Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oz Day 8: Waterfall Bay Cliff in Tasmania...

~ 13th November 2015~
I'm back to updating the holiday posts from two years ago. But I might not stick to this for long. I can't seem to stick to anything for long. I wonder how people manage to stick to having one hobby for the rest of their lives. 
Reminiscing the lovely holiday in Tasmania, it was really a nice place. When you need to go for a holiday, don't bother asking around whether the place should be in your holiday list or not. It doesn't work that way. Just go... make the best out of it. Even the drain in another country looks more beautiful than the drain outside your own house. And the sun feels different too albeit the whole world would be looking at the same sun.
Mi madre and I followed a one day tour because my navigator was still stuck at the office. We have chosen to rent a car but without the navigator, the driver couldn't do much. So, it was a one day trip where the tour guide who came to pick us up was so punctual, I was a little shock. In my e-mail, it was mentioned that our pick up time was at 7a.m., being Malaysian, I thought we should only get down at 7a.m. but having tuned my brain to Australian time, we went down to wait at the entrance of Hobart Tower Motel 15 minutes earlier... that would be 4a.m. Malaysian time. Only in Australia I would wake up at such ungodly hours. 
Being the first to get onto the van, we were given free city tour for the second round as there were other passengers to pick up. I think there were roughly 7 people only. I'm okay with small group but I I have difficulties travelling in big group. I have human-phobia. As we were going along Tasman Highway, my camera was working really hard already.
Then, we zoomed along Arthur Highway before we went into the jungle trail. We stopped at Denison Canal Park for a few minutest.
The view at Waterfall Bay Cliff was breathtaking. There was no waterfall though as the heavy rain from the previous night did not manage to build up the volume of water to make it into a grand fall. There was only a small fall which  I couldn't even see in any of my photos. Doing up all these photos reminded me of how much I love photography, at one point of my life. I guess I have moved on. But I still need to finish up all my photos so that I can clear them from my hard disc before I embark on my next trip. 
I was the slowest among them all. Can't blame me for that. It's not like I'm going to the same place every time so need to capture them all. It will just be a memory - been there, done that.
The rain came on and off. It was drizzling still but I prayed for the rain to stop so the camera would not be wet. The rain did stop but came back when we were walking along the jungle trail. Then, it stopped. This reminds me of how God answers prayers really fast whenever I was out of the country, in a foreign land. I love you, Jesus. 
I just enjoyed looking at the waves and rock formation. I can stand on one same spot for hours, mesmerized by the beauty of it all. Many will not be able to understand but I really enjoy listening to the pounding waves, how the waves roared and then went silent. The waves picked up speed when coming to shore and the different shades of blue. I do not like blue but the blue sky and blue sea were two different elements altogether that I truly enjoy.

Thursday, May 18, 2017

The 4 Hours We Had in KL...

~ 15th April 2017~
It's a one day trip to KL. A morning drive, not a train ride. Usually I'll take the train down and come back following the last train. This one was a car ride. So, what can one do with the 4 hours of leisure time?
We were at Mid Valley Megamall and dived straight for food. Food was at Brotzeit, on Uncle Stanley. Thank you for the wonderful lunch. We picked and shared from the lunch menu and if I hadn't had a heavy breakfast, I would be rolling on the floor after finishing all those small sausages. I would need to have a dozen more sausages to be filled. But I had pancakes, Hokkaido cheesetart and two slices of spongecake for breakfast. When there's nothing to do, I can eat round the clock. 
From Brotzeit, we moved on to dessert at Jamaica Blue somewhere above ground level. Mummy must have her coffee fix. I had my large hot chocolate and chocolate cakes. The amount of chocolate was too heavy that I tried to keep my eyes open. It was terrible when you were so sleepy and you had to keep walking. 
Mummy was on a bread-buying spree. And munched a curry puff. Told ya the sausages could not even fill up 50% of the stomach space. No photos because I was sleepy to the point of being cranky and I wanted to pangsai at the same time. 
Then we crossed over to The Gardens and got ourselves busy with window-shopping. If you don't know what's window shopping, it's just looking through those huge slabs of glass panel. I'm not into shopping but sometimes it feels good to spend money. The guilt will come when you reach home and look at the stuff you have bought and wondered when are you going to wear/use that. 
Robinsons got very nice shoes but not that comfy to walk in. Mummy and I were very particular with comfort for the soles. 
That's all lah... we spent our time eating and walking around aimlessly like ladies of leisure. 

Sunday, May 14, 2017

Happy Mother's Day...

It's the day of the year where mothers around the world are celebrated. I searched through for nice Mother's Day quotes, they were nice but not from the bottom of my heart. They were from the bottom of other people's heart to their own mothers. 
My mama and my mummy...

