Thursday, February 26, 2009

My Emo Post...

That's how silly I can be.
That's how dense I can be.
Yeah... going nowhere but I'm still dreaming away...

when you're busy, tired and not around...

Frequently uttered when I'm angry...

Monday, February 23, 2009

What About Sunday?

It was raining cats and dogs for nearly 3 hours in Sungai Batu, Teluk Kumbar. The place is just by the sea so it was not surprising that the rain was extremely heavy.

Traffic came to a standstill. On the left and right of this one and only road out to civilisation, rainwater and mud were rushing down from the hillslope. Previously, the hill was green with durian trees. Now, there was nothing to see except for the half completed shophouses and terrace houses. The volume of traffic will be increasing but the road is just too narrow to squeeze through. Trust me, this is the only way out to Bayan Lepas. If not, I'll have to go the other way round, driving along the windy road of Balik Pulau, passing by Teluk Bahang and Batu Ferringhi just to get back to Georgetown.
I was a little bit lazy in the evening, well not a little bit. I was very lazy in fact. Laziness kills.. :)

Fabulous Saturday...

Saturdays and Sundays are the only two days I work like any normal people. From morning, till evening. I stretch and yawn like Garfield on weekdays. Thus, I always look forward to weekends. My work is definitely stress-free. Nothing to worry about and nobody to report to. Blissful. I enjoy looking at the wide screen and I hope that I can have a cinema in my own house instead of karaoke room like some houses have.

Movie marathon on Saturday in Gurney...
That was a good one but just not my type. Too little action. Just got shocked when Brad Pitt got a bullet in his head.
Almost 3 hours.. that's a long movie. From 'Burn After Reading' then continue with 'The Curious Case of Benjamin Button'. Thank goodness the movie was great or else the backache, neckache and butt-ache were for nothing. I will not write a synopsis on the movies I have watched. Go watch it yourself.

Friday, February 20, 2009

Big Lor...

Sotong katak... besarnya.. gelinya...

That Sent Me Into A Laughing Fit...

Why so many brands? Dah lah menyusahkan every month, then choose sanitary pads also memeningkan. Which brand har washable... CRAZY who wants to wash after using?

Superguard? Body fit? Eh, wrapper very colourful and attractive leh Kotex... so I go for colourful but of course must have wings... so I can fly. Active slim? Maxi? Go for slim.. maxi like wearing pampers.. and you'll be walking like a duck... hahaha. Should have just used tampon but then too painful to shove that nasty thing in... and what if the string 'tercabut'.. the doctors will die laughing removing the 'fish' out... always buy the best brand Johnson & Johnson O.B. Tampon aka 'the fish'. Whahahahahahaa!! Aku mati tergelak... protection for bladder weakness... super maxi some more... tiba-tiba aku teringat advertisement 'Mamy Poko Pants' <-- is that how you spell? Tell me.. how do you protect your bladder by just wearing pads? Haih... technology semakin hebat dan aku memang terlalu senang to blog 'bout this stuff. Pure nonsense from me...

My Favourite....What?

Seafood...Spaghetti and pasta... the new range of spaghetti and pasta. Interesting... interesting enough for me to snap photos... and I bought all these, too.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

You Never Cease to Amaze Me...

That was a very cute card and you have always known that I love teddy bears and I HATE FLOWERS! If you've bought me any flowers especially roses, no matter how expensive they are, I'll surely make them land in the dustbin with a thud! Of course any girls will be on top of the world to receive a bouquet of beautiful, nice-smelling flowers but I'm more than sure that the excitement that will be shown on my facial expression can only last less than 10 seconds. Save it for some other better stuff... treat me like a princess...
Eden Seafood Restaurant should be nice as I love seafood. Damn! No parking! Such a big restaurant with a car park limited to less than 30 vehicles? Next door, The Ship. I had been to the one in town, this one could be great! DAMN! Look at the long queue. What's the point of making a reservation then if you can't get a parking space? Dump your car in the middle of the road and forget totally 'bout it? Oi... why the fancy restaurants only during Valentine's Day? If you love that person dearly, everyday should be Valentine's Day... why only 1 day out of 365 days?

