Monday, May 20, 2013

The Food Readers...

Those who are involve with school children be it primary or secondary level would probably know that this month is the first term exam season. Those who are really pumping to get good results are squeezing every ounce of their brain but the end result will let you know what have they been putting into their heads. 

I will show you what most of them have been up to later... not in this post definitely. The Sunday classes are all the fifth former boys. Boys will be boys... you can't force them to sit still and bang their heads into the books. They know what they're doing and the boys at my place seriously know what they're doing. If they want the results, they have the last minute drive to see them through. If they don't do well this time round, there's still trials in another 3 months time and I have to work extra hard to ensure that they get what they want. 

I'm a very lenient person. Gone are the days when I'm strict. It's no point being too strict. Be their friends and they will know what to do next. They are humans after all and I just need to talk to them once in awhile to clear their brains from any cobwebs forming. 

The boys asked that I give them some time off. I have three shelves on the wall and there are no revision books or any books related to school stuff. There are cookbooks and more cookbooks and the boys really surprise me. They were pulling out books after books and before long at least 10 of the books were lying on my table. The open pages are the ones that they will want me to prepare for them before their classes begin. If I have put History revision books or any books related to their school syllables, I don't think anyone will want to go near those shelves. Those shelves are mostly frequented compared to any shelves in the library or bookstores. And talking about me trying to lose weight, I told the boys I need to go on diet and they burst out laughing and said it's impossible. They gained weight coming over so I guess it explains pretty much how I pounded up on the kilos. 
I enjoy cooking for others. The expressions when they sink their teeth into those awesome goodies made by my own two hands are worth more than any gold or diamond in this world... priceless and God says it's better to give than to receive. I know what God is saying and it definitely feels very good to give rather than to receive. 

Saturday, May 18, 2013

Going on a Date the Practical Way...

My class ended at 10p.m. I was kinda bored staying at home because I work at home and I'm always at home, either in this house, that house or the other house. So, how do you expect me not to be bored? That's why I'm always online because that's the only thing that's entertaining. So, it was just an idea of going for a date but we ended up back at home in less than 10 minutes. We have a really quick conversation though....
We're not the 'Just Married' couple. We've been together for more than a decade so the scenario with butterflies in the stomach no longer exist. The 'heart pounding' scene also I cannot imagine already. The best way to chit chat with each other is driving in circles around the housing area. There's seriously no place to go to after 10pm. and to drive around aimlessly just to talk, that's highly unacceptable. It's wasting my petrol away... I am not stingy, just being frugal... okay okay... I am stingy but generous in other ways.
We were discussing about where to go. There's no park anywhere near and it would be mosquito infested if there's a park. And mosquitoes enjoy feasting on my blood. And there's no stars to see and I can't even recognize whether the distant blinking light is a star or just the headlight from an airplane. So, sitting somewhere in the dark to have a long talk is out of topic. And there's no wind blowing, it's so damn hot we would be both sweating while sitting and talking away. Isn't that a silly move?
Then, I told hubby that we should go for a short and romantic holiday by the beach. Hubby said I am crazy because we're already living in an island and we're surrounded by dirty beaches so why need to spend hard-earn money and go to a different dirty beach? It reminds me of the Sepang Gold Coast beach which was all black and murky yet I threw myself into the water the next day while doing watersports. I don't even like the breeze from the sea which makes your whole body sticky and dry. I don't even like the sand going into my shoes. If the weather is cool then it will be acceptable. 
Going for a movie? Oh, we've done that numerous times and if we're at the movies how to talk? I'll be so absorb into the movie and I would rather bring the kids with me or else I would have to bring them again for the second round. And GSC Queensbay has nothing worth watching. It's all in Gurney Plaza which was damn far from this house down south. And the only shopping mall available will be the hypermarkets and why would I want to walk around the hypermarkets when I'll be doing that on Mondays? Doesn't make sense at all...
Fine dining? Oh, please... we're big eaters... I can't stand the big plates with extra small portions. Can't even fill a quarter of the stomach and we would feel that we've been robbed after paying for such a big amount for  something so simple. So it's actually very true that when you already know how to cook, you won't be satisfied with the outside food unless it's something that you don't know how to prepare. And if you go to a restaurant, you'll have to behave yourself but I'm the bubbly and animated one... so table manners gone... all sort of manners also cease to exist. 
Go for an outing together? Huh? The hubby just gave me a lecture how not worth it to risk my life doing something fun yet dangerous. The fun part may leave you paralyze or dead. If dead then no more problem if not dead than will give everyone a big problem. Ok... he has a point there... so I think I'm no more doing all those dangerous stuff which I enjoy doing. I have too many responsibilities in hand, so in order to be a responsible person, I must stay alive. 
So, I'm back in the room busying myself with my social networking system and also blogging away. Do you think we still have the sparks in our marriage? 
Yes, we do... in our own comfortable ways... he likes me being around and not hopping about all over the place... and I enjoy knowing that he's at home doing something or nothing. My hubby does the laundry~! *woots* 