Everyday should be Mother's Day. Do you just bring your mother out to eat on Mother's Day only and then the rest of the 364 days your mother lives on air and sunshine? Then your mother must be a wonder woman. I'm not good with celebrations. I choose to live to the fullest every day. Okay la... today I join the worldwide crowd in this major up-scale commercialized celebration.
My mama *mi madre as widely known in my blog* is everything to me. If anything happens to her, my world will collapse. 
Mi madre is a wonderful cook
but the one who taught me to cook is my hubby
Mi madre taught me Maths until I got the highest marks in primary school,
but mi madre has no idea how to do Maths.
Mi madre knows nothing about music.
but mi madre can sing from the grade 8 aural CD when I hear nothing.
Mi madre says shes doesn't know how to crochet,
but she ended up making more stuff than I do.
Mi madre taught me how to do cross-stitch but mi madre has never done cross-stitch before. 
Mi madre did the finishing of my many sewing projects but mi madre has never sewn one piece of clothing before.
Mi madre knows everything,
whether she knows or doesn't know, she must know because she's mi madre~!
Mi madre is mi travel buddy~!
Mi madre is not a vet, 
but mi madre nursed the rabbits when they were sick~! 
In conclusion, mi madre doesn't know anything *according to her*
but mi madre knows everything.
Don't mess with mi madre~!
This is my mummy. Mummy teaches me piano and thank God she didn't vomit blood. 
My mummy is my role real model. 
My mummy is very brave to wear what I sew 
My mummy is a fashionista and upgraded my sewing skill from beginner to professional level
My mummy brings out the hong-soeness in me... 
My mummy is my chatting buddy...
My mummy loves my cooking...
My mummy is supportive in everything that I do...
My mummy is also my everything...
Don't mess with my mummy~!
My mummy can liam from sunrise to sunset and then to the next sunrise...
In conclusion, my mummy is also like mi madre.
This is my 老妈
My 老妈 is good in everything also
My老妈 is like a walking encyclopedia
My 老妈 cooks without recipe books and proper kitchen gadgets
My 老妈 loves to eat sweet stuff...
My 老妈 taught me how to give freely with no strings attached...
I learn many things from my 老妈
老妈 showed me that not all Chinese people are crooked
In conclusion, don't mess with my 老妈
I'm happy like this~!


Wednesday, May 10, 2017

Penang Cafe Hop #2: Caffeine Chemistry...

This is a must-go for waffle lovers. The waffles are crunchy and our matcha waffles have a scoop of coconut ice-cream tagging along with my favourite bananas~! Those waffles were to die for... *yum yum yum*
Service was quite slow even with a few patrons but the chef put his whole heart into making those waffles. I wouldn't rush him to do it faster. Imagine if he drops the waffles onto the floor or he messed up with the plate deco. I salute to the chef who has such passion. 

We were actually planning to go to Pik Nik but we stumbled upon the menu outside this little cafe. We walked away and then after a few steps, we decided to try out the waffles. Such were the steps of fickle-mindedness but with no regrets. 

Penang Cafe Hop #1: Victorian Garden Tea Room and Cafe...

One drives, while the other navigates. Mummy navigated the driver into small lanes. I dislike places with limited parking lots but we made it~! I'm not as adventurous as mummy in hunting for cafes. 
So... Victorian Garden serves set lunch and the food was not too bad. The meat was sliced paper-thin according to my meat-thickness vocabulary. I will not say much about the pricing because it depends on the location where rental can be quite exorbitant in town area or at pre-war houses turned into cafes. There are other things the owner must pay such as the staff and also bills. 
We won't be going to the same place twice, according to mummy which I agreed unless the food was really delicious. One mouthful will either make me stick to one same place or it will send me home, sending my fingers to deal with the injustice to the stomach. 

Sunday, May 07, 2017

Oz Day 7: Walking Along Elizabeth Street...

~12th November 2015~
After having a good meal at Fish 349, we resumed walking. We wanted to walk to Salamanca Square but the wind was making it impossible. We only made it to Elizabeth Mall at the end of the street but Target has pulled the steel door down - closing time already. 
Nothing much to see along the street. Just shops and more shops which we have no interest in. We went back to the our motel and there's no sign of dinner or breakfast for the next day. It rained the whole night and my shoes were all wet. I spent my night drying the shoes using a hair dryer. 
Sleeping on a mattress with heater was not a good idea. It was so hot I turned the heater off in the middle of the night. I was afraid that I would be cooked the next morning. Anyway, we had to wake up early as our driver would be picking us up at 7 in the morning. That's 4am Malaysian time.