Thursday, June 29, 2006

What I Envy About Others....

When I'm relaxing, I usually go online and started clicking and reading other ppl's blogs through AL's blog.

No wonder blogs can bring negative impact to others and some can even cause depression. I'm quite jealous with other ppl's life. AL gets to go out with her friends practically everyday, spinning in her new car. Me leh... busy working and trying to hit my target. It makes me wonder why am I so motivated by money. As if money can buy everything! But then life goes on...

Janice is so lucky to be able to work yet hang out with friends. I'm quite disappointed that I didn't get to hang out more often with Janice and Karen. Scared of losing both of them as best friends if I continue not to make time to hang out with them. Then again, it makes me think... if anything happens to me, will my friends be by my side or I'll be left all alone?

Charng has the opportunity to splurge on her hair... RM500++ just for hairdo? I can't even afford a RM8 hair cut. Not to say can't afford but I'm stingy coz I earn every single sen through sweat and bruises. It's really hard earn cold cash. To spend away like that is a sin. I'm back to myself again and I'm not planning to go shopping anymore. I've never enjoy shopping but don't know what got to me a few months back to shop like nobody's business.

So many of them go clubbing like HC and Lin. Am I cut out to be that kinda person. I don't think so. And I rate myself as not being sociable at all.... *Sigh*. Clubbing is not my choice of activity to carry out. Drink away my hard earned money? I can't find myself doing that... so why am I complaining?

Abi, Irene, Pao, Li Yuin and so many of them get to study overseas and in the mean time tour in neighbouring countries... I'm wondering when can I do that. Tour the whole world and not to worry about money.... not to worry whether my business will survive the number of days I chose to close. I really envy their abilities to be able to study overseas and to travel.

Some friends said that I'm lucky coz' I don't have to work for people. And I am my own boss. Actually working for myself is very hard. Better work in offices where you get paid at the end of the month by hook or by crook. Don't have to care whether the overhead is too much to bear or whether business is good or bad. Just work 8 hours and go home. I work morning, cook in the afternoon... now want to cook also can't find the time. Extra time is used for sales... early evening got classes usually from 4pm I'll be busy straight up till 10pm. If there's anymore appointment it'll from 11pm until 1am.

This is not human work! More to a robot. I'm constantly reminding myself not to complain. But just need to vent out my frustrations. Shouldn't have jumped into working life so early. Looks like I'm stuck to it. Nowhere to run! Can't imagine myself working for people. I can't take orders from people... don't like to work for people.

I'm crapping a lot o'er here. Quite frustrated with life. Sometimes feel like dying earlier. Like exchanging life with another person who finds a reason to live yet couldn't make it due to health problems.

What Pissed Me Off!

I can't stand those who can't keep to appointments. Who do they think they are? Just because they are big bosses sitting on the big fat chairs, they can humiliate and even pretend that sales person are actually invisible!

The thing is I'm not even selling anything! Fucking idiot! If can't keep to appointments then don't make appointments... like being forced to make it. AARRGGHHH!!! I HATE THEM! Either keep to appointments or can just rudely say, "Go away! I don't have the time to meet the ikan bilis! I only deal with big shots!"

AARRRGHHH!! Even my upline can't keep to his appointment. I wonder whether these people go to school last time and learn about the value of being truthful and keeping to their on words. So far, right until this very moment, the ratio of truthful people to untruthful people is 50:1. Damn all of you who are like that!

Or should I correct myself by saying that, "This is life! Nobody will keep to their words, so what's the big deal?"

Maybe I the one left who really try to be punctual all the time and keep to my words! Stupid me! Vulgarities are at the binge of my lips! I feel like breaking people's necks right now! Burn their tongue for talking for the sake of talking only. Big shots feel that they are too big and too busy to meet anybody. Why not try to flash back to their own life a decade or two ago? I believe that mostly started from a humble beginning. Many started from scratch to build their empires. But why after being successful, this is how they treat people. Maybe that's the treatment they got last time.

Okay.. I'm not that angry anymore. So look at a more positive angle. I get to learn about people's behaviour and I don't have to study that in university. I get first hand training on how to deal with people. I can gladly announce that I'm a graduate from University of Hard Knocks in finance management, business management, mass communication and human behaviour.

Eh, nobody attends my convocation. Ooppss! Haven't finish studying.. Ish!! Have to study until I decided to stop! I just hope that I won't turn out to be like them when I consider myself successful....

Thursday, June 15, 2006

Happy Mother's Day - 14th May 2006

Father's Day is around the corner but my entry is about Mother's Day. I have been so busy until I don't have time to spend on blogging. It really takes a lot of time to keep my blogs up to date. I always have no idea how to celebrate mother's day but on that 14th of May 2006, I did something last minute. I brought my mom to a Japanese restaurant. Yeah, if any of you read my previous entry, your guess is as good it should be Soba Yoshi but then all of us ended up here...

Jurin is situated next to Siriwan Restaurant. My sis wanted to go to Siriwan but she warned me that she had ate until she cried because the food was just too spicy. I told myself if she ate until she cried, I think my whole body will blow up like a volcano. Therefore, the last decision was to go to the Japanese Restaurant. I got to make the decision because I'm paying for the food. Hehehe! Sis said she doesn't really fancy Japanese food but in the end she ordered a really exquisite and expensive dish.