The princess is here... Bayview Hotel is not that bad after all. I like the quietness. I enjoyed the music sang by the Filipino. The ambience was perfect. Shucks! I hope my coughs didn't spoil the night. First impression of Bayview Hotel, I shook my head. Didn't look high class enough but that's the only place with parking. Why not just take a bus next time, huh? Don't have to worry about parking space.

I realised that I love wearing dresses compared to skirt and blouse. That's my feminine side which not everyone will have the chance to see. Only the selected lucky few are given the privilege to see me in a dress in real life. The rest of you, just look from the pics. Even my best fren has never seen me in a dress...

Didn't go for the Valentine's buffet dinner as I think it is way too expensive and it's not wise to spend that kinda money even though I'm not paying for it. Thus, go for ala-carte. I opened the menu and my eyes nearly popped out. Not the first time seeing it, but I still get shocked looking at the price. If I want Malaysian food, I will go to the kopitiam... where I can order until the whole table is filled up at only half the price or even lesser.

The lamb was succulent and tasted a million times better than the one from Chili's. Great chef! I ordered chicken chop coz' actually I wanted the appetizer first but the waitress refused to give me. How come I cannot get to eat what I want? Why should I go for the main course first? I really want that seafood appetizer yet she refused to take my order for that. Fine lor... in the end I was too full then I cannot eat anymore. Weird ppl... or am I the weird one.. I always start with dessert as I love dessert more than the main course.
Thanks for giving me such a wonderful nite. I really appreciate it. Thanks again from the bottom of my heart. It has always been a girl's dream to be loved and pampered...

Happy 14th Birthday, Dear...

Hey, girl! You must be caught offguard. Didn't realise I can pull this one out for you, huh? What your parents can't give you because they were too preoccupied with themselves, I'll give it to you. Hhhmmm... I'm good at throwing surprise parties :)Happy to celebrate your 14th birthday with your friends? It was too last minute so, I could only think of this. Will plan something better for you next year..

Friday, February 13, 2009

Laugh Die Me...

There are two very important people in my life- a civil engineer and a doctor. Without them, life will not be whole. Honoured? *Drum rolls*

A man of many companions may come to ruin, but there is a friend who sticks closer than a brother. [Proverbs 18:24]

The person who lengthens my lifespan.. My best pal for 11 years. A person who will do 'crazy' stuff with me. We're both equally 'ganas'.. love challenging activities. Sorry for losing contact with you when you were in form 6 and uni. More like we parted ways without saying goodbye... but hey, it's not a goodbye, it's just temporary silence from both sides. I'm glad we pick things up again at a super fast speed. We share a lot of things in common even though sometimes we have different view points. You're one person who dare to 'shoot' at me directly when you know I'm wrong and I appreciate that. We're so much alike yet different. You make me laugh while sitting in front of the computer typing away and sometimes I laugh so hard, I thank God I'm in the comfort of my own room, not like you, you have to hold your laughter coz' you're in the office. Hahahahahah!! We've grown out of burning the telephone line. Even if we're not from the same school, we'll still meet in church... but God is so gracious, we met in both places - in school and in church. I miss going to youth camps with you where we yak till the wee hours in the morning or how much fun we had at Tapah camp... remember crossing the small river on tight ropes? The midnight hike.. stream strolling.. drama.. praise & worship until late night. How come they never put us in the same team for youth camps? For so many years, but not even a year that we were in the same team. I just know that God wants us to be best frens, like it or not. Love you, pal!

The person who shortens my lifespan... A long lost pal for a decade. More like 'LOST & FOUND' thanks but no thanks to the digital world. A person who makes my life turned topsy-turvy. Either we have nothing in common or we have not found anything in common, yet. Thanks for the time that you had sacrificed chatting with me and following my whims and fancy. I know I'm demanding and selfish at times.... or should I say all the time??? The long chats that go round in circles not leading anywhere must have made you felt like pulling your hair out? Have you ever lost your patience and feel like throwing the comp screen against the wall? I appreciate you burning your eyes in front of the comp to read my lengthy messages when at times I don't even know what I was crapping about :) You're one more person who takes joy in scolding me and I don't mind coz' it's for my own good. Earlier you used to make me cry to sleep and I was surprised at myself for crying for someone I have not met. I am frustrated with you as you're a man of few words but you've tried your best to talk to me for hours and hours. I accept you for who you are and I'm still keeping my fingers crossed not to criticize you.

