Saturday, April 30, 2011

The Flood, The Jam & My Rambunctious Thoughts...

We went to KDU for our fine dining lunch. The water in the drain was at the brink, about to spill out anytime. I never thought that it will actually spill out as it was always threatening to do so but never have the courage to. We were having a good time licking on our plates without realizing that it was pouring cats and dogs outside. When we walked out of the college, we were dumbfounded to see so much water. We went wading like ducks with my jeans folded up to the knee. I got wet because a few cars went zooming and the water came splashing over. The drain water was a few centimetres away from the door.

I was actually having a fun time wading through the water to get to the car. It's so nice. I wished I didn't have to rush back home to work so I will have more time in the water. Forget about how dirty it is... I just like water... including sea water... sea water is dirtier than this. I was thinking of jet ski. How nice it is if I can zoom up and down the street on a jet ski... go full speed and splash the water everywhere... I think I wanna go jet ski one of the Thursday mornings... just wanna go full speed on the sea... I miss it so much all of a sudden... The traffic in the evening almost made my heart stop. A journey that took me 8 minutes usually took me more than an hour. It was inching slower than a tortoise and a snail. I wanted to turn from the congestion but there wasn't anywhere else to go except to crawl bumper-to-bumper. Almost went berserk in the car as I don't like to be confined in a limited space for too long. An hour sitting in the car can really drive me crazy. I have no idea why the traffic was so bad, it wasn't raining unless there's an accident at the bridge. That's the downside of living in a small island, whenever there's an accident on the bridge leading to the mainland, the whole island right until the town area will be congested to a near-impossible crawl. Emotionally unstable now. Refused to go hiking today. But wanna get out of the house alone with hubby. Too many people in the house suffocates me what more when I can feel my blood pressure increases by leaps and bound to see 'someone' reading a comic book when the exam is so near. I keep my mouth shut and choose not to nag. Close both eyes... not my life, but yours. I'm extremely upset with your attitude. I think I've repeated myself pretty clearly more than a thousand times. She's a rebellious teenager, my eldest... breaks my heart the most all the time. Crush me with unbearable stuff, problems that I have no idea how to handle. Since they can't do anything that I want... a very simple request STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY STUDY... what's so hard about taking up a revision book and start studying? It's for your own good... *sigh* Heartache... I leave the house better so that they can have the house to themselves... I will have no eyes to see. Another part of me feels like screaming, "GET OUT OF MY HOUSE!" Sounds cruel to scream that out loud, but that's what I wanted to do... *double sigh* Feel like crying...I get out better... go 1st Avenue for a walk with hubby

Friday, April 29, 2011

Happy Birthday Judz~

It's your day~! We did have a real life-size Snoopy in our midst. I can't think of any other better way to celebrate your birthday other than to dine in an exquisite restaurant with a first class environment and the three of us together. I hope you feel our love for you...
Everything went well. There's no plan... I'm never good in planning... I'm the best in being spontaneous. The best is planning while driving and the car will lead you to where you're going. No doubt we're an hour late due to miscommunication on your chauffeur's part, we're actually on time and in time.

Photo frenzy outside of Peanuts... not inside. It's not even open yet so it's not our fault not to dine there even with such lousy comments made my patrons who thronged the place when it was newly open. With those comments, the business might roll up in just a few months. We should go again and give it a try. Hopefully it won't be as bad as what have be hurled at Peanuts. I love Snoopy... Hey~ We ARE beautiful people... so we should have more photos :) I like this casual photo in the mirror. See... you have a different birthday bash other than getting a group of people with a big cake that you know you're just going to have a slice or two. Then, everyone huddle around the Chinese round table and started singing for you a birthday song that you can't even hear the ending well... the song just fade away in the middle of the stanza. That's such an 'old' way to celebrate one's birthday. Happy birthday to you~ Happy birthday to you~ Oh, shucks... the blueberry cheesecake from Kaffa tasted like we've just eaten a pound of flour mixed with glue and battered with cheese. We should have gone to Secret Recipe but we're too adventurous to go to places that we've been to before. What an adventure... thank God the coffee is good for you... That's the best lunch I've ever had... hhmmm... sounds more like you two are celebrating my birthday... I'm very sure you love the sashimi and the juicy and succulent wagyu beef. I'm just wondering why Japanese cuisine must come in small portion and cost a bomb. And they're not an expert in chicken dishes. We should go again just for the wagyu beef, sashimi and next time I want to have hotate and my red little octopus.