Sunday, May 12, 2013

Mama, I Love You~!

The word 'thank you' cannot compare to how much you've sacrificed for us. It must be difficult to raise us up all on your own but you did it~!!!! *woots* You've shown me that it's possible to do everything and anything come what may. I remember almost everything from childhood how we always fight with each other then you will come with the cane. And I remember grandma also.... how you have to take care of all of us. And I also remember the babysitters... I still don't like Gim Leng's grandma... she's horrible in I don't know what sense but I always cried there... but I like the auntie in block 1 and also block 72. 
It must not be easy to wake up early in the morning to cook lunch for us. I know when times are hard and I have to dig the piggy bank so that there's food on the table. But I don't know how you manage to put us into piano lessons and art classes. For that I'm forever grateful to you... and I love you very much no doubt I do give you heartache. I also remember why I stop that art class... it's because that guy teacher asked me to join sister's class doing water colour and how old was I? I wasn't in 7 and I have to paint the horrible flood scene... you remember or not? 
You used to bake a lot and you're a wonderful cook. Whatever you cook seemed to taste the best... I think that's where I get the talent to cook :D How do you manage to get up at 5am everyday and then sleep at 12am everyday? I can't even do that now... you cook, you clean and you do everything... sorry we're of no help at all doing any house chores... we're just two lazy bums but we can study :D You have smart daughters like us.... aren't you proud of us? Hehehehehe...
I hope you're not upset that I didn't continue with my studies after Form 5. After looking at how difficult it was for you to put sister in university, I didn't want to burden you any further. I have never like to teach but I have the talent to do so.... and life has been great so far. No doubt we're not born with a silver spoon, but you've always provided for us. We don't need any silver spoons... as long as we have you, we're perfectly alright... we used to walk and take the bus because we have no car, now we have more than enough... 
You know people can term us as a dysfunctional family and children from this group of family tend to be problematic but you've done so well that we're better than those from normal family. You've worked so hard all these years, so it's time to take a break. Let's go travel all over... don't worry about anything else... we'll take care of everything for you... we love you... and I LOVE YOU~! 


Friday, May 10, 2013

Oh My Fatness~!

I woke up feeling purposeful. I was looking forward for our swim together since we've not been having a really good swim for donkey years. I woke up and went straight for a morning jog around the large field. The minimum runs I made would be 5 rounds unless I am listening to an interesting album through my MP3.

While running the 3rd round, I saw someone familiar. It was one of my ex-schoolmate's mother. As usual, I'm a polite person in a conversation. But the first statement that came out from that aunty was,"Wah, you're so fat until I can't recognize you." Wahlaueh... aunty aa... early in the morning hurt my feelings... Second remark that followed was like a blunt blade that went through the nerves. Aunty said,"No wonder you're jogging." Wahlaueh... aunty... say bad things also got limit one ok... not simply throw statements... I some more smiling politely. But I won't take to heart with comments from such a person. Some people, no matter how old they are, are just not tactful when talking to someone else. They haven't develop the wisdom that they should have by the age of 50.
The last time I stood on the weighing scale, the screws didn't come flying out. So I will keep to my fat philosophy: As long as I stand straight and can see both my legs and toes, then I'm not fat~!!! Define fatness... 

Tuesday, May 07, 2013

I'm a Changed Person...

Still talking about Ubah? Haih... not again... This is a personal blog not a political blog. But the topics that may appear changes from time to time depending on the direction of the wind. Seriously, stop talking about politics unless I'm in it. 
This is us? Are you serious? What's gotten into us? We were happily talking away and then suddenly we were quiet. We were busy doing online chat not with other people but with one another. We were busy sending photos and messages through Whatsapp. Anti-social are we not? I was so engrossed with what's going on in the phone than the company surrounding me. Hahhahaa... I'm not the only one... Gracie was smiling while pressing the phone away. So was the cousin and the other two ladies. But we were still talking to each other in person. In conclusion, we are connected in the real world and the virtual world both at the same time. 

