the tour guide. We were done with our affairs in Essendon. While waiting for Pinky to finish work at the office, we decided to kill time by touring the rectangular-shaped Melbourne city. We went to the information centre but I had no idea where they put the map. I still remember the places though so it's okay walking without a map. 
We hopped onto the free tram ride, chugging slowly. It's not my first time in Melbourne so I was just refreshing my memory, looking around. It was first time for mi madre. 
We hopped at at Elizabeth Street and then walked to Bourke Street. It was really hot so we were planning to look for some expensive dessert. I have data so I Google-d and found one. As we walked along the road according to Google map, we stopped at an empty shop lot. An Australian guy stopped and asked what were we looking for, after showing him the map, he said it was the right place but he has no idea where has the cafe disappeared to. 
In the end, we ended up with nitrogen ice-cream. It was good but I was hoping to have a piece of cake as well.
We then walked along Bourke Street, passing by Myer and heading towards Brunetti. Sad case, Brunetti was closed for renovation so we crossed the road to have some fresh orange juice. We then walked around aimlessly before heading back towards Flinders Street. Pinky's office was just opposite Flinder's station.

Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My 2017 Birthday with my Family[s]

What's the definition of a family? I found one that I could agree to and yeah, so that's that. I did not celebrate with anybody else except with my family[s].
The first round was at home. I wanted steamboat because I do like steamboat at times. And I have my doggie birthday cake. I admired the ass most. It was actually Swiss roll with really good cream but it was coffee cream instead of chocolate cream. It's okay... the doggie was cute.
My second birthday was really special because it was on the eve of Chinese New Year. I was in Korea and celebrated with my new Korean family. I am blessed to have families here and there. It was not steamboat but barbecued pork... my favourite bulgogi and I just sat there and waited to be served. The cake was a different one, a chocolate chiffon cake which was really nice from Paris Baguette. 
The third and the last one was at Ferringhi Garden. I was thinking of writing a blog post just for Ferringhi Garden but too bad, I don't have enough time in hand so be it, go find out for yourself. Don't ask me how to get there, I enjoyed being the passenger so I did not jot down the route inside my head. It was a picture perfect place with all the garden-like deco, suits the name Ferringhi Garden.
Grilled Alaskan black cod...

The menu was of many pages so I closed the menu and let mummy decide. It would take me an hour or so to read all and decide, so usually when I go to restaurants, I let others pick from the menu or I will just ask the waiter to recommend. Mummy got me cod fish which was the best choice according to my taste bud~! 
I am deeply loved, greatly blessed and highly favoured.

PS. No family photos... I think my blog is too public and I would like to keep my family in a tight circle, away from public view.
PSS. I wanted to write a nicer post but I just couldn't find enough time to write.

Tuesday, February 14, 2017

Bitter Sweet Serendipity...

Serendipity means the occurrence and development of events by chance in a happy or beneficial way. Why bitter sweet then? Do you like chocolates? Do you know that those milk chocolates which taste so sweet and give you the idea that by only one bite, you will get diabetes, is not real, genuine cocoa only? Try having the 85% cocoa in a bar of chocolate, the word sweet doesn't exist. It's just bitter.

I like dark chocolate, maybe with 65% of cocoa, so that makes it bitter sweet. There are too many things happening in my life since the end of last year. Everything that happened was sheer serendipity, it was nothing that I could imagine but the carpet under my feet was pulled away so suddenly, I did not know whether to laugh or to cry.

Talking of a change in lifestyle, I was shown how a group of young leaders in Atomy live their lifestyle. I'm not sure that's what I wanted. I have other things in mind. My vision is not the same as others. I do not want to live like how others live. 

Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Day 4: Because of Mandochef by Tupperware...

~9th November 2015~
The hubby enjoys watching short videos of sorts while I don't enjoy watching or reading forwarded messages unless they were really interesting. Hubby was delighted with Mandochef by Tupperware. It wasn't in Malaysia yet at that point of time so I said I would Google and see whether I could get a hold of it in Melbourne. I searched and started sending e-mails but only one replied and I got what I wanted.
The only thing was getting to that place which was really out of the way. Don't mention about the conversion rate yet. I don't think I want to talk about the price. It only shows craziness to own something because he's my hubby but I ended up using it more often and him. In the end, both of us have no time to cook and mi madre has her own kitchen tools to play with.
We took two trains and two buses. It was actually wrong. There should only be one bus. We got down at the shopping mall and then we were suppose to walk but it looked like ridiculous to walk. I stopped one of the passers-by and she was really helpful. We walked back to the bus stop and another bus came up and after the driver dropped everybody else left with us and another passenger, the other passenger helped Google up the place so that the bus driver would know where to drop us.
The bus driver made a de-tour out of his route to show us where to take the bus back and so that we didn't have to walk a long distant, he dropped us at the nearest junction the bus would go. I was really touched by his kindness. A big whole bus doing all sorts of de-tour. I couldn't thank him enough and I thanked God for the favour and blessings poured on us.
We waited for the bus to get back to the train station. Before we got back, we decided to stop by and have brunch. Our breakfast was brought back by Mr. Ma, an assortment of handmade sushi. 
So, yeah... the Mandochef in my house cost more than what money can buy.

