Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Day 15: Running Errands in Taipei~!

~ 28th March 2014 ~
We started the day quite late. No time for breakfast because as we were lazing around, the time has crept to almost mid-day. I had my chocolate drink bought from the convenient store other than 7-11 near our minsu. It was the nicest chocolate milk drink better than Dutch Lady Chocolate. I'm sorry Dutch Lady, I just ditch you and I'll stay loyal to Ovaltine. I only like Milo dispensed from the truck.
We were walking along the corridor, but I have no idea why we were both walking along the corridor and passing by other rooms. Our room was quite near to the end of the tunnel. Then one of the rooms' door was left open and being busybody humans, we turned our heads and looked into the room. We were horrified by how messy the room was and we shook our heads in disbelief. Then, as we reached our room and opened the door, we almost fainted. Our room was worse than the other room. There was hardly any space to put our feet on. We had to walk like ballerina on tip-toe. We found our way to the couch and laugh at ourselves. We can never be neat no matter how beautiful a room was when we first entered. So, we tell ourselves to stop commenting on the other room.
Then, we started carrying everything that Pinky has bought. Everything in Australia is expensive so she bought one year's supply of toothpaste, toothbrush, shampoo and everything that's needed daily. The post service in Taiwan is really cheap but sending back to Malaysia seemed to be expensive so I don't bother sending anything back by parcel. While Pinky was busy packing, I scout around to see what's there to buy at the post office. PosMalaysia~! Please sell such cute fridge magnets, can earn more money~!! Seriously, Taiwan is really creative and we're so fell so far behind in creativity to hook more money from tourists.
After we were done, we took a cab in search of lunch. I have already decided to have McDonald's and to try out MOS Burger. Lunch time was just around the corner but since we couldn't wait, we just grabbed a pork burger to try out. Not bad, Taiwan McDonald's. Then we walked to the opposite or was it next door for MOS Burger. We thought of getting something simple but in the end we had a set each. I really like MOS Burger. MOS Burger, do you plan to come to Malaysia? Why I didn't see you in China also? I know you're in Hong Kong. Where else can I find you? You come to me please... then I'll not cook everyday just to have MOS Burger. The travel buddy is really made in China, she couldn't survive without rice so she was elated to see rice burger~!
What the heck is Chinese sauce?
The rice burger...
My prawn burger with banana fritter ring~!
When we were done chomping down our burgers, the travel buddy has to buy the Casio Exilim selfie camera for her customer. Yeah, she has her own online business where she buys stuff for people in China. I checked the price in Malaysia and Malaysia gives better pricing. Then, I have to use my bargaining skills so that profit margin will be wider. In  the end, we didn't buy but we told the guy we would be back. Any sales people will know that those who say they will come back later, never come back. Guess whether we went back or not?
We went to take subway and found a long queue. After enlarging the photo, I just realized that two years back we already joined the queue to get Uncle Tetsu's cheesecake. It's photography purposes only, we have no patience to wait in long for hours just for a cheesecake. 

Saturday, April 23, 2016

Day 14: Chasing After Sunset at Lover's Bridge...

~ 27th March 2014 ~
After we were done with our photography session at Yehliu Geopark, we were suppose to go somewhere else but we were so tired that we asked the driver to drop us at our minsu. Our last minsu was the first minsu that we lived in. Although the building was so run down but the price was reasonable. None of saw the journey along the way back to the minsu, the three of us were snoring like pigs. We trust our driver, though, True enough, he only woke up once we arrived at the doorstep. We did not get the room that we first got, so we had to make do with a smaller room.
After the 8th day in the island-country, we learn about the tap water and drinking water. The tap water, no doubt you have boiled it in the electric jug, it's not meant for drinking. It can cause serious poisoning, according to the locals. Drinking water must be bought such as Spritzer mineral water. We have resilient stomach and God is on our side, none of us were down with any food poisoning.
After lazing around, we decided to move our ass and catch the sunset at Danshui. Yeah, I got really excited looking at the sun setting. We missed the sunrise in Alishan because of the mammoth size cloud shielding the rising sun. 
We chose not to waste anymore time and proceed to hop onto the waiting ferry heading towards the Lover's Bridge at the Fisherman's Wharf. I waited for the sunset at the jetty. It was beautiful. Well, why chase after the sunset until the Lover's Bridge. I read in most articles about the Lover's Bridge. That's where couples go to enjoy sunset but when we were at the Lover's Bridge, no one bother to look at the sun setting at all. It's just me and my camera and mi madre and the travel buddy just stood there while waiting for me.
Then we took the customary photos of the tourist attraction. Stand here, take photo. Stand there, take photo. We walked to the other end of the bridge but there's nothing there. It's like the major attraction was just the bridge with many steps. Maybe there would be more attractions during the weekends. There's just a row of restaurants.
Taiwan is really good in decorating places. Without the "LOVE" planted there, it's just another bridge. If only Malaysia can spend money on decoration that will attract visitors from every nook and corner of the world, we are able to make more money. We decided to take the ferry back to Danshui and searched for our dinner. Whatever happen to our lunch? I will have to write down a big reminder not to skip lunch but sometimes there's just not enough time to do anything.