I'm weighing between the pros and cons of having Wi-fi fixed at the new house but I can only see the cons. I can see myself holding on to the phone and the phone beeping at almost every minute. So is it wise to be connected 24 hours of the day since I never power off my phone? Oh, this is such a difficult matter to consider. I used to be and still am a Facebook addict and I am a chat addict. I can talk for the whole day and the whole night. And I can talk about everything under the sun. 

Hhhmmmm... to fix or not to fix? 

The Clanging of the Empty Tin Cans... Generation Z~!

How stupid can any of these people be? I was the one who went to vote. I wasn't even worrying about the result but the youngsters who were not eligible to vote were more than eager to know the result to the extend of hogging the computer and refreshing the site keeping everyone updated about the result. I was aghast by how much the media has been feeding them. You should take a look at what their Facebook walls have been posted with. Everything was about politics nothing but politics. It was like they're going to run for presidency. If ever these people run for government, I will be very afraid for they know not of their roots. 

I'm starting to wonder why all those videos were all in Chinese. No other languages but Chinese? I'm from the generation Y and the stuff they posted were not as harsh as what the generation Z were fed with. Whoever was behind these, it was a success as almost all the teenagers from vernacular schools are against the present government. They were even talking about politics in school. Do you really love this country? Do you really know how Malaysia was formed? Do you even know how to RUN a country? It's not just about you and your friends and why are you always talking about the Chinese rights? Have we been sidelined until we became nobody in this country? No, we're not... you're even given book vouchers which you all spend away NOT by buying books.
Count your blessings. Do you know that those from the Chinese schools can't even speak proper Bahasa Melayu? If you hear them speaking, it was laughable, even my grandparents can speak better bahasa Melayu. Kalau nak menang dalam pilihan raya, tidak semudah itu. Bahasa kebangsaan pun tak erti. Kalau diminta bercakap dalam telor tempatan, tentu sekali dok tergelak-gelak terdengar perkataan 'telor'. Sebabnya tak pernah dengar. Loghat tempatan pun tak erti. Anak Pulau Pinang ni, luaskan pandangan anda, ada 5 tahun lagi... asyik dok tergila-gila dan marah-marah dengan kerajaan yang dah menang... bodoh ke apa? Nak pergi perang ke? Nak heret Perdana Menteri pergi mana? Masuk penjara??? Atas alasan apa????

Please la... Malaysian history also cannot remember so what's the hoo-hah about 5th May? You heard of 13th May 1969? Most people don't even know anything about 13th May. You know your Rukunegara or not? Examination is coming and yet you are following the interviews of the aftermath of the 13th General Election. 

Are these the youngsters that we're bringing up? If you don't know what you're talking about and what rumours you're spreading and 'liking' them aimlessly just because someone posted it up, you're so narrow and shallow. There's no knowledge of basic foundation about the country yet you want to run it. If these people end up joining DAP in the future, it will be a greater fall than this one. If there are new youngsters joining the political party, I hope they are able to learn about how this country is formed and who are the 'rakyat'. And please send them to the rural areas in Sarawak and let them stay there with the locals, stay like the locals for one whole year. They can't stand 3 months of National Service but let them stay in Sarawak for one year without the basic necessities. 

Hey, I'm not talking about you. If you feel offended after reading this, you must be one of them. Siapa yang termakan cili, dia yang terasa pedas. I'm talking about my teenage kids who are just like their friends. It's exam week and they're so busy with the political stuff that they would rather throw the books away and spend endless hours following after interviews of Barisan Nasional. 

Social networks have been abused or maybe users are too stupid to differentiate between truth and lies. I'm clamping down on Internet usage in the house. No more Internet until after exam. One more word about politics in the house, I'll slaughter you with my bare hands and you will know which one shake the 'nation'. The real political stuff or my heavy hands... 

Judz' Burfday Partea~!!!

