Monday, October 31, 2011

As The Sun Rises...

Someone actually said that my sun rises from the west. That is because I've never seen a sunrise before, waking up when the sun is already moving way ahead. Last Tuesday, I made it a point to wake up at 6 a.m. and went to Gurney Drive with my pyjamas on. I caught the sunrise just a few minutes after settling down on the comfortable tiled sidewalk. Patience... I have none. I tried my best to keep myself entertained. I'm not the type who sits quietly in one corner. Once I'm awake, I'll be doing something. But there... there... I had to sit quietly, stopping myself from jumping into the quiet and calm sea. No joke~! Sitting down quietly requires a large amount of discipline. After 30 minutes, I can see myself climbing up and down and over the edge. I was all over the place. The two big clouds didn't give me a clear shot of the sun. That's the most perfect shot I could get. Since I was already there, I snapped more photos to my heart's content. I played with the functions, the light exposure and all sorts of nonsense. I'm not a professional photographer neither do I carry a camera with the lens the length of a sniper gun. I think there's enough proof to show that I really did take the sunrise shots. I was starting to get really impatient and agitated, thus I walked along the shoreline. Suddenly, I saw a man in the sea. He was walking towards and into the sea. Was he gonna kill himself? Then, all of a sudden, he threw out his fishing net. That was really professional of him. I would have covered myself in the net and wouldn't know from which end to escape from. He's not a local here. He's a Bangladeshi with his another fellow friend, waiting faithfully by the seaside with a black plastic bag. Not even a proper pail to fill up the day's catch. He was really blessed with all the fish. Everytime he threw the net into the sea, he cast out so much that I would have kept the fish in the freezer and finished them up in a few days' time. I wonder when my friends and I will be going for a fishing trip that way... one walking into the sea, the others waiting with plastic bags.

This Is My Life... ♥ ♥ ♥ It~!

It has been a great week. I wasn't suppose to take a week-long holiday for Deepavali as its has always been just one day of rest. Well, I'm not the one behind the scene. Almost everyone's exam came to an end the previous week so I'm just playing along with everyone. I did really have a good week that's why I have not been updating anything. I haven't even upload any photos into Facebook. There are just too many things to do.

I think over the 5 days that all of us spent most of our waking hours together, it has created a bond among everyone. True friends are hard to come by. I hope all of you will grow up to be friends, really good friends, friends who can be trusted, friends who can just hangout together when there's not much to do, eager to keep each other updated.

I stand to testify that the person whom you have met since you were in primary school might not end up to be your best friend for the rest of your life. The person whom you spent most of your time chatting away with might not even want to know what's going on in your life. The person who knew all your secrets when you were young may never be your friend in 10 years' time. Treasure the friendship...

I do have lots of things to write about. This is a public blog, also my open journal where I write everything that excites me. I write because I love to write. Life is so wonderful... I'm looking forward to December...

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Twisted Body & A Birthday Bash...

I'm going to admit that I seriously do things differently. At my own pace, my own style and all of us are happy with that. Monday 24th October 2011, all of us celebrated Pork's birthday. That's not his real name just a name that I'm used to call and everyone followed suit. Actually there wasn't a birthday party. It was just that the birthday piggy said that he wanted to treat us to pizza on his birthday and I decided to cook birthday noodles since he doesn't like to eat a
birthday cake. I bought that cake because I was salivating all over to sink my teeth into cakes. Love the Belgian chocolate. Love the design especially the yellow polka dots.
Judz introduced me to cupcakes. I've never like cupcakes because most of them tasted like eating a clump of clay mixed with water and your whole mouth will be glued. And sometimes it was so dry you felt like you might choke and die on a mouthful of cupcake. Well, I have to say out loud that Judz knows my taste buds and she has great taste for really good food. Those cupcakes above were simply awesome. The Angry Birds printed on the sugar paper was really beautiful. I bought 20 for the fun of it. Mama fried some prawn crackers and made jelly. I did some fish fingers as well. Viola~! Suddenly there was a party with 16 people cramped into the house.
All of us who were playing games then cramped into the small room. I am not the party-ing type so my mind went blank if I were suppose to plan for party games. My kids will have to decide on games. They packed some Uno Stacko, Twisted and the Monkey game but in the end we were playing some ice breakers where we were asked to dance for a little if we were caught doing the wrong act. The Twisted was the best game for the nite. Even the boys were enjoying it.
Let me share with you the naked truth of the Twister game. Whoever invented this game is a genius, a brilliant genius. Whenever you play a game of Twister, you will be in a position where you're not in control of your position. You can shove your ass into someone's face but no one will be angry with you unless you farted into that person's face. Every player will compromise with each other so that they get into the position that they need to. You can have your whole body going under another person's body and that will never be considered as an obscene position. You see the good example above. Two girls with a guy sandwiched in between. That is not considered an indecent position because it was just a game. If it's not a game I would have given all 3 of them the lecture about indecent positions. *laughing away like a hyena* You can even put a hand below someone's ass. This is the coolest game and I've never regretted buying it.
Lastly, since it was a spontaneous birthday party, there were birthday presents bought at the very last minute as well. That's only the beginning. That happened on Monday, today is already Thursday. I know... I know... I'm very slow in updating but the thing is I don't really have the time to sit in front of the computer since I'm always out of the house since early in the morning.

