Thursday, September 29, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ Upside Down Museum ❀

This is something different. I like the Malay name... Muzium Terbalik... semua pun terbalik... last last manusia yang terbalik.
If you have never been to one, you might want to go for the fun of it.
I wasn't very happy upon checking through the photos. It's a small place and crowd control was needed, thus you can't just take your own photos and take your own sweet time to pose like you're some film stars. 
At every station, there will be one of the staff who will take photos for you. I was unimpressed with the first station. The props were more important than humans. What happened to the whole picture? Everyone has to pay an entrance fee. Look at the number of people in our group. Come on... hire a better photographer. If not just train the staff on duty at the stations on how to aim and shoot properly. Humans and props within the frame. Not difficult right? 
Not any Tom, Dick and Harry knows how to take a photo properly. A professional does not need a fancy hi-tech camera to take a clean and clear photo likewise one who does not know how to take a photo, even with the latest camera, no picture will be perfect. But there were a few who were really good. Turn that camera, instead of horizontal, hold it vertical then everything will be in one frame. 
No one will go for the second time. It was a very rushed 'museum' visit. Can go la once...

♡ Penang Island ♡ Amazing World Studios ❀

One more place to visit along the Heritage Trail. You have probably heard about the 3D Interactive Museum and many other museums. You must have thought that Penang is rich with history. Yes, Penang is rich in history but this is the new type of museum. Amazing World is known as a studio, instead of joining the museum crowd. It's just two or three doors away from the Interactive Museum, or to be exact, next to Via Pre *cough cough I. don't. like. ViaPre*
It's another interesting 3D plastered wall. Go and check it out. Why am I promoting this? I don't know... must have Penang to boost tourism then our state will be one wealthy state. Come... come... come to Penang. 

♡ Penang Island ♡ Odeon Cinema Turned Cafe ❀

No more a cinema. It's a new place to dine in. Western cuisine which you can't find in Western countries. Yeah, I only learned about how we have Western food such as chicken chop but this chicken chop cannot be found in Australia, Canada or America. Asians coined it up to trick Asians into thinking that the westerners eat chicken chop.
So, we went to Odeon to look-see look-see at the new place. Inner-city trouble means looking for a parking lot. I was about to turn into one but upon looking at the price which was RM5 for the first 45 minutes and RM5 for each subsequent 30 minutes, I stepped on the brake and hit the reverse gear. The car behind was very understanding and let me do the unthinkable. Thank you ya... Drove into the next lane, Jalan Datuk Koyah or whatever weird name, and found free parking because it was Malaysia Day. 
It was quite a full house. We placed or order and mine came. Surprisingly, the food was stone cold. There were so cold I thought the food was prepared early in the morning and left on the table to be cooled by the air-cond. The tea was cold. The tea cup was hot but the tea was cold. Sugar was added without consent. 3 out of 5 dishes arrived but the other 2 dishes came 45 minutes and an hour later. We have all the time in the world be we were not happy thus, we complained. We complained about everything until the waitress thought we were Singaporeans. 
Finally, my friends recognized the owner and we invited him to sit with us. Then, I poured out the sad experience of dining in his restaurant. If I were to take a few steps away from myself, I think I was one horrible patron. Cold food, cold tea, slow service, only one chef in the kitchen how to operate a full house, orders placed in the wrong bill? Bla... bla... blaa.....
No, I'm not saying that one should not go to Odeon... the taste of the food was explicit. It was perfect according to my taste buds just that it was cold. I'm accustomed to piping hot food fresh out from the wok and oven. The owner shared with us the problems he was facing. Thumbs up to the man. When you start a business, everything on paper looked perfect. Once you run the business, you will find lots of hiccups with not much water to rectify the hiccups. To all food bloggers who are in for a kill, wait for awhile before going in to try it out and write up a champion article that might kill off a business, this one should be lifted up instead of running it over.
I'll go again soon when I have nothing to cook. All the best in making this place stay on the map!

♡ Penang Island ♡ Chin's Stylish Chinese Cuisine ❀

Whenever you visit Penang, you only have Penang's hawker food and the heritage trail in your list of to-do's. Maybe you throw in a few more activities such as strolling on the sandy beach of Batu Ferringhi or chill out in of the quaint and dainty cafe. Since you're doing the Heritage Trail already, and you even have Chew Jetty in your list, why not walk along the road towards the pier?
Walk in or you can book a place at Chin's Sylish Chinese Cuisine. It was my second time there. The first time I stumbled upon this place was because of the still traffic and I decided to park the car instead of waiting in a non-moving queue of vehicles. It was a bad thunderstorm rolling into the island and we were glad to be inside this stylish restaurant but mind you, I was doing gardening when I had to drive out to fetch my precious from her hang out with friends. I have no intention to get down from the car as I was sweaty, in faded shorts and t-shirt and wearing my old flip flops. The moment I stepped into the restaurant, I knew that the foreigner washing dishes in the kitchen wore more appropriate than I did. 
So, for the second time, we dressed properly to tango along with the interior design. Do you know that I do not like reading the menu? But this menu over here was not too bad, with pictures. I have seen menu that I needed 30 minutes to study the minute printing without pictures and with spelling errors.
I have seen how food bloggers wrote about this place. The number of awards won in London and so much more. I'm not going into the history of this restaurant. I just knew that the food was extremely good and I did not care about the price. 
We ordered a wood-fire pizza from QEII because it smelt really great but taste wise, hhmmmmm.... no.
The interior design of the restaurant was really worthy to be photographed. The painted plates were my favourite. That was the first thing I saw when I first stepped into the restaurant. The moment I saw those painted plates, I almost ran out because I knew it's an expensive place to dine in. Thank God the first time I had my credit cards with me. Sometimes, I carry nothing out of the house.