Monday, August 13, 2012

How Much is the Cost of A Life?

So... how much is the cost of a life? Priceless... for God created us in His own image and He loves us as much as He loves His son, Jesus Christ, who died on the cross to redeem us and to wash us of our sins. I'm not being melancholic but one starts to wonder about such things at some point of time. 

It must have happened very fast. I wonder whether the little boy knew what squashed his head into nothing. I wonder whether the father knew what happen to both of them. 

We were on our way to our morning class down south. I was just two traffic lights away from my place. It was 9 in the morning and as I was nearing the traffic light, I saw a pile of something in the middle of the road. It must be an accident involving motorcyclists. It must have happened just a couple of minutes ago as I was the only car approaching. I was shocked beyond belief as I was staring at the pile from my wide windscreen. The man riding the motorcycle was in such an odd position that he would have most probably broken his spine and the little boy riding pillion, both of their butts were still stuck to the machine, there was no head attached to the boy's neck but only a pile of mushy pink.... minced meat? Looked like small intestines... but it must be the brain.... where's the rest of the head... where's the helmet? What happen??????? I made a three-point turn at the two-way road and drove back home with shaky hands. I canceled the class as the pile of victims were in the middle of the road and there was no way for me of ever crossing the traffic lights which were merely a few centimetres away. 

I was thinking about the accident for the whole day. What happen? What happen? WHAT HAPPEN??? It was exactly one week away from Eid. The family must have wondered what took them so long to reach home. I was sad no doubt I didn't know them at all. If I have known them, I would have cried my eyes out seeing that the boy has lost his head. It was a very 'clean' accident scene. The motorcyle was in a good condition, it just fall to the ground with nothing broken. There was not even a trickle of blood but just a small pile of brain. It was like an implosion happened instead of an explosion. There was a Petronas oil tanker stopping on the shoulder of the road. Did the oil tanker run over the boy's head and at the same time run over the father's waist that's why he looked like he has an elongated body sprawled on the road in a very odd position. You must have wondered why I didn't have any photos but if you're me, behind the wheels, staring at the scene, out of respect to the victims, I wouldn't dare snap a photo. Hubby took out the camera but I drove off before he could switch the camera on. 

Where's the helmet? The boy will never have the chance to live happily ever after. It was a short life because of no helmet? I don't know who's fault but I'm sure if I was a minute earlier, I would have seen everything unfolding in front of my own eyes and I would not be able to sleep for years to come. Maybe if I was two minutes earlier, I might be the one banging them to the ground but not mowing them under my wheels, but the guilt would have kill me. Maybe if I was 5 minutes earlier, then I wouldn't know of such accident as I have zoomed past the traffic lights. 

Those staying in rural areas, riding on the motorcycles without a licence, being underage and without a helmet, whose fault? I don't know... no point playing the blame game. Just a week ago, my 12-year-old student, who has been riding a motorcycle for years, fell off the machine and hurt himself in the face while his pillion rider was sent to the hospital with a broken nose. Was he afraid to ride again? No, he wasn't. He was even more daring. He rode his bike with only the back wheel most of the time while the front wheel was up in the air. For what purpose was he doing that? All for the sake of fun. Fun kills. Fullstop. 

The accident report from New Straits Time...

GEORGE TOWN: A father and son were killed in a road accident involving a motorcycle and a lorry in Teluk Kumbar, Bayan Lepas this morning.

South-west district police chief, Supt Hatta Md Zin said Mohd Adnan Abdullah,59, and his son Mohd Adri,7, were riding a motorcyle at 9:15am when it grazed a lorry while overtaking.
"As a result, the motorcycle skidded while the father and son were thrown into the middle of the road and run over by the lorry," he said when contacted.
Mohd Adri died at the scene of serious injuries while Mohd Adnan died one hour after being treated at Bayan Baru Hospital.
The bodies were taken to Balik Pulau Hospital for autopsy and later claimed by family members. -- BERNAMA

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