Sunday, October 23, 2011

Crank Up The Volume~!!!

What I know is usually not one but many will turn off the volume once you reach my blog. Either you jumped up in shock with the lead guitarist scaring your wits out or you have a mighty fright when you hear the songs and in a panic clicked 'X' to shut the whole thing off. Now, the songs are more soothing. Not head-banging loud anymore. And you can sing-a-long. Cheers~!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Caught By the Holiday Bugs...

Angry Birds~! We're two happy birds actually. Tweeting away from the nest. We were looking at stuff in the newly opened Mr. D.I.Y. But I don't see anything that I need to do it myself. This was taken in China. Everything is made in China, that you have to believe me. After going to China, we decided to come back via the long way. We had to cross our neighbouring country. We were in Thailand, sitting in the tuk tuk. It was a pleasant ride. As part of the country is under water now, we were relieved to find ourselves in dry land. We toot toot toot all the way back to Malaya. Meet these two gigantic workers. Other than ordering for the slave to carry the cement bullion, the supervisor had to carry my Betty Boop handbag. Well, he did enjoy himself. He got all the attention from us, a bevy of beautiful ladies. After stopping by the old Malaya, we decided to fly in to Barbados to have ice-creams. We were at Swensens and according to my coffee-drinking friends, the latte sux big time. Too diluted, taste horrible. Oh Swensen, can you do something about that? This time round we didn't travel on our own, I had my excess baggage tagging along with me. I brought my kids along. They're done with the end term exam so rightfully I shouldn't cage them and forced them to study for next year. I'm not such a ridiculous person. Oh, by the way, we were at Penang Times Square, 5 minutes away from my house. It's an action at the spur of the moment. Every Friday will be luncheon at my house. Thank God that I decided to clean the house after 10 years so at least now my friends got places to land their butts.

Ladies' Day Out...

You must be wondering which country we went to. We were in Ireland but we stopped by for a few minutes only to snap some photos as proof that we did go to the place. It is a good thing that I know how to set the timer in my camera. Or else we wouldn't have such wonderful photos with everyone in the photo but with no one holding onto the camera. After spending some time in Ireland, we went to India. We performed a number of Bollywood dances, appearing from behind the palm tree, disappeared into thin air, reappeared among the bushes then we gathered around and danced in circles, twirling about and moving at the tempo of the wind. By the way there wasn't any wind blowing at that time. So it's more like dancing with elephant legs, stomping around. But we are one lot of extremely talented people. We are able to come out with anything in a split second. We felt that we've spent much time in India, so we teleported ourselves to England. Since we have spent so much on transportation, travelling by air, we had no choice but to share a rather small but creamily cheesy red velvet cupcake. I wished we could have more but our stomach were so bloated with air, we just have enough space to have a few spoonful of cupcake. I seriously had a great time in England. I love this photo of mine out of so many photos. Firstly, I really love my long, wavy black hair. At times I would have bad hair day where it twirled and curled at ridiculous angle, but I'm still loving my black and brown hair. I love my face as well. Most importantly, I fall in love with my own legs. After working out for hours, I really love those legs of mine. I'm obsessed with my own legs. I'm gonna kiss my leg before I go to bed. My legs took me to a lot of places. All of a sudden, we felt that we have spent too much time in England. Judz and Rosalind needed their coffee break. We went to Brazil for the best coffee beans and also for the best chocolate drink. I don't know why but coffee is my greatest enemy. It's not that I dislike coffee but I feel that the coffee dislikes me. It's always so very bitter in my mouth. It's okay. I survive on chocolate. If you would have realized, Gracie was not with us. She walked away from us and decided to be with Beethoven and dissolved herself in the presence of Armadeus Wolfgang Mozart. In the end, we dropped her in Vienna where she found Johann Strauss. We travelled very fast because I need to work next. I'm always enjoying myself but I still have a job to go back to. Isn't that nice? We came back to Malaysia after hopping around the globe. Do you seriously believe in everything that I just wrote? I'm just kidding... chill~! You can't be doing serious writing all the while. I'm not a journalist. I'm a story teller.