My life is at equilibrium...

There may be hundreds and hundreds of friends in your friendster, facebook or even your phone book but how many is actually your true friend? Not a friend who is with you only when you invite him/her for an outing but a friend who is with you during your ups and downs. Some are not lucky enough to even have one but I am truly blessed to have two. Therefore, my life is at equilibrium - one lengthens my lifespan during the daytime and one shortens my lifespan at night.

Two are better than one, because they have a good return for their work:

If one falls down, his friend can help him up. But pity the man who falls and has no one to help him up! Also, if two lie down together, they will keep warm. But how can one keep warm alone? Though one may be overpowered, two can defend themselves. A cord of three strands is not quickly broken. [Ecclesiastes 4:9-12]

There's another person who will really stand by you through storms and even when the rainbow is shining above your head - a smile that shines through your life, a shoulder for you to cry on, a hand to hold you and to guide you, a voice so gentle that whispers in your ears to give you comfort and that person is Jesus himself.

Thursday, February 12, 2009

How I Cried...

when I was having my lunch.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout how terrible it was for the Africans not to be able to have a simple meal.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout how difficult some people had to go through just to put food on the table.

Maybe I was being thankful for having almost everything a person will ever want or need.

Maybe I was just being gracious to God for providing everything without me asking.

Maybe I was just sad thinking that I would never get to be with the person whom I love and adore.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout my sis and bro-in-law in the faraway land huddled together in the chilling winter wind.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout my bro working under the hot sun in Australia.

Maybe I was thinking 'bout grandma who is in pain.

Maybe I was thinking back how nice it was to eat together as a happy family like during CNY.

Maybe I just missed everyone.

Maybe I was just being emotional as I am sick.

Maybe I was just being a paranoid.

Maybe I was missing someone in particular.


HAHAHAHAHAHAA!! I didn't cry. The curry fish that I cooked was extremely spicy... too spicy in fact. Those who were eating were all 'crying' away. Hahahahahaa....

Tuesday, February 10, 2009

I Spoil My Own Day...

I've made plans for the Monday half-day holiday of mine. A perfect day in fact. It turned out to be something far from what I have planned.

I practically jumped out of bed thinking, how come the alarms never ring. Looked at the clocks. I got freakingly crazy and I looked again, this time with my spectacles.. 7:45a.m. Whoa! My class MUST start at 7:45a.m. ZZZZOOOOMMM!! Brush my teeth and changed up... Ellex! Don't vomit.. I didn't bathe until around 4:30p.m. after I came back from GP. I tried on a beautiful dress in Somerset Bay with a row of buttons in front... yeah.. without bathing... but I smell nice.. so don't say yucks! :)
I think my eyes really need a good check. That white fluffy dress, before I tried, I looked at the price. I was very sure the tag was RM49.90. Thank goodness, I checked again. The price was actually RM499.00 How did my eyes shift the decimal point one step in front???? My headache was starting to kill me, so rushed home to get some rest.

Well, the actual plan was to go to Borders to finish reading the book that I've read halfway. One of the bad habits of Penangnites or should I say Malaysians. Will do anything for something free. The free reading is actually for those who want to flip through a book then buy it if they like it... but NO... I only want to finish the whole book then put it back. I never have the intention to buy the book.. HAHAhAHA!! After reading, if there's enough time, I will want to catch a movie, Changeling or maybe Pink Panther 2 or maybe Look For A Star but well... all of these were crossed out. I wonder when I can get another free afternoon.. *sigh* I asked for it this time. I should have just go to bed early when I was told to.
I watched this on Saturday...
Rushed to GSC in Queensbay. I knew I wouldn't be able to make it for the 9:30p.m. Reached around 9:40p.m. then I checked the screen for the next show. It was so clear all the shows will start around 2320hours yet my brain was registering 10:20p.m. so I calculated that I would be able to go home around 12a.m. I was very happy until I reached the counter. I was thinking to myself why did the lady at the counter kept telling me, "All shows are midnight shows." HHHhhmmm 10 something considered midnight arr? I just bought the tickets... then it slowly sank into my mind... AAAAARRRRGGGGGGGHHHHH 2320 hours = 11:20p.m. Then the movie would end around 1 a.m. Then I surely cannot wake up the next day and I still have so much work to do. Well, Ellex accompanied me yakking online until 3 a.m. Thanks, pal! Without you, I would have slept in front of the comp. I wasn't late on Sunday, though. Just that my head was very very heavy.

