Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Oz Day 8: Tasmanian Devil Unzoo...

~13th November 2015~
Unzoo is an unheard of concept because I've always been to a zoo, not an unzoo. Unzoo means instead of holding the animals captive in cages, the animals are actually having all the natural space while the humans are kept in barricade. Humans are not free to roam around except to mingle with the kangaroos. You do not wish to walk alongside a cute little Tasmanian Devil. When it bares its fangs, it's no longer cute. Once the fangs puncture your flesh, you will wish that you're in a cage instead of walking with the small devils.
We started our unzoo experience with the feeding of some birds which escape my memory. 
Then, we moved on to feeding the kangaroos, wallabies and pademelons. I killed a pademelon on the road the next day. Will share about the experience of killing a cute animal which traumatised me until I couldn't drive after that. The kangaroos were not as large as the ones that I fed at Maru Wildlife in Phillip Island. I still remember Roger the huge and handsome kangaroo. It was frustrating as none of the kangaroos were interested to focus on the camera lens until I spoke to one and then, he cooperated. Ahhh... humans have dominion over the creatures of the Earth. Maybe I should speak to a lion one day.
The Devil's Den was something else. The devils were under tight scrutiny as most of them suffered from some kind of facial cancer. The mouth would be distorted and before long, they would die of hunger. Result of eating all sort of nonsense? The devil can eat up the whole tree, eat up the whole pademelon. There were too many pademelons on the road because the number of Tasmanian devils have dwindled over the years due to this facial disease. Facts of Tasmanian devils were really interesting though like how the female will kick out the male after mating. Then, out of so many tiny and minute babies, the mother would only choose 4 to latch on while the rest will end up as protein for the body. 
We went for the bird performance after that. Really interesting this bird, which looked like an old graying piece of log. It's a good experience to be at Tasmanian Devil Unzoo as there are not too many animals. If there are too many animals like in a zoo, I will take forever to get out. I love animals, simple as that.

Friday, June 23, 2017

Oz Day 8: Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch and Pirates Bay Lookout...

~13th November 2015~
We were still there at Tasman National Park. After a short trail of jungle walk, we arrived at the Devils Kitchen. It was a 5 minutes return walk but of course, I turned that 5 minutes to be a very long 5 minutes. 
Then, the time was stretched a little longer when we were looking at Tasman Arch. You would be walking on top of the arch until you got to the other end and had the arch staring back at you. It was just simply amazing. It's natural. I failed to listen to the rest of the explanation. I lack listening skills when the surrounding was too beautiful. Let the pictures speak for itself. 
Pirates Bay lookout point gave a better view of entire place. I fall in love with national parks in Australia. When I go to Australia again, I will go to every national park available. You will never find me in shopping malls unless the kitchen section seduced me. 

Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Oz Day 8: Waterfall Bay Cliff in Tasmania...

~ 13th November 2015~
I'm back to updating the holiday posts from two years ago. But I might not stick to this for long. I can't seem to stick to anything for long. I wonder how people manage to stick to having one hobby for the rest of their lives. 
Reminiscing the lovely holiday in Tasmania, it was really a nice place. When you need to go for a holiday, don't bother asking around whether the place should be in your holiday list or not. It doesn't work that way. Just go... make the best out of it. Even the drain in another country looks more beautiful than the drain outside your own house. And the sun feels different too albeit the whole world would be looking at the same sun.
Mi madre and I followed a one day tour because my navigator was still stuck at the office. We have chosen to rent a car but without the navigator, the driver couldn't do much. So, it was a one day trip where the tour guide who came to pick us up was so punctual, I was a little shock. In my e-mail, it was mentioned that our pick up time was at 7a.m., being Malaysian, I thought we should only get down at 7a.m. but having tuned my brain to Australian time, we went down to wait at the entrance of Hobart Tower Motel 15 minutes earlier... that would be 4a.m. Malaysian time. Only in Australia I would wake up at such ungodly hours. 
Being the first to get onto the van, we were given free city tour for the second round as there were other passengers to pick up. I think there were roughly 7 people only. I'm okay with small group but I I have difficulties travelling in big group. I have human-phobia. As we were going along Tasman Highway, my camera was working really hard already.
Then, we zoomed along Arthur Highway before we went into the jungle trail. We stopped at Denison Canal Park for a few minutest.
The view at Waterfall Bay Cliff was breathtaking. There was no waterfall though as the heavy rain from the previous night did not manage to build up the volume of water to make it into a grand fall. There was only a small fall which  I couldn't even see in any of my photos. Doing up all these photos reminded me of how much I love photography, at one point of my life. I guess I have moved on. But I still need to finish up all my photos so that I can clear them from my hard disc before I embark on my next trip. 
I was the slowest among them all. Can't blame me for that. It's not like I'm going to the same place every time so need to capture them all. It will just be a memory - been there, done that.
The rain came on and off. It was drizzling still but I prayed for the rain to stop so the camera would not be wet. The rain did stop but came back when we were walking along the jungle trail. Then, it stopped. This reminds me of how God answers prayers really fast whenever I was out of the country, in a foreign land. I love you, Jesus. 
I just enjoyed looking at the waves and rock formation. I can stand on one same spot for hours, mesmerized by the beauty of it all. Many will not be able to understand but I really enjoy listening to the pounding waves, how the waves roared and then went silent. The waves picked up speed when coming to shore and the different shades of blue. I do not like blue but the blue sky and blue sea were two different elements altogether that I truly enjoy.