May our Lord bless you with good health and everything else will come tumbling after as how you want it to be. Life is just so great when we're in obedience with the Lord. Love you two~ Have more birthday celebrations coming your way. Birthday is just ONE day... but a lady will celebrate a week-long or a month-long birthday bash. Have a blast~!

Thursday, April 28, 2011

Just For You...

You know I don't know how to write poem. I stole this from somewhere. It sounded nice so I grabbed it and put it here. Not everything is true. For example, when I sleep, I never dream about you. I prefer a dreamless nite. The second example is, I prefer you holding me in your arms and not the other way round. My arms are not long enough to envelope you in a bear hug. The rest is a true fact. Indeed, I wish that you're not working so that you can accompany me. We hardly have time for each other. By the time I finish work, we only have a couple of hours before we knock off, completely tired after a long tiring day.

I always have this vision that both of us are by the beach, with a small wooden table, the sunset as our scenery and a huge grilled lobster waiting for us to savour. When will that day coem?

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

My Thursday and Unrelated Stuff...

Most people look forward to their weekends. But for a person who works 7 days a week, there's nothing to look forward to especially when the weekends are filled with longer working hours. I'm definitely not crying out loud to want my weekend. The only thing that I manage to squeeze in for my weekends are an hour of hiking followed by rushing home to cook dinner before heading to church on a Saturday nite, the first service. Sunday evening I have a 2-hour great time on a badminton court. No, I'm not complaining but just lamenting. I'm so good in juggling my time, I manage to squeeze in some time to blog. If I can't even find some breathing space to do what I like, then I don't see any meaning to this hectic life at all. It's like chasing after the wind...Out of seven days in a week, I manage to make myself an empty slot on a Thursday morning. I hang out with my Thursday morning buddies. If it rains then I continue sleeping and find so much pleasure rolling on the bed, crawling to the computer, snuggle in with a book, crawl back to the computer and forget about cooking. I can go without breakfast and lunch because I'm too exhausted to go to the kitchen to prepare a decent meal. I have more relaxing classes on Thursdays. Maths class, Accounts and Malay Language... all three relaxing classes. Additional Maths makes my brain bleed but I like it but of all subjects, I hate Science the most. Hate it to bits. And how marvellous it is to think that I used to be a Science student. I hate Chemistry. Don't find any of them make sense. I'm okay with Physics because of the calculation. Biology... I have no interest at all. All the hype about the reproduction topic... oh, please... you wanna get sexed up with words and more words and scientific terminology? Moral Education... I almost flunk them, always praying hard that the project marks will help my marks touch the passing line. The moment after I was done with the SPM Moral subject, I threw the paper which has 64 moral values that I was forced to memorize. I got an A in SPM for Moral... I thought I was gonna fail that paper. I did enjoy going to school. Numbers never fail to excite me. I like Maths and definitely like accounting so I took Accounts and studied on my own because there's no such class for Science students. Really really like History... not the classes though, I prefer self-study. The Malay Language is my strongest subject and well, I'm never good in English. Thank God there's no Chinese Language or I would have gotten an F and not knowing which column to write my name in. Reminiscing those schooling days... even with exams I was still shaking my legs and joking around. Stress-free life...

Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Stress Level Up...

‎"What you start is often not what you want but it will definitely be worth your try." E.L.

I agree with you, Donk. So not going to whack you around with words. On a totally different topic, the month of May is the month of first semester exam. After so many years of teaching experience, I have to say that this year, I'm all stressed up due to a few reasons.Firstly, the students depend on me too much because they never pay attention in school. I expect them to pay attention in school and come to me to brush up what's still blunt. But then again, I'm usually faster than the school but now schools speed up so fast and if I go any faster, they learn nothing. So I have to go slow, go through tough questions and by the time I go through with so many things in the list, I'm 2 chapters behind. I'm as tired as the students. If given a choice, I would rather sit for their exam on their behalf, that will make things much more easier.Secondly, there are so many things to read up on. They have to read the Malay literature, English literature, History, Geography, some even with Chinese Language. Then, they need time to waste on Facebook, talk crap over the chatting network. I, on the other hand, have so many notes and answer sheets to prepare. I barely have time for anything. I need to breathe. I just wish the students will be more hardworking and not waiting to be spoon-fed. They become lazier as the years go by... or should I say as the minutes go by?Well... I think I should just sit back and relax. I prefer curling on my bed and reading instead of thinking whether they're going to survive the exams or not. *sigh* I place importance on them achieving good grades, flying colours if possible. But they don't seem to bother.... *double sigh* All the exams kill the joy of learning... I guess the school teachers worry whether the students will survive or not as well. That's why they're giving tips on what's gonna come out for the coming exam. Even the secondary school students are given exam tips...