Friday, October 21, 2011

Museum of Glass...

The one and only kind of museum in this small little island called Penang Island in Malaysia. I've driven passed iBox many times. I remember this place for it has existed for quite a few years. Previously it was just a normal glass shop that only those who need glass work done to their houses will need to enter into this kinda place. Other people has no concern for this kinda place. I will have to admit that this is one brilliant idea to boost up one's business. By turning this place into a museum, it will attract locals and tourists of sorts. The moment I entered the place, I realized that everything was for sale. So, definitely this is a good idea to widen the prospective of sales and marketing. At least we found another place to visit when we have exhausted every single venue in this small little island. If iBox can show the steps of creating the masterpieces, it will attract more people. I remembered visiting a factory producing blow glass in Langkawi Island. That was one eye-opening experience. iBox has a wide range of glass. It would be really interesting to be able to see people at work. We have had a blast monkeying around. One minute we were standing in front of coloured and patterned glass panels. The next moment we were all behind the glasses with our head jutting out. We seriously hope that we didn't hear the sound 'PIANG'. That would be the sound of shattered glass. Thank God nothing of such happened when we were there. Each of us got ourselves a piece of decorative glass. I wrote my yellow piece of glass myself but in the end I asked Margaret, the lady in charge to decorate it for me. Gracie left us while we were busy with our art and craft work. Hmph~! Quickly take your piano exam and get it done with~!! Anyway, Museum of Glass is worth a visit. Go plan for the type of glass you want in your house. Redecorate your house. I will want a RM10 note in every small block of glass used to cover my wall.... just saying.

Trot Trot...

Last Thursday, we had a great time walking around Pulau Tikus market, a marketplace for the rich. The price difference compared to other markets down south is as wide as the difference between the earth and the sky....nah... I'm just exaggerating. Gracie, what on earth are you doing? Why are you snapping photos when we stay here, right in the heart of town? People might think that you're insane. Hehehee... a pot calling a kettle black. I was doing what she did only 10 times worse. If I wasn't busy clicking on my camera I wouldn't have snapped this priceless snapshot :D I don't really like the humid weather in our country and walking around the market place with such hot weather, it's really uncomfortable. My clothes were glued to my body. I met Gracie's mom for the first time. She is one very cool and modern lady. AAAHHHHHHHHHHHH~~!!!!! Frogs~!!!! They're jumping~!!!! AAAAAAHHHHHHHHHH~!!!! *huff puff huff puff* The only time I've seen live frogs was when I was in Singapore. All the time I only see dead and skinned frogs ready for my favourite gong bo fried frogs. But that was different. And the live frogs were so expensive and so small in size. We zoomed away at the speed of lightning after hearing the price. 3 mini frogs for RM50 how to eat? After cooking the frogs, the flesh will shrink then it won't be enough for even myself what more when we need to share... each one sucking on one frog's bony leg? Ridiculous... I think we should learn how to catch frogs so that can be our next activity... frog-catching outing. We went to Subway in Queensbay for some quite bite using the buy 1 free 1 coupon that came together on the front page of the Star newspaper. Subway must have been short of staff. The place was not even cleaned up. Disgusting. At least provide a large rubbish bin and write SELF-SERVICE signboard requesting patrons to bring their own trash to the rubbish bin and providing table cloth, I would have happily help them to wipe the tables. I guess I don't know how to enjoy chewing on sandwich so huge that one bite sent everything flying out from the rear end of the sandwich. We were two messy cats eating our sandwiches but we had a great time together :D

Applying Maths in Daily Life...

