Friday, August 15, 2008

A Priceless Adventure - Ellex Ting with the Japanese Girl

I have waited for more than a month for this outing. 13th of August 2008 finally arrived. The weather was wonderful. Bright sunshine and only small waves in the morning. The sea was very calm. We left for National Park at around 8:15a.m. with two jet skis.

Ellex... Ellex... Getting ready for the hike. Combing her hair nicely and neatly so that she wouldn't scare the monkeys away. The Japanese girl just sits there and smile. I was mistaken as a Japanese by Pak Din, a boat man and a massager in Batu Ferringhi. I should learn a few Japanese words to play along... will do that next time.

Ahhh.... what a blissful moment. Ellex was happy to enjoy the sea breeze. She was blessed to be able to have a day out with the Japanese girl. She was too happy beyond comprehension.

Or should I say the Japanese girl was really glad that the Chinese girl took an extra day off from work to accompany her to do crazy stuff in the island? Hmm... how should I put it then?

That was outside the USM research centre. What were they researching on?
Peaceful... cooling... windy... relaxing... happy... blessed. I felt all these at once when we reached Monkey Beach. I love the serenity of the beach. It's a good place to relax after being tied down by work. It's a secluded place and a suitable place for barbecue and spending time with friends and family.

Oh... simply irresistible. That was the first jet ski which I rode on. That was the jet ski which made me fall in love with the sea. I was heavily addicted to jet skis but God always has a way to show a bigger picture of everything. My passion turns into business thus, I can feed on my addiction for jet skis.

We wallowed in the sea water for some time. The water was kinda refreshing to the body but of course, it was very salty... but I'm slowly getting accustom to the salt water. Salt water is good for the skin therefore, I have free skin care. We sat and chatted with Pak Din - a wise guy at the age of 57. I got to interview him secara tidak langsung.

At 2p.m. the guys came and we rode back to Ferringhi Beach. The wind was strong and it was quite choppy but I loved it even more. When we got back, we spent another half an hour on the sea. Then, we went for parasailing. It was the best sail of my life. The wind was so strong and the beach operator was kind enough to bring us far out on the sea... far far away from the beach.
I am very happy right until now. I'm glad that I have a friend, a best friend indeed who is willing to share my passion with.
Ellex!! We do this again together next year! Remember to bring sunblock if not next time round our skin really rentung. This was my second time kena sunburn.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Act on Impulse!

I have the urge to go to the beach and do some crazy stuff again! Then, off we go with Miss Tan Chi Lin, my cute gal. Brought her for a 30 minutes jet ski ride. She screamed for the whole 30 minutes and she was louder than the waves... what powerful lungs she has....After that she screamed for another few minutes in the air... We landed lying on the sandy beach

After that we did a little of cam-whoring on the beach... It was surely a great evening. We played for free coz' I picked up RM200 at the parking lot. Two free pieces of RM100 on the floor... sudah digelek oleh banyak tayar kereta... God sent us the money to play and had dinner in KFC for free.... I feel really blessed...
It was a really spontaneous idea to come to the beach. I love the beach... It's very incomprehensible how much I love going to the beach for watersports. However, I will not just go to the beach to sit and relax... I doubt I can sit down quietly for even a minute doing nothing.
That's the best way to describe how we felt. Superbly fun! Ellex Ting!! I can't wait to go with you on Wednesday the 13th of August!!