In conclusion, they sit for exam while I sweat like a cow...

Sarawak's Carpenter Street in Penang~!

Penangnites never have to worry about food. If we can't go to that particular state or country to have their local delicacies, fear not as the food will travel all the way to Penang. That's why Penang Island is known as a food haven. We have all sorts of cuisines from different parts of the world. The latest in line will be Sarawak's Kolo Mee... *slurp**slurp* When I say it's delicious, then it's delicious because I've tasted quite a few Kolo Mee from different stalls when I was in Sarawak. The Kolo Mee with the red roasted pork sweet sauce tasted exactly like the one I had when I was in Sarawak. The one which Jackson tapao-ed back and I have no idea where he got it from. It's so nice but the price is double of that charged in Sarawak. If the restaurant is nearer to me then I'll have it everyday. Thank God it's not so near so I don't have to see myself turn into a big hippo hoarding on Kolo Mee everyday for three meals a day. They have the pork legs in a totally different soup. It's not like our usual Chinese soya sauce but it's something else. Nice as well... there's also Kachang Ma... but no thank you. My taste buds are not trained to lick on herbs. Sarawak's loh bak.. as the cuisine from East of Malaysia has no similarities with our local Penang food, it won't be fair to say that ours taste better. They're just too different. You can't compare. If I have a Sarawakian tongue then I will definitely tell you it's delicious. The Sarawak laksa... the one that I tasted in Sarawak after I landed on the ground was much much better than this. Honestly, something's wrong with the taste. Even my mama who is a laksa freak said that it tasted weird and horrible. So sorry to make such comment but when you see customers starting to leave the bowls half full, then something must be terribly wrong somewhere. Carpenter Street Restaurant is located along the rows of shophouses with AmBank right next to it and Old Town Kopitiam two doors away and in another far end you can find KFC. It's at Sunshine Square, Bayan Baru.

Monday, April 25, 2011

Lamest of All~

I've received numerous messages in Facebook and it's getting on my nerves. One more and I'll lash out at the person who send it without thinking twice.

Am I suppose to feel flattered when I receive messages from strangers who said all kind of things to make me feel like I'm DESIRED? It's rather lame to tell me that you learn a lot about me through my profile as if I don't know what's on my profile. The only thing you can get from my profile is that I'm a female. That's all. And THAT is interesting?

It's pretty stupid to say that you're interested to know me better and hope that we can be more than friends. Oh, hello~! Am I suppose to believe that? I don't even believe that the profile picture is an authentic one. Neither do I believe the country which stated where you're from. You can type anything you want but I'm a pro using Facebook, so don't make yourself sound so desperate and useless.

I have no interest in knowing more friends no matter how sincere it's stated in the message. And I'm rather pissed off to receive such desperate-sounding messages.

My Brain Has Been Picked On Twice...

I was driving fast as usual. Not sure where I was heading to. All of a sudden, a 12-seater van started to turn 360-degree like a maniac. I was almost hit but I managed to zoom past the van while it was still turning. I shudder to think of the consequence if the van would have hit my car. I would be crushed by the impact. I dialled for my hubby when I was still driving, telling him what happened. He couldn't hear well because the reception was poor. I was so upset... I dialled for my mama and as usual... she didn't pick up her phone!! My eyes were wide-opened and I was staring at my sleeping hubby. It was such a horrible dream that I poked my hubby awake. He was so groggy and after a few days, when I told him again about it, he didn't remember waking up at all...*sigh*

I couldn't get back to sleep after that. I don't remember watching any movies with accidents neither did I encounter any road mishaps while I was driving earlier. Then, it looked like God typed something on my brain, "You've not have your devotion time for 2 days." *OUCH* That's a scary way to put as a reminder. The devil must be playing with my mind.

Then, this morning, I woke up rather furious. In my dream, I came back early and I saw a car reversing out of house. Weird though, coz' it didn't look like my house but in my dream, that's my house. There's this young girl, who's not so pretty, I'm absolutely prettier than her, and she just reversed her blue Proton car out of my place, so I went straight to her when she wound her windscreen down and asked her who she is and what is she doing at my house. She has something with my hubby. I pulled her out of the car and was about to bash her into pieces. Then, I let her go with a warning not to come to my house anymore. I confronted hubby and hubby said there's something in her kiss. My foot~! I'm a better kisser than anyone else.