Circumference = 2πr or are you using area of circle=πr^2... hhmmm... or just simply use a ruler to measure the radius? I think it's pretty obvious with what that very nice person was doing. That very nice person was trying to divide the mooncake equally to everyone. In order to be precise with her calculation, she needed a scientific calculator and a ruler to measure the length. I think no one has ever cut a mooncake using a plastic knife and a ruler. But in the end, everything turned out to be unequal... eh... my mom cut better...

Where Is Thy Compassion?

Sign up with YouTube. You'll have to be 18 years old and above to watch this. It's not a movie. It's not just a show to make you feel angry and hate those who did this. It's an eye-opener to how cold the heart of society in China is today. Is it because they were taught to behave in such a way? Or were they just ignorant because they only care for themselves? Read the full length of the news by clickin this... --> NEWS

Seriously, to those who walked passed by her, WHERE ARE YOUR COMPASSION? Eaten by rabid dogs? To the lorry driver who had all the wheels went rolling on her body, have you a heart of stone? Your heart has been eaten by the vultures? To the second lorry driver, were you in such a hurry that you didn't see anything on the road? How cruel can this be? If that happens to your child, do you expect everyone to do this as well? What have your religions taught you? Nothing? Then, what with all the praying to all sorts of gods, burning incense by the roadsides, seeking for wealth, seeking for good health but you forget to ask for a human heart? How cold-blooded were these people? How cold-blooded is the nation of China? Definitely not everyone is heartless, but when you have this kinda video circulating around the world, it just tainted the whole nation. Heartless people... completely heartless... I bet if my dog can use a phone and call for an ambulance, even my dog will go to the street to help.

No one should be treated in such a way let alont a 2 years old toddler. Even if a totally grown adult is hit and ran over by a truck, the pain would be so terrible that instead of succumbing to the injuries, you would have died of a heart attack. You don't have to touch the injured child to prevent yourself from being blamed for causing more injuries, just get your mobile phone out or go to the nearest phone booth or flag down anyone and ask to borrow a phone. Call that damn ambulance, is that so hard? You can call for an ambulance while walking away. Or those in the video are completely brainless people? They were not taught how to use the phone to make a simple emergency phone call? Heart of stones...

Sunday, October 16, 2011

Too Tired...

After all the marathon reading, I think I have hurt my wrists pretty badly. I can't even lift up a 50-page book without feeling the pain. All the books are at least 300 pages and above so there's no way I can hold the book open. I thought if I use the computer, clicking on the mouse for too long then I will suffer from Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Never know that holding a book for too long without moving can cause that, too. I don't know what to do now. I can't sit around not doing anything, that will be a waste of time. I don't enjoy flipping through the newpapers, reading a whole load of nonsense, not knowing how much truth is in a piece of news. Therefore, I choose to go back to lying on the bed, watching DVDs until I fall asleep, with the movie still running then I watch it again the next day... nah... It won't be to that extent. Worse come to worse, I will finish a movie in one week after stopping it every 30 minutes. And my fingers itch to stitch again. *yawn* Can't type for long, too... but will find some time to update this slow moving blog of mine... adios~!

No Reason For NOT Doing Well...

Let's look at what the Bible says regarding laziness. In Proverbs 21:25, in a simpler explanation, it means that a lazy person hates to work.
As a door turns on its hinges, so a sluggard turns on his bed.