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

Day 3: Let's BAB~!

~8th November 2015~
Pinky took us to the row of shophouses facing the main road. I kinda like the area. There's everything there except for wet market. Pinky's favourite eating place is called Let's Bab... she loves Korean food but we both prefer Japanese food if given a choice. 
We tapao-ed our dinner home. Too tired from all the driving and I've shifted my bio-clock to Melbourne time. I am adaptable everywhere, time change is not an issue. Next door was a mini market operated by a Chinese. The post office at the end of the row was also operated by Chinese. This area was almost half Chinese populated. We're Chinese, so it feels like home.

Saturday, January 14, 2017

Day 3: Lebanese Sweets - Abla's Patisserie...

~8th November 2015~
The drive back to Melbourne from Warrnambool was a horrible one. I was driving behind an old car which was moving at tortoise pace. There was no way to overtake because I was one proper driver in a foreign land. I did not want the travel buddy to get a speeding ticket or reckless driving. I was jet lagged and between the blue sky and white clouds, I thought I saw the sea and waves. I tried to keep my eyes wide open but the more I see, I could only see raging sea. I couldn't go on like that but the travel buddy was snoring away next to me. It was just our third day and I didn't want to put all our lives in danger, so in the end I poked the snoring pig awake and told her I couldn't drive anymore. She would have to drive for another 3 hours and I could not help her navigate as well. I just wanted to sleep. I knocked off immediately we changed seats. 
When I woke up, the piggy was trying to look for this favourite new found love of hers. She loves very sweet stuff which I don't really fancy but since she insisted, I relented. I actually like those with groundnuts. I like everything with nuts but just not in cooking. Any nuts ON a cake, surrounding the cake or pounded in cookies were good but not swimming in a pot of soup!
And I love everything with chocolate~! Tried some on the spot and Pinky bought a box home so she could have them whenever she had craving for sugar.

Day 3: Von Geurard Lookout...

~8th November 2015~
This was a rather interesting stop. I was just driving back, heading towards Melbourne when we saw this stop. Pinky said we should just stop and take a look. I stopped by the road side and then we crossed the road and the view was just simply breathtaking.
So, who was this Von Geurard? This scenic lookout place failed to make it on Google map. It was never in our list of places to go to. Just spent a few minutes and and enjoy the view. For such a view like this, you will life up your hands high up to heaven and praise the Lord for being such a creative artist. Google up Von Geurard and you would be able to read a little about the artist himself.
After spending enough time gasping at the beautiful place, we crossed over to the car but I ventured off track a bit and spent some time admiring the green of the field. The sheep were resting after grazing at the fresh grass. 

Day 3: Simon's Waterfront, Warrnambool...

~8th November 2015~
The information counter was at the Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum so we asked for the best place in Warrnambool to have lunch. The lady at the counter suggested Simon's Waterfront. We have no care about pricing, we just wanted something good. We seemed to be skipping meals again, this is something that we should rectify. We have been skipping meals in all our holidays.
We wanted heavy lunch. So, to Simon's Waterfront we went. The place was really comfortable and the staff was friendly. If I ever step foot in Warrnambool, I will be dining at Simon's Waterfront everyday if time permit. 
I had the best Angus prepared medium-rare. I was one happy person *shedding tears of joy*. Even the fries was a gadzillion times better than that of McD's. I could just eat those fries and be happy throughout the day. 
The weather was great and there were so many people at the beach. I still don't like stepping on sand.

Day 3: Flagstaff Hill Maritime Museum...

~8th November 2015~
I picked this place because of the dogs. Nothing else but the dogs but we received more than what we wanted. The whole place was a really wonderful place to walk in. 
When I was on holiday I spent my time taking photos. The tripod came in handy. We were stopping at every corner to take photos.
Then, finally it's time to hear about the work of maremma sheepdog. The dogs would be on duty at the Middle Island, working as security guards to guard the little penguins from being eaten by wolves. The dogs were huge. If only I have the chance to catch the movie Oddball. It was only aired around Warrnambool cinemas. Should have the movie aired in Melbourne. 
I don't know what to say about this place. It's worth going to. Worth spending time there. We went up the lighthouse to have a good view. The travel buddy never bother to look out.