Let's not harp on the general election subject. Whatever that's been done, it has been done. Nothing to change the fact that it has ended. I have something more interesting than the subject regarding the general election.
We were at Ben's two Sundays ago. We skipped our badminton session and went on a laughing spree instead. Ben's at Paragon, the much said place. I think I have no fancy over expensive dining. Everything seemed to be overprice when you can do it from home. But right now, it's a birthday celebration so I don't mind spending a little bit extra as the company was great.
Wherever we are, I think we're the most boisterous group of females. We have no regard for others' privacy... hahahhaa... oh come on, we were just seated at our own place not like we went hopping around the place and disturbing others. It just so happen that sound can travel. Our entree was laughing, giggling and cam-whoring with each other. The food came next. Actually it wasn't that bad but I just don't like that wagyu beef pie and neither do I like the duck confit spaghetti. The spaghetti was damn oily and I dislike anything that's so oily which explains why I hate the popular Penang Char Koay Teow so much. I like the Moroccan Lamb pie though... should have ordered that. And the triple chocolate truffle cake was to die for. It was so good and gooey and thick and rich that I seriously need to look for the recipe so that instead of having a slice, I can have the whole 10-inch cake resting in the refrigerator. 
I think I'm having a serious problem being anti-social. I always have my camera with me because I just love snapping photos. Then, now I have that smartphone which I feel that I need to upload photos on the spot. I was so busy with both toys that I couldn't concentrate on any conversation. Or I'll be so into all of those, I couldn't concentrate on the phone. I think I wasn't concentrating on the food that's why the food tasted so-so only. I'm happy with my toys... I like them both... a lot... 
Now, it's a birthday celebration and the funny thing was we have all the props but we have no birthday card. So, being the creative one, I started scribbling on the tissue paper. As long as you have coloured pens, you can write anywhere. Coloured pens were prepared by Gracie. I'm wondering how come Gracie has the whole pencil case in her handbag???? It must be very heavy to carry around. Ben's have those interesting cards with trivia questions. It's like playing truth or dare just that we were not playing with any of it. I was busy snapping photos of the cards.
That's the birthday belle. Vanilla cupcakes are from my oven so you can't buy them from anywhere and I don't intend to sell them to anyone. So they are really special. Those who are close to me will have the taste of the cupcakes :P Decorations are specially done by my eldest and youngest. My youngest has talent in arts but I'll wring her neck if she chooses to study art stream next year. Hey, where's our group photo? It would be meaningless to gather together without a group photo.
Hohohoho~! We're pretty ain't we? I'm classified to be deem as a narcissist. That's sexy Gracie... sexy Judz with sunflower glasses... that's me the vain pot... my giggling, sexy and crazy cousie... and her biggest secret which I'm going to blurt out on purpose... SHE'S A DOCTOR BY PROFESSION~!!! You're not gonna believe she's a doctor when you see her... she works in a mental ward... muahahhahahaha... and we have Mary to add on to our craziness. I hope she understands what half jokes we usually make. I love us~!! *muacks... planted sloppy kiss on each cheek*
We have had such crazy night together. A real good three hours of much fun and laughter. I don't enjoy sitting in a quiet dinner where you look at me, I look at you, smile at each other and then dive into the food and make lame comments on the food and weather. The age-old table manners where you shouldn't talk while eating was thrown out of the window. I never practice that unless when I was with my grandparents. Grandparents no more already so tradition followed them to the grave. The staff in Ben's were great so to name a few, I was kind enough to ask for their salaries to be increased. Hahhahahahaha.... hopefully the owner take note of that.
It was such a wonderful night. I was greeted by the full moon facing the house when I got back. I wished the night wouldn't end. By the way, it was just a pre-birthday celebration. Who says that birthday celebration lasts for 24 hours only? Ours probably dragged for the whole week or more. I want a month-long birthday celebration next year. 
This was the real birthday celebration. But it wasn't as grand as the pre-birthday celebration. The lunch was organized by Ah Mei the lady operating Yummy Cuisine in Sg Ara. Do visit that place for a hearty lunch or dinner. Eerr.... that's an alien birthday cake ice-cream... Ben's & Jerry... I like. Those colourful sticks jutting out were suppose to be candles but the fans were blowing too strongly we failed to keep any stick burning. The ice-creams were melting rather quick. That's to show you how hot the weather in Penang is.A birthday celebration wouldn't be complete without a perfect birthday cake... so the baker in me decided to bake one...
Hahaha... wasn't that a perfectly round birthday cake? I'm an expert now in baking... muahahaha... who says you need to attend a baking class to learn how to bake and decorate a cake? You just need to have the love in baking, pour all your heart in while baking or else the cake would surely collapse. Decorating wise depends on your creativity. Whoever says you should follow the book to the dot? That's decorating with shaved lemony white chocolate bar... sugarless and gluten free from Spain to be exact. Happy birthday Judz. May the Lord bless you tremendously with everything good. Bless you with good health and a sound mind... I don't think we have a sound mind when we're together. We seem to be out of our mind... muahahahaha....
Introducing you to my concoction of Torte Varazdin. It's a cake that appears in different guises. I can't find any chestnut puree so I smartly substituted such weird puree with marshmallows in a mixture of double Devon cream. The texture of the cake was perfect to the dot. Oh... I'm just so mesmerized by the layers. It was my first time doing this and I didn't know it would come out so perfectly. God must have sent His angels to help out. I wished I have kept them all to myself. But I hold the principle that to give is more blessed to receive thus the cake went into different mouth and stomach. May those who have eaten be blessed to the maximum.