I woke up when hubby give me my usual wake up call. Straight away I asked hubby whether he has anything with his colleague. If he has, I'll turn both of them into minced meat and luncheon meat. Actually, I have nothing to worry about because hubby has waited for me for 15 years, he wouldn't do anything to screw our marriage. I lurve you~! *Satan, stop picking on my brain*

Thursday, April 21, 2011

Happy Easter~!

Good Friday tomorrow... but I'll be working from morning until nite with a couple of hours for lunch break. Will be very busy for the weekend but shifted the Sunday morning classes to another week so that I can attend the Easter Sunday service. No bunnies coming out from the eggs.. btw, bunnies can't be hatched out... they're mammals...

The Metal Family in KDU...

We're the metal family. Made of such metal that we'll never get rusty and we're tough. I'm Titanium, accompanied by Platinum, Tungsten, Magneto and Aluminium. All of us were enjoying our fine dining in KDU College... yes, a college. We're not there to study or to attend any talk or to participate in any exhibition. We're there to dine... Introducing the Bon Appetit Restaurant. Never knew that such place existed. It's not open for public though. For the hospitality and culinary arts students. For them to practice and have the feel of working in a restaurant. We were there as guests so that they will be able to learn how to serve customers when they start working. They always forget to give us our cutlery after taking it away. Well, forgivable because they're still students. If it's for real then I will give a very sharp remark to whoever's serving my table. Wherever we go, we go with our cameras. Gracie, why is your camera peeking at my camera? My camera is camera-shy *blush* We were given two choices of drinks, coffee or tea. And I would prefer having sky juice. I did try out my coffee though with a lot of outside help... thanks to the many packets of sugar and creamer. It made the colour of the coffee brown and sweet. Like it that way... but don't like coffee still...We have the appetizer of the day... it's some vegetable roll stuffed with tender smoked chicken served with exquisite Italian dressing alongside chicken mushroom in a cheese cup. Do you know what it reminded me of when I have had that platter on my table? It reminded me so much of the fine dining that I had in Melbourne where the whole table course of 6 dishes did not even fill one-tenth of my growling stomach. The plates were so big but the portion of food is so small, it's like you are only allow to lick at the food and be satisfied. The soup of the day came next. We had mushroom soup instead of broccoli soup. It came along with the handmade mushroom dumplings but the skin was too thick. The freshly baked bread roll was not soft enough. And the waiter forget to give us the butter knife so we tore the buns into halves with our fingers and spread the butter with our spoons. Hospitality team, you'll have to be more alert... the soup is good, though. The main course... my choice of main course... stuffed chicken roulade. Superbly done~! Well done, kitchen crew! I've always love chicken dishes... The second choice was dory fillet with hollandaise sauce. I'm not really keen on a fish dish unless there's not much choice to choose from. Tungsten and Aluminium picked that as their main course. The dessert of the day was the chocolate brownies served with vanilla ice-cream and three small balls of assortment of mixed fruits. Yellow watermelon, red watermelon and honey dew balls to be exact. The brownie was stone hard but my Magnet enjoyed eating the brownies. I finished mine, too. I feel that it's an insult to the chef if we were to leave the food on the plate. If I'm a chef and I see diners leaving half the plate full I'll be weeping and thinking that I'm such a lousy cook. Thus, we finished everything and in actual fact, the students did a really great job preparing, decorating the food in a fine dining style. The lunch cost us RM15 only. That's Golden Flower. We knew each other through Facebook and eventually we become good friends. Hey, gal... you'll be a really really great chef and you did a superb job leading your crew members. And we're going again tomorrow~! Yippee~!!

Wednesday, April 20, 2011


Smart arses~! I have low blood pressure but due to unforeseen circumstances, I can feel my blood pressure surging to the point of no return. Teenagers... what can I say... they are teenagers...

