Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mama, I Love You~!

The word 'thank you' cannot compare to how much you've sacrificed for us. It must be difficult to raise us up all on your own but you did it~!!!! *woots* You've shown me that it's possible to do everything and anything come what may. I remember almost everything from childhood how we always fight with each other then you will come with the cane. And I remember grandma also.... how you have to take care of all of us. And I also remember the babysitters... I still don't like Gim Leng's grandma... she's horrible in I don't know what sense but I always cried there... but I like the auntie in block 1 and also block 72. 
It must not be easy to wake up early in the morning to cook lunch for us. I know when times are hard and I have to dig the piggy bank so that there's food on the table. But I don't know how you manage to put us into piano lessons and art classes. For that I'm forever grateful to you... and I love you very much no doubt I do give you heartache. I also remember why I stop that art class... it's because that guy teacher asked me to join sister's class doing water colour and how old was I? I wasn't in 7 and I have to paint the horrible flood scene... you remember or not? 
You used to bake a lot and you're a wonderful cook. Whatever you cook seemed to taste the best... I think that's where I get the talent to cook :D How do you manage to get up at 5am everyday and then sleep at 12am everyday? I can't even do that now... you cook, you clean and you do everything... sorry we're of no help at all doing any house chores... we're just two lazy bums but we can study :D You have smart daughters like us.... aren't you proud of us? Hehehehehe...
I hope you're not upset that I didn't continue with my studies after Form 5. After looking at how difficult it was for you to put sister in university, I didn't want to burden you any further. I have never like to teach but I have the talent to do so.... and life has been great so far. No doubt we're not born with a silver spoon, but you've always provided for us. We don't need any silver spoons... as long as we have you, we're perfectly alright... we used to walk and take the bus because we have no car, now we have more than enough... 
You know people can term us as a dysfunctional family and children from this group of family tend to be problematic but you've done so well that we're better than those from normal family. You've worked so hard all these years, so it's time to take a break. Let's go travel all over... don't worry about anything else... we'll take care of everything for you... we love you... and I LOVE YOU~! 


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