Judz... I hope you've had the best birthday celebration no doubt the cake was a post-birthday celebration. 

Monday, May 06, 2013

United... We're Not...

Which part of the Pakatan Rakyat (PR) has gone wrong? Did they go so wrong that they're only holding on to three states instead of five? The number in parliament was almost nearing half of the total seat allocated. Time to look back and recollect ourselves. Almost everyone that I know in the Facebook has been mourning the loss of Pakatan Rakyat. 

We have forgotten to ask ourselves whether we were ready to face any turmoil if the opposition wins. We're not ready at all to face any sort of unrest. We've been in our comfort zone for too long and the only way we know how to fight back is through updating our status in Facebook, blogging like what I'm doing now or maybe write up a better article with very strong underlying current flowing across the readers' eyes in the local dailies. We're not capable to fight tooth for tooth and eye for eye. We will never stoop so low as to whack another person with the helmet or punch a person in the eye just because that person is the supporter of a different party. We can't even face not having food for a day. Thus, we're ill-prepared for any such predicament. We prayed for the will of God to be done on earth as it is in heaven. God knows better than any of us.

Are we united? In Penang, majority of the Chinese is united. Look beyond that, we're not as united as that. How do we win the hearts of a multi-racial nation? Action speaks louder than words. The folly of us as a Chinese is we're self-centred. You have to agree with me on that. We're not one who give willingly without thinking the benefit for self first. If we've been willing to give, we wouldn't wait until the election campaign kicks off and then start giving out promises to the people. 

It's not just Chinese that we have to think of. There are other races that make us so unique. We're Malaysians. Have you ever wonder how come all the seats in Sarawak are allocated as parliament seats? That... I have been wondering but since my knowledge of politics is as shallow as a puddle of mud I have no idea why. If only PR can really go into the interior of Sabah and Sarawak and reach out to the people sincerely. It's not promises that they need, it's the basic necessities.

A seed was planted in my head this morning. Christians should do more for this country. We can do more for Sabah and Sarawak. We can go in as missionaries. It's easier said than done but with God, nothing is impossible. But are Christians united? No... we split ourselves into so many denominations. Even if we come together in prayer, there's bound to be division. The spirit of division comes from Satan which we unknowingly give in to. We've been used by Satan to bicker and complain instead of carrying out our duties. Prayer meetings are usually shunned away because we only like the worship part, not praying. But if it's Christmas celebration, people come in by the droves, wearing their very best. Where's the heart for God and the country?

Do you remember the moral question which we did when we were in school? There's always this question in essay stating that if ever there's a war breaking out in Malaysia, will we stay put and fight till the very end or will be run to another country? In order to get full marks, we wrote everything positive like staying put, carry out our responsibilities as good citizens to fight for the country. In our hearts, we were saying that we would be the first person to hop onto the next plane and go as far away as possible. Even teenagers are not willing to attend National Service for 3 months. 

So, how much do we really love Malaysia? That's a question that need serious thinking... I'm asking myself that as well.

5th May 2013: The Day the Nation Cry Foul...