Sunday after work went to GP to catch another movie...

That was really funny. No regrets even though my head was pounding.

Cool! Now the room is spinning and it has been spinning on and off. I'm down with flu and my head is throbbing :(

Friday, February 06, 2009

Why Do I Feel So Bored??

I didn't hear the alarm clock. I don't need an alarm clock when I go to bed before 12 a.m. Bad habit of mine... woke up and switch on the computer. Click here and there then I brighten up when I see ELLEX TING online! Yippee!! Got people yak yak about everything under the sun with mua... hahahaha... Love you, pal! Without you in the morning, I think I 'seh koh' liao...

After yakking for a few hours but sometimes a few minutes only, I walked to the gym.. I have practically used most of the equipments...
Leg press / Calf raise
Leg curl
Leg extension
Hip abduction
Lat Pulldown
Pectoral Fly
Chest Press
Arm Curl
Fit Stride
Lifting weights
Spend a couple of hours there... yet I come home feeling BORED!!!
Then, I chopped, blended, minced, sliced, cut and clean... yeah.. in the kitchen.. my favourite place. I have mastered most of the culinary skills... I should just open a food stall di tepi jalan to kill time.
I remembered what I did last time. I always tell God it's killing me working around the clock and become the slave of money. I wanted more time for myself. I think God has answered my prayer. I get what I wanted... ample of time for myself. I used to have a few hours of free timeo on Fridays where I drove to MPH and just curled on the red cushion at the reading lounge and read my time away. *Sigh* Now, I'm too lazy to even get out of my room what more to drive all the way to Gurney.
I can't wait for Monday.. Thaipusam holiday. I'm working but I have shifted most of the classes to morning but keeping the night classes as usual. Keeping my afternoon free... going to catch a few movies... planning to do movie marathon if not I will just sit at Borders and continue reading the book that I have read halfway the other day.

Thursday, February 05, 2009

Leave Him Alone!!

Hey, you two girls... get away from him.. He was already boxed-in and he has no place to move already... just leave him alone... Yeah.. both of you..
Why are both of you so interested to get his pic? He's only 13 and both of you are 16... and both of you have more than 10 boyfriends... LEAVE HIM ALONE!! Nah.. help both of you.. I actually got his pic when he wasn't paying attention...

Handsome meh? Cute meh?

Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Doing Groceries..

I like it... yet I don't like it. Started moving with the trolley along and among the shelves.. then all I wanted to do is to go home. Not that difficult to buy within the RM100 budget for one week's food supply. I wonder what did some of the housewives bought for RM500 per week? Buy what? Abalone? Shark's fin? Shark's melon has almost the same texture as the shark's fin... very nice... and super cheap!

Went to the seafood section.. ahhh... my favourite section.. I have never done this... snapping photos in Tesco.. I must be sot liao... but I'm bored.. I wonder how I can become bored so fast. Guess what... that guy sama sot with me.. some more hold the fish for me to snap.. all of the workers were laughing away...
What type of pomfret is that? So expensive.. look at the price - RM108.90 per kilo and that fish is about 2 kg. Nice, soft texture.. but I didn't buy...
Small white pomfret, nice if deep-fried.. sis loves it but me.. don't really like it. Siput harimau.. seen if a few times liao.. how to eat har? I've never seen in seafood restaurants also, can eat or not? Eat then become tiger?

HHMmmm.... jellyfish, polka dot fish, catfish, black pomfret, stingray and HUGE chicken drumsticks.. really LARGE!
Salmon... Such small fins they have... small head, too. But can swim upstream.. God's wonderful creation which Science has no way of explaining...
That's not a piece of art... that's what children with itchy hands did. Parents, didn't you tell your children not to play with food stuff? How to buy like that? It's suppose to be brown sugar.. but ended with a mixture of macaroni, sago, red beans, green beans and don't know what beans some more. It's not the only one.. there are lots more...
If I own Tesco and I see the kids doing that.. I'll definitely chop off their hands without hesitating...