Friday, September 12, 2008

My Ol' Fren..

Penang is soooo BBBIIIIGGGG but both of us have no where to head to. So ended up in Queensbay Mall. We bought tickets to watch 'Money No Enough 2' and then went down to Baskin Robbins... first time I makan ice-creamnya. I took the photo of the ice-cream tapi hilang from my PDA entah pergi mana. I think my PDA ate that ice-cream liao.

Nah.. found the ice-cream from the PDA liao... sot sot punya PDA... took my ice-cream for no reason now baru gave me back...

I watched 'Money No Enough 2' twice. After watching with Annie, then Sunday watch with mama. After our movie session, we rushed off to Sunway Tunas to have lunch at Ben's Diner. We reached at 2:17pm tapi the diner closed at 2:15pm. Ish!! Geramnya!! Rush all the way for nothing. Ended makan lunch di Four Seasons Restaurant. Annie didn't like the food and I also don't like the food. It's too simple and I can cook that type of dishes also.

Annie flying off to UK to do her Masters in Finance. Will be back next year. See you next year pal!

Doctors-to-be... Very Soon..

I have not seen them for at least seven years.. rite after form 5. We walk in different paths. Chun Lin sat beside me in class for two years. We did quarrel in class for a few times but in the end we are still friends. She has changed - becoming more sexy. Janet is still her cheeky self. We spent a couple of hours at Hongkie Kopitiam in E-gate. The food that both of them ordered was horrible.. tapi habiskan juga. Most of the time I have no idea what they were talking about. Sitting with doctors on a table can create migraine. Stress... but still I enjoyed their company.

7 - The Number of P-E-R-F-E-C-T-I-O-N

My bowl of rice - that's my tuition business. It's not something that I wanted or what I dream about doing but it just happened. There's no way I can run away from it as it keeps on growing. It takes 7 years for it to be stable. That's is how patient I my which surprises me as for those who know me I am one impatient person. I cannot even wait for a minute yet I have waited patiently for 7 years. What an irony.... It must be God's way for me to practice my patience... Patience is a virtue.

My desserts - watersports, catalogue business and sales. My passion for jet skis spur me to start this business. The dream that God gave me pulled the trigger. It is not easy to set up a company. It may be small but the groundwork is suffocating me. Starting and building my tuition empire is not difficult at all as everything runs smoothly as plan... but starting Run With The Wave is like climbing Mount Everest which I will never try... not even Mount Kinabalu... I have come so far thus, I will continue. I will not give up that easily because whenever I have the feeling of giving up, there is always someone giving me sound advice and I get all the support that I needed. The presence of the Lord is strongly felt as this company is growing from ground zero. God really send angels to watch over me.

Catalogue business is a business I accidentally stumbled upon. I have no intention to sell clothes, bags or accessories. Found the small company, took a few sets of catalogues, flip them through, don't like it, left it in the car. A few days later, my students found the catalogues, flip them through, love them, took the catalogues home. In 7 days, I received lots and lots of orders from them. They are officially running the business and I'm just their backbone.. financial support. They want to try their hands on business... so why not... at least they have experience.

Rx-water filter. That I'm not doing anything. Just follow the programme. Bank in the money and see it coming back every month. A Malay friend everything. Win-win situation. This takes 7 days, too.

God is very very much alive. He has proven to me that He will never leave me nor forsake me. I am not a failure even though I have no tertiary education. He will always guide me through and carry me through the storms. Amen!