We've come so far to differentiate between truth and lies. As the polling time ended, most decent people stay in the house to avoid being caught in a fight among political party supporters. The heart beats with every tick of the clock. Every time the website in Malaysiakini was refreshed, the heart pounded like the drum beat. It was disheartening to see the number of parliament seats climbing for the 'lever balance' logo. 
What is the definition of democracy? 
Democracy is a form of government in which all eligible citizens have an equal say in the decisions that affect their lives. Democracy allows eligible citizens to participate equally—either directly or through elected representatives—in the proposal, development, and creation of laws. It encompasses social, economic and cultural conditions that enable the free and equal practice of political self-determination.

But what just happened yesterday nite wasn't deem as what it should be and hoped for. Yes, we couldn't deny that we were given our rights to vote as eligible citizen but what about those alleged phantom voters? Why was an unknown character showed in a video at one of the polling centre?  For whatever reason? Our voices weren't strong enough that we need to be echoed by aliens? Chinese tsunami? Such racial thoughts to be said out. We wanted a clean governing body. We didn't want to be bought with all the free food, free concerts or free houses. It's the heart that counts.
Whatever happen to the electricity? I thought I was the only one who always paid the electric bill a month or two later than usual. Did that happen to one of the schools as well? TNB cut off electricity at night? Where did the box appear from? Was that just a rumour that a ballot box appeared out of nowhere? Then, all of the sudden the seats for parliament soared skyhigh... there's more to this... God knows what happen... but today I mourn for the democratic country that we claimed to be. 

Who's fault? Everybody's at fault... don't jump to conclusion I'm not done with this post... 

Sunday, May 05, 2013

House Bound....

As the cars parked in front of the house keep on changing, I have indefinitely been house-bounded not being able to leave the house. So, since there wasn't much to do and there's no wi-fi in the house I'm surviving on food, water, phone for texting which my fingers are not in favour of texting too much, thank God for the computer with the Internet connection albeit it was as slow as a sloth. Having an ancient computer which moves with the speed of a sloth is better than having none at all. It's time to upgrade. I've been upgrading a lot of stuff in my life and I don't really like changes. I like things how they always use to be. Old is good enough. 
Since there's not much to do and my hobby isn't sleeping, I'm continuing with what I've left off for a year. And I'm even making this blog alive. It feels really good to write again.

From I, The Virgin Voter...

I've no interest or whatsoever with politics. So, I missed the previous election but now, I've known my responsibility as a citizen of Malaysia. It took me less than 5 minutes to 'X' the political parties that I wanted to govern the country. It was as fast as that and then it was over. I was just in the queue for 40 minutes. 
There's a first time to everything. Mi mama and I reached SMK Raja Tun Uda, opposite Pantai Hospital at 8a.m. The queue wasn't that long and we managed to get a parking by the side of the road. If there was no parking we decided to walk because it was just within the walking distance. I was the 10th person in line and I met a few of my neighbours either from the same block or a different block. That's the advantage of having different houses in different areas. You get to have so many different kinds of neighbours. These were the ones which I grew up with but then we part ways as we grew up. ID was shown to the lady on the desk. Name and ID number called out loud. Name crossed from the name list on the 8th page. Moved a step to the right. The second lady painted the finger with indelible ink. Are you sure it's indelible? 90% of mine came off already. Then the lady on the third desk gave out two pieces of paper. One orange and one beige. I only have two choices to place my 'X' with the black ballpen prepared. It was either Parti Keadilan Rakyat or Barisan Nasional. 
 When I left the house around 7:45a.m. there was no traffic outside the house. I've totally forgotten that my house over here is surrounded by three schools. Two were chosen as the polling centre so surprise... surprise.. I was stuck at the junction turning into my place. The worst part was when I left the house, I left my gate wide open thinking that I would only be out for awhile so it would be easier for me to just drive in later without much of a hassle. I called the sleeping teenagers in the house. They were sleeping like logs and no one answered my call to get the gate open as the hubby has locked the gate when he left. Hubby said that an uncle driving in a car wrapped completely with BN flags drove straight into the house and parked inside as if he owned the house. He refused to leave the porch and couldn't be bothered that the hubby was standing right in front of him and then beside his car. He just couldn't care less. If I was there, I would have done something more drastic. But hubby was different so he just stood there until the car decided to reverse and leave the premise. That was really going overboard. 
There's no way that I can reverse the car out now. I can't even get the gate open with all the cars outside. It would be over in another 3.5 hours time as polling ends at 5pm. Time flies. The result will be out tonight. God knows what will take place but I pray that there will be no bloodshed as Malaysia is not a barbarian country so I hope the supporters to whichever party that loses will not take matter into their own hands and act as if there's no law and no God in this country.