We found a simple restaurant serving really good food. I forgot to take the photo of the restaurant. We were concerned of the food, more of our stomach actually. We spent NT$1500 only, we we felt was rather cheap. Yeah, we are wealthy travelers. 

Monday, April 18, 2016

Day 14: Yehliu Geopark...

~ 27th March 2014~
Finally, we arrived at Yehliu Geopark. Finally, my photos have reach this day. I asked the driver where he would go while waiting for us. He said usually drivers would wait in the car. I put myself in his shoes. If I have to wait for someone like me, holding a camera, I would be standing on the car's roof and stomp the car until I can fold it into my pocket. It has been a long time since the driver last enter the geopark so I said we would be buying him a ticket so he can join in our fun.
He agreed without much persuading needed. At least I don't have to waste my saliva begging for someone to join us. There are drivers who refuse like the one in Kending. Another driver who should get the Most Adventurous Driver award. He's very cooperative in taking photos.
Regarding Yehliu Geopark, yes, one should not miss it out. I don't know about other travelers, but I'm definitely not one who goes overseas for shopping. The rock formations through erosion overtime were prove of God's creation. They were so unique, with big top and narrow support. Fearing that one day they would just roll off and completely destroyed, the authorities have replica of every single structure. Maybe in a few more years or decades, it would be gone. 
There were names to each rock formation. The most famous one would be that of Queen Elizabeth's crown. We could not afford to stand in queue so we went to the other side and take a photo from afar. We spend the rest of our time walking all over the place. I think we were there for hours. Not going to upload all the 100+ photos here. Find some time and go over there. It's good to travel. 
My favourite rock formation was that cute hippo in the water which no one acknowledge. The aquarium was just opposite which we didn't go. After you are done with the walk around the geopark, there are food stalls along the exit passage. I wonder why we didn't get anything to eat for lunch. Why? Why did we always go hungry during holidays?

Monday, April 11, 2016

Everything in Life is DIFFICULT~!

After living for 3 decades, I don't find anything easy. The hardest part of living is to live a Christian life. Accepting Jesus as a personal Saviour is the beginning. It's not enough. It does not secure you a place to be in heaven. One must lead a diligent prayer life. Do you know how hard it is to spend quality personal time with Jesus? And it's hard to read the Bible from cover-to-cover. Reading is not a problem, understanding the Bible is. You know what's the difference between the Old Testament and the New Testament? You learn about the graciousness of Jesus who died for us on the Cross. One without the other is not complete. Jesus is the link to Father God. In the Old Testament, you learn about the heartbeat of God. 
Eating is not easy. Cooking is not easy. I still screw up in the kitchen. I screw up most of the time when there are visitors coming. I cooked perfectly well when no one is visiting. Then, sometimes eating is stressful.
Teaching is not easy. Teaching lazy students is the most difficult part because the other party is not responding and cooperating. And I feel like I'm talking to walls. The worst part comes from the parents who have such high hopes for their children yet they know not of how terrible their children are. I stop complaining to parents, telling them that their children have not been doing homework. I just don't care anymore because I complained once and twice but since there's no changes, why increase your blood pressure unnecessarily? To those parents who want straight A's from their children, please see what they are doing at home. Are they able to do it? You can't expect a Kancil car to beat an Audi on the road. The Kancil will fall apart in pieces, you understand?
Sewing is not easy. I stare and stare at the minimal words on the pattern sheet. I just wish they are written in paragraphs then I can understand better. It's not easy to learn through YouTube. I've been looking at the crochet video. It looks easy. Everything looks easy but you put your hands on it, it's not easy to make the starting loop.
Playing the piano is not easy. You try playing a perfect 4 octaves C major scale. It's not just about hitting the notes correctly. It's more than that... seriously more than that.
It's not easy to sit quietly. The heat in the house is so bad I sweat without doing anything. Such I turned on the air-conditioning system.I heard one of my neighbours lamented about how high her electric bill is. It has increased from RM27 to RM65. I thought to myself, that's relatively cheap. I have not seen two digits electric bill for more than a decade. Mine has been doing a somersault and got caught somewhere on top. It used to be RM380 now I'm looking at RM800++ before long it will touch the 4-digit total and I will have to enjoy extensive sauna session in the house and use charcoal to cook.
I once wish that I live in a cave. I give a thought to it. I will never be able to survive in a cave. No basic necessities at all. Schools never teach how to live in wilderness.