There are 4 exams in a year. And during these exam periods I'll be screaming, yelling, nagging, begging... yes... I beg my kids to study... literally beg them to study, threaten to skin them alive, entice them with good stuff, console them, teach them until I can sit for the exam myself and score with flying colours. I've used every single method and I'm about to scream out loud, "I DON'T CARE!' Not even one of them knows how to study on their own accord. Is it so hard to hold a revision book and study for an hour or two or until all the historical and geographical facts have entered the brain? Is it so hard to even do that? Can't even memorize anything from the book... but surprisingly they can sing any songs without looking at the lyrics and they learn the songs by listening. Then how come when the teachers teach, they can't even remember a single word? I bet before the teacher even step out of the classroom, they have forgotten everything... they don't remember... they forget... they have a body of a teenager but the mind of a 200 years old turtle~!!! They can't even remember the Maths formulae... can't even remember a single thing except for non-sensical stuff.
Teenagers... they know everything. Always... without fail... I will hear,"My friend said... my friend said this... my friend said that..." CHECK WITH THE ADULTS~!!! If not, just go find out the facts on your own before you come back telling me about what your friends said. If your friends know everything, pack your bags and go shift out and stay with your friends. Your friends will know how to take care of you, your friends know what's best for you, your friends know what suits you best, your friends probably will feed you and clothe you. You won't lose your face checking with the adults before doing something.
I think even if I speak until I vomit blood, they will not change. Can't they be a little bit like me? A little more independent. Never once did I need a person to tell me to study when I was a student.

And what's with those from Chinese school? Can't even understand English... everything must translate... can't even understand the Malay Language... Right until today, I've not read a good piece of Malay essay. The standard of English dropped until it's laughable to show the English paper to the outside world. And what's with the gaberment's idea to send Chinese teachers to learn Chinese in China? Who's going to pay for their expanses? The rakyat? There are so many complains in the newspapers that teachers can't even teach proper English, can't even speak properly. Once my friend went to her brother's school to ask about how her brother has been doing in school, but to her dismay the teacher can't even string a proper sentence without stammering and coming out with the right words. In the end, they used the Hokkien dialect... such embarassment. Why didn't the gaberment suggest to send English teachers who can't speak English properly to England to learn English? Why have to send the Chinese teachers to China to learn Chinese? What about those who can't even speak Malay at all? So many years learning the Malay Language in school, yet they learn nothing. Even foreigners from the west who came here barely a month can speak our Malay language and mingle around with the locals without any problem. Something is terribly wrong with Chinese school system. There are good students there but the number of those who can't cope at all with the system is uncountable. Education should not be politicize.

The Human Jesus...

No Sense of Technology...

Mobile phones... I have used them since I was 13. The first that I had was from Motorola. It was so huge you can crack a person's skull with it. The second was from Ericsson without Sony. The third was a Siemens with rubberized water proof body. Then came Nokia, the smallest and the slimmest of all... and that was free. Then, another cute brand which I can't remember. More mobile phones came rolling through my hands. In the end, I find that I only need mobile phones to call people when there's an emergency, phone text-ing among friends if there's anything to say but of course I did send thousands of sms-es once upon a time when I have no cow sense over how expensive text-ing can when accumulated. Now, I'm loyal to my Atom O2 PDA, an obsolete brand and iMobile, a local brand. That white light phone is a smart phone, also a local brand, CSL... not bad I should say. You see, that phone is smart, but when I hold it, I don't feel smart at all. I played with the phone a bit. I signed into Facebook and it took me three miserable times to get my e-mail login and password right. Then, when I was in Facebook, I saw a message in my inbox but I can't seem to get into my inbox. When I'm in my inbox, I can't seem to be able to reply my message. In the end, I logout in frustration. I tried using iPhone before and by the time I finish sending an sms, I feel like throwing the phone against the wall. It took such a long time to send a message and I have to go to 'backspace' so many times because my fingers accidentally pressed on the wrong alphabet.

I have no liking for mobile phones. I don't even like talking on the phone. It burns the ear. Out of so many functions in a phone, I only need the mobile phone to be able to dial out, to receive incoming call, sending sms-es and getting my accounts done in a quick way through Microsoft Excel powered by Windows Mobile. Other than that, I don't need any other functions. I prefer things differently. I use a watch to check the time, a digital camera to snap photos and MP3 to listen to songs. Call me outdated, because I really feel like I'm a little out... I prefer doing things the old way... Electronic dictionaries... I seriously think this is absurd. Why can't they use the thousand pages printed clearly dictionaries? I feel satisfied leafing through the pillow-thick dictionaries to look for words. How many words can they actually download into these small gadgets? I bet they can't even fit in a Kamus Dewan neither do they have the whole of Oxford dictionary in it. And it's mostly in Chinese and I feel so crippled staring at those. They belong to my students. I was holding and staring at it for so long and I have no idea what to press. Hmph~! I wonder whether I can survive in the stone age.... just like the Flinstones...