Saturday, May 04, 2013

GE13: The Mother of All Elections...

It is truly exciting to live in this era. Out of the few general elections that I have lived in, during my parents' time, I don't remember seeing so many 'ceramah' being held just to garner votes. It has always been the party with the lever balance logo having a landslide victory. I'm not into politics by the way. You don't see me posting any political stuff. 
The war of flags started once the parliament was dissolved. It couldn't get any better. I didn't see anything wrong with placing up the flags but whenever I walked pass by neighbour, one of the neighbours always complained that it was too much. I smiled, nodded my head and chuckled then of course, I walked away. I just having nothing to say. As long as none of the flags blocked the entrance into my house, I'm okay with it. 
It was getting more heated. There were more concerts by local singers and international artistes whom I could not be bothered about. That lady who was dressed half-naked were watched by the oldies. I couldn't see the connection between the free food and the concert befitting that performed during the Hungry Ghost Festival. Was it to buy a vote or to buy our hearts? Or are we being termed as a hungry ghost? 
That free food episode which I encountered for two Saturdays served as a good reminder: Even you have money, if the food is controlled, you can't buy any food. I wouldn't want food to be controlled and dispensed as they wish. I was so hungry that I almost fainted after working for such long hours without food. I drank only a cup of Milo from the church's dispensary. 
Then came the free houses. Why was everything free at such crucial hour? Why spend so much now when one should be sincere in giving and not wait until the very last minute? It's like dumping a whole truckload of worms to a sea of hungry fishes.... just saying... can't think of any proverbs. I think I've lost the ability to write an article that slice through a person's heart and thought. 
What's with the alcohol? Drink and be merry and forget everything else? From my point of view, which doesn't mean a single thing to anyone in particular, are political parties trying to buy the people's stomach? Hohoho~! I didn't mention which party but I guess even those from across the continents know about all these. We are in the limelight for the wrong purpose. As I have the opportunity to be in different areas at different hours, there was quite a difference in how each political party carry out their stuff. The area with the most Chinese community, free food was given. Are you trying to say that the Chinese are such hungry 'ghosts' that they would grab the free food whether rain or shine? Ok... you're right. That's what they did... please count me out... I didn't do that and will never do that. I still have my dignity and pride intact. And what did they do with a community with more Malays?
Aaahh... condemning Anwar Ibrahim and his whole family. Family wars? And what more, there was this huge banner that says that the opposition will carry out Hudud Law and at the same time turn Malaysia into a Christian country.... did I read that wrongly? I was waiting for the lights to green, just did not have enough time to capture the banner. Why throw in religion as a punching bag? That ain't right. Anyway, we have prayed through and the rise and fall of a political party is in God's hand. We're claiming Malaysia for Jesus~!!! Amen~!!! God is in control... whatever tactics that any political parties have up or down or in their sleeves, you can't change what has been appointed and planned in God's timetable. 
May this be our prayer. If you're planning to spoil your ballot sheet, please reconsider. It is our duty to vote for the country. We're not aliens like those foreigners who are used to place a vote. We're legally the citizen of this country. We're born and bred here. We're Malaysians and the voice of every Malaysian should be heard regardless of race, colour, religion and decree. Play your part, vote tomorrow morning. 5th of May... double 5... the number of grace. The date didn't just get pick for no reason. It has been appointed by the Lord. Be proud to be a Malaysian. 

If you vote for a political party because of the free food that you've been taking for the past two weeks, please think again... you will not be fed for free until the day you breathe your last. 
If you vote for a political party because of the free house that you're going to get, please think again.... it's not like you don't have a roof over your head right at this very moment.
If you vote for a political party because of the free book voucher for your kids, please think again... RM100 can't even get you a full set of revision books.
If you vote for a political party because of the RM500 for the whole year, please think again... can you really survive on RM500 for one whole year....
If you vote for a political party because you're just following what the others' are doing... you must have serious problem in not being able to think for yourself and the future of your country....