[Proverbs 26:14]

Aaahhh... I think everyone relates to this perfectly. Sleeping for hours and hours. Sleep away the whole morning. Wake up for a few hours, login to Facebook for a couple more hours. Take a long nap in the afternoon. Wake up for dinner. Online again for a few more hours. Then sleep again until the next day. I caught this picture well. Whenever the exam is here, I would operate in a super nagging way. Study~! StuDY~! STUDY LA~!! Then, I feel like bashing them with their books. They're not even studying. I don't know what's wrong with teenagers nowadays. In less than 30 minutes, she fall asleep with the notes in her hand, covering the face. Do you really think the brain will absorb all the information? If I were to ask them to study, sitting on a chair with the book on the table, it wouldn't be fair because all my life, I study in my bed as well. But the thing is I don't fall asleep while studying. I cannot understand why are they so afraid to study, to memorize and to work harder. This is pure laziness. A sloth....
A sluggard says, “There’s a lion in the road, a fierce lion roaming the streets!”

[Proverbs 26:13]

That verse is not talking about a real roaring lion on the streets. It's about people giving excuses all the time to escape from doing something. Let's go through with a few of the excuses actively used:

  1. I'm tired... wanna rest for awhile. Yes, you may rest for awhile, but nap took up the whole afternoon and you wasted the whole afternoon doing nothing. I cannot stand a person who sits down without doing anything for the rest of the afternoon.

  2. I cannot understand what's written in the book. If that's the case, ask for wisdom. Ask the Holy Spirit to be your teacher, to guide you, to bring understanding to you. But no, you would rather close the book and never touch it again.

  3. I hate that subject. Hating a subject is definitely not an excuse to fail that particular subject.

  4. I don't have enough time to study. Hohoho~! But you definitely have enough time to do all sorts of nonsense. Complaining about not having enough time is a rather lame excuse.

  5. I can't write an essay. Of course you can't write because you have never wanted to practise writing. You don't even want to read to improve yourself.

Being different. All of you want to be different, in that case why live a life that's so like every other people. You have no reason to fail the Malay Language paper. There are so many Malay books, story books for you to read. Just pick up a book and start reading. English books are everywhere. If you can't speak English perfectly, then start speaking. You can start off with a conversation with me. History is just information on what happen centuries and decades before you even existed. Treat it like an interesting events that happened long ago. Since you think it's boring then it will be boring. Additional Maths, I gave you lots of paper to do but you refuse to do anything about it.

I'm writing this for the last time. Yes, I'm upset with how all of you behave. None of you listen to me. None of you follow anything that I've taught you. The best excuse that any of you can give is, "I forget." *pfft* There's seriously no reason why you're not doing well and looking at the 'G' in the result list... that's unacceptable. In conclusion, if you want more books to study, tell me. I will supply you with so many books you can't even see yourself. I think I don't have to care so much regarding this, it's your life and your future, not mine. If you really choose to be different, then do something about yourself. Fight against your laziness. As I've always said, "No effort put in, no gain." If you see everything as a burden, checking the dictionary is a burden, flipping through the pages is a burden, everything seems to be a burden, you will never succeed in life. Your laziness will kill you one day.

One who is slack in his work is brother to one who destroys. [Proverbs 18:9]

A direct translation for that verse: A lazy person wastes time and energy.

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Mollusks Fever...

I've never really like cockles until recently. I do eat them from time to time but not to the point that I miss eating it and salivating all over thinking about the soft yet slightly crunchy feel in the mouth when I have my teeth all over the small body made of iron. Last Sunday, I've had a small basket shared among the important people in my lives around a round table. Then, the cravings started building up. By the way, that small basket cost RM4 and I thought it was really worth it because if I were to get them from the hypermarkets, the cockles were too small to enjoy. Yesterday, I went to the Anson Road Market to get some bean curds. A man was selling various types of mollusks at the entrance of the market, by the road side. I looked at the price of the cockles. It cost only RM3 for a kilo. That's really really cheap. So I bought RM5 of cockles and went back home happily with a plastic bag full of cockles. I bought something extra as well. I recognized them as the 'helicopters' which I've tasted before in seafood restaurants. It was RM10 per kilo and the uncle was so nice, he gave me around 1.3kg without charging extra. My pineapple will be really excite to see all these but then sad to say, my pineapple couldn't make it as her cousin just passed away so she has to attend the funeral. I just need to blanch the cockle in hot water then it's ready to be eaten while for the helicopters, I need to leave them in boiling water for 2 - 3 minutes. Some will puke looking at this. Some will be able to imagine how nice they tasted, dipped with Thai chilli sauce. A really good idea of choice food for tea time.