The salmon sushi. Raw salmon. Not cooked. Mom's face turned green. She was forced to eat the first piece then she willingly took the second piece, the third and it went on and on. Mom wanted to ask for more but we ordered a few more dishes too. The taste of this sushi was just too luscious (I'm not talking about sexually attractive women). Luscious means having a pleasing rich, sweet taste; its delectable, mouth-watering, scrumptious, scrummy and YUMMY! I have used all the adjectives to describe how delicious the dish was.

Some people cannot stand the smell of raw salmon so this dish comes with that green stuff you can see at the corner of the serving box. But my crazy sis asked for more and she finished up the whole plate of that green chlorophyll....

Oh!! It's not chlorophyll, not cream for cake's topping but wasabi. From the Oxford Dictionary, wasabi is a Japanese plant with a thick green root which tastes like strong horseradish and is used in cookery. Ugh! The gas ran right up the nose and I can't find words to describe the experience of having to taste wasabi. I wonder how my sis can coat her sushi in this green stuff. She even licked her chopsticks with wasabi dipping. ARGH!

The dish on the left was solely made of patotoes which were flown in from Japan. In fact all the meat, seafood and ingredients were specially flown in from Japan. That deep-fried patotoes had very fine texture which melted in your mouth once combined with amylase enzyme. Very filling. I was half full when the third dish was served. It was soft-shelled crabs. Well, the third dish wasn't that mouth-watering coz' it was just too salty. I don't really like food with too much salt used in the cooking.

The fourth dish was the best to me... (drum rolls) TA - DA!

Bean curd with soy sauce!

I must admit that lately I've fallen in love with bean curd. I just don't know why. I used to hate bean curd... tau kua.... tau hu.... I hate all of them but now I'm just so crazy over them. I can't help but order a dish of bean curd whenever I eat out.... and obviously I must have squid or prawns. Used to love chicken meat but don't find the kick anymore.

We were all too full to move but still have to get up and walked to the car. Bill please, waitress! Aaaahhhh!! All of practically screamed out loud when another dish came. None of us remembered that mom ordered something else just to try out. That dish was just too big for us to consume....

That bowl of noodles tasted horrible, disgusting and YUCKY! The broad noodles tasted like flour and flour and so much rice flour. The soup.... ish! Tepuk dahi! I also know how to prepare. I can even teach all of you how to prepare. Buy a packet of Maggi Mi, take the packet containing the chicken flavour for the soup and then YES!(#*&#)&)(@#$^*@ You got that that right. It tasted exactly like the Maggi Chicken Flavoured Noodle.

In conclusion, all of us had a hearty meal and I'm rushing off to Mobile Money meeting. Have to go home! Can move or cannot move also must lift up that heavy butt of mine.

Friday, June 02, 2006

Crazy over Japanese Food

I've never like Japanese food simply because I've never tasted them and I know that I don't like sushi or simply known as the whole set of 'maki'... Then one day since I've nothing better to try out, I decided to walk into this restaurant in Krystal Point, Kampung Jawa....

First impression is very important. The restaurant is very clean and everything is well arranged.

Very unique pair of chopsticks and also icy cold towels.... It's the first time I stepped my foot into a Japanese restaurant... when I opened the menu my eyes nearly popped out! The price for teppanyaki is just too high.... that's to my opinion but looks like time is changing fast.... nowadays nobody will complain eventhough a bowl of noodle costs RM5... what not teppanyaki with a few slices of fish, squid and prawn which cost at least RM45... everybody is enjoying themselves with the delicious dishes served..

I don't know how you call this dish... a welcoming dish or to warm up your mouth while waiting for the main dish to come. That was a wonderful small dish of radish which tasted both sweet and salty, covering the bitterness... very well done!

That platter of fried squid with the Japanese brewed soy sauce was just superb. I have never tasted anything so mouth-watering before. Dip with butter or was that mayonnaise.. Damn! I can't remember. I just wanted to have more of the squid but cholesterol very high. The strips of cabbage tasted wonderful as well with that special sauce. I will not complain about the price if they charged me RM100 for that squid I'll keep my mouth shut and pay them.

WooooHHHOOOOOooo!!!! A whole plate of deep-fried seafood. There were huge prawns, fish fillet, crab meat sticks and even slices of deep-fried cucumbers... eh! Since when cucumbers are classified under seafood... Never mind as long as I have big prawns to eat, add a few slices of cucumbers should be okay. OoohhhH! That bowl of soy sauce tasted so delicious. It's not too salty and I can even drink it until it's dry. Jakun! I really salute the Japanese, they can have such small plates of everything yet they can be full. If really Japanese in Japan have such small servings I think I won't be working instead I'll be eating my hearts out or even better I might even eat until my pockets are empty... then wash dishes for the restaurant. Hahaha! Soba Yoshi, you're in my list of great dishes and I'm recommending it to every Japanese food lover!


Nasi Kandar

Pelita Nasi Kandar. Not at all my favourite spot but it just so happen that I was in Tesco and I'm meeting my upline for World Wellness Network and also my downline in Mobile Money. Usually I prefer to go to Original Kayu Nasi Kandar next to Vistana Hotel. The honey chicken tastes superb o'er there. So, I just had this for dinner...

"Murtabak ayam satu!" Mahalnya... RM3 satu keping... banyak bawang, tulang ayam pun dimasukkan sekali... nasib baik tidak tercekik.... Kuah pun kurang sedap.... keras pula tu! Ish! Ish! Ish! Yang menghairankan ialah kebanyakan restoran nasi kandar dikunjungi oleh kaum Cina..... Orang Cina pandai makan, ya.....