Friday, May 03, 2013

My Grandious Birthday Celebration... 2013

I know I'm kinda late in writing this post. I would like to thank mi mama, mi hubby, mi 'kaki', the lovely teenagers and everyone else who has made my day a brilliant one. Oh, my birthday is just coming soon... was in January the 27th of this year and every year to come. It was a day that was stretched to a few days. It happens once a year so having an extended birthday celebration by now is just very common. I have pre-birthday celebration, celebration on the day itself and post-birthday celebration... don't call it belated birthday celebration... not nice to hear.
I don't know where they get this idea lor... but I did enjoy myself getting dressed up and having the props all over me. Then we were cam-whoring all the way. I think many people will never understand us such as how come we took so long just to get out of the house and be on time. We're always very busy with the cameras. I was wondering what they have up in their sleeves...
 Aaahhh... they took me to Nois. I've been wondering where was Nois. Nois is opened by a young chap by the name of Aaron Loo from EPCC. Nois is situated in Gambier area and I'm not about to make an advertisement for it. Just saying... I wasn't into coffee but the cheesecake was on the house. 
 Aahhh... the 'bersih' kaki... all in yellow... what's with the colour? It was actually quite tiring to celebrate one's birthday. So life as a one-day celebrity was indeed a tiring one. What conversation were we having at that time? I couldn't remember... I couldn't even remember what we talk about just now except for some bits and pieces here and there. I just know that the company was a great fun to be with.
 I'm always blind-folded... that was a surprise... a real surprise when they dumped me by the roadside. I thought they were just kidding until someone tutting on a motorbike started shouting at me. What did that guy shout? 'Sui eh'? 'Ah moi'?? Oh, but I wasn't embarrassed with that kinda remark. Anyway, nobody knows me as I'm not that popular... I was then being ushered to the table. It wasn't fun walking having not able to see. In my mind, I was thinking that those who are blind are really brave people. I dared not even place my foot one step in front of me for fear that the friends might prank me and I landed into the ditch or missed a step and went kissing the ground. 
 Ahhh... finally the blind-fold has been removed. I could see again. It was at Post Cafe. Juju and I have been searching high and low for that place when it was in Love Lane. Juju even went a day ahead to try out the food and to check out on the venue itself... to check out whether loud noise was allowed or not. Oh, yeah... we were LOUD and during the previous year, La France asked us to shut ourselves up as we were disturbing non-existing customers. 
 The food was nice but I'm not going to make a food blog out of this. The owner has been really helpful and kind. I was treated like the queen of the day... more like a celebrity... the only thing missing was someone carrying me around so that I did not have to walk. Birthday lunch was courtesy of mi mama~! I love you~!
Aahh.... that brownie was on the house as well... I was wondering where's my big birthday cake. I was expecting one but my kakis' said that I'm the one who can bake so no cake lor...
Then, the clicks from different cameras and flashes started. It was a glorious 15 minutes or more than that where you have to smile until your jaw almost dropped off. So, where's my birthday cake? Don't have? Serious?
Hohoho~! My beloved hubby has given me a better surprise~! Do you know how much I have wanted that doggie cake? I have been asking for it for many many years. Finally, the doggie arrived on the platter to be slaughtered by the birthday girl. And then the camera continued to click. It was for another quarter of an hour before I got so tired of smiling here and there. Hey, I was in the limelight and being showered with attention~! Who wouldn't like that?
The birthday celebration didn't just end there. I went for a movie marathon and then before that I've had had the best home made ice-cream in the whole entire universe. That's sabayone courtesy of The Eighty Eight Restaurant in Kelawai Road. Now, I'm truly recommending you to The Eighty Eight Restaurant. If you have no idea where it is, kindly Google search for direction. There's one more dessert on the house but as you can see, I don't have the stamina to do descriptive writing in the wee hours of the morning. My eyes are half open and half close...
The next day I was having a feast again. This was at Seoul Garden... nothing much to eat there but we ended up so full we could hardly walk back to our car. This was a treat by my kiddos. A celebration is all about food. Without food, there's nothing worth celebrating. We were supposed to cook on our own but I ended up doing nothing but eat and eat and eat...
Ahhh... save the best for the last. The 15-year-olds spent their evening in my kitchen baking for me. It wasn't perfect but it's the heart that counts. It was their first time baking and I didn't expect anything. There wasn't even enough time to decorate the cake properly. You reap what you sow. You sow kindness, you reap kindness. You sow with love, you reap in love. 
All in all... thank you for such a lovely birthday celebration. Love you all very much. Without any of you, my life wouldn't be complete and perfect.