Wednesday, March 31, 2010

Different Shades of Yellow..

All the eggs were from the same tray. Dunno eat then sihat or not... so different... nowadays chicken eat wat also I dunno. I only know in grandma's farm, the chickens were fed with corns... mountain of corns... but other farms feed what to their chickens????

My Companion at Work...

Brownie~! The doggie that comes to me happily... err.. not that cute actually... just a typical mongrel, but still a doggie... and I like doggie. A doggie that swims in the sea every now and then, a doggie that smells like sea water... stinks actually. A doggie that leaves its footprints on the sand along the beach. *woof* *woof*
Meet Happy~! The Australian thoroughbred, so tame. No need to be guided. You can mount on this horsie and gallop away like a professionl horse rider. Well-built. Finely groomed. I like~!

Time of Refreshing...[117]

To be refreshed, God's way requires certain steps and a definite plan of action.

Repent, then, and turn to God, so that your sins may be wiped out, that times of refreshing may come from the Lord.
[Acts 3:19]

God requires us to:
  1. Change our mind and attitude towards Him - we will always be learning and growing in our understanding of God. It requires a constant openness to learn adn enlarge our knowledge and experience of God.

  2. Turn to Him - there are many directions we can turn to when we need help and refreshment. Les us make sure we turn to the Lord and HIs principles of health and strength

  3. Allow Him to cleanse you from every sin - sin breaks our fellowship with God and is at the root of all our problems. Allow Him to cleanse and break the power of sin in your life and this will preprare you for what He wants to replace your life with.

  4. Receive wonderful season of refreshment - with our lives cleansed from sin and with our minds and attitude right towards God, He desires to send wonderful seasons of refeshment from His presence. where there is indeed 'fullness of joy'

~ Take time each day for loving, learning, living and relaxing ~

Monday, March 29, 2010

Oh... Hhhmmm...

After browsing through my photo albums, I realized that I have so many things to blog about. Mainly I have not blog 'bout my trip to Melbourne and Malacca... back-packing style.. and I lurve it~!My travel buddy, Pinky~! We're great moving around with or without map. Good sense of direction. Savvy mind when come to transportation. We're good planners even if it's just last minute plan, we still managed to come out with a terrific plan where we spent every minute doing something fun, not missing the places to visit, things to eat and photos to capture. Finally, the best part is we always have things to talk about and laugh about. Good sense of humour. I'm glad I met her in Melbourne. All in all, we've only seen each other for 3 weeks yet, we know that our travel plans will be carried out by hook or by crook. We hardly chat due to my odd working hours and the time difference.

Sunday, March 28, 2010

The Best Worship...

Yesterday nite my church held a worship conference for worship leaders. Thus, at nite we had worship concert. It was the best worship service for 3-long hours. Worshipping God cannot be fabricated, it comes from the heart.
I'm glad I can worship God freely in this country. Even without the lyrics being projected, I'm really glad I can sing the old and new hymns. We should be able to recite the Bible like how some countries do not allow Christianity to enter. Therefore, the people has to memorise the scriptures and write them down so that new believers have the privilege to read God's Words through hand-written Bible.

God's Well Never Runs Dry...[116]

... he restores my soul. He guides me in paths of righteousness for his name's sake.
[Psalm 23:3]
Refresh = to make fresh or vigorous again, to restore vigour and energy, to give new strength, to reinvigorate, to revive after fatigue, to cheer.
The antonym of refresh - to oppress, to be weary, tire, be fatigued, exhaust.
Don't copy the behaviour and customs of this world, but be a new and different person, with a fresh newness in all you do and think. Then you will learn from your own experience how His ways will really satisfy you.
[Romans 12:2]
As you commence each day in fellowship with God and in Hiw work, you will draw up nourishment from Him and receive refreshment into your life.
You have exalted my horn like that of a wild ox;
fine oils have been poured upon me.
[Psalm 92:10]
Even though a massive dam can hold millions of gallons of life-giving water, the control gates determine how much is released down the spillway. A great abundance or just a trickle is determined by the controller.
Allow God's 'life-giving water' to flow into your life.

Wednesday, March 24, 2010

Donkey Years Ago..

Someone posted this in Facebook and I got tagged. I was speechless. Introducing the best class when we were in standard 6. Practically the best in everything~! Best in studies. Best in talking. Best in arguing. Best in creating headache to teachers. Best in making noise. I miss standard 6 the most even with UPSR as that's also the easiest exam to sit for.

Mr. Teh Teong Uan... the best English teacher. Well, his life was cut short due to stomach cancer some 10 years back.

Monday, March 22, 2010

In Mourning...

The message came as sudden news. Pastor Hugh Tan was called home to be with the Lord on the 21st of March. We went in a convoy of three cars to Ipoh for the wake service. The late Uncle Hugh was a blessed man who had run a good race, doing God's work. He has touched the lives of many even after meeting them for a short time. My life was one of those being touched...
I am the resurrection and the life. He who believes in Me, though he may die, he shall live. And whoever lives and believes in Me shall soon die...
[John 11:25-26]

Seahorse is mourning a great loss. This blog will be in action again after a week or more. Seahorse is currently suffering and recuperating.

Uncle Hugh and Aunt Lai Yee's favourite song..
My Life, Your Song
- City Harvest Church
Album: Light of the City

(verse 1)
Whose hands are these
Holding my trapeze
When I fly
You carry me
Whose eyes are these
Watching over me
Eyes of love
That set me free

(pre chorus)
What's ahead
You are always there before
My whole world
Your design
You are always there
Just right behind

My life is Your song
To You my heart belongs
Let all earthly crowns
Fade in the shadow of the cross
My life is Your song
I'll sing for You alone
Nothing in this world
Can take me away from You
Our love goes on and on

(verse 2)
Whose arms are these
Shelter me from harm
In the storm
You are my calm
Whose voice I hear
Whisper in my ear
When I'm lost
You're always near

In all my life
Be glorified
With Christ in me
No longer I
So take my all
Consuming Fire
Your light in me
I'll let it shine

Wise Decision...[115]

To teach us how to live, Solomon deals with the importance of having the right friends and companions. Friends will either make you or break you!
My son, if sinners entice you, do not give in to them.
[Proverbs 1:10]
... my son, do not go along with them, do not set foot on their paths.
[Proverbs 1:15]
Peer pressure, whether one is young or old is very real. We all come under different influences, so let us make sure they are godly influences and not evil ones.
Associate with good positive people, those who are winners - for you acquire much of the thinking, mannerisms and characteristics of the people you are around.
You are the same today as you will be in five years, except for two things: the PEOPLE you meet and the BOOKS you read.

~Select with care your friends. See thay they be - honest, humourous and high-flyers.~

Assess your friends and deliberately choose those who will be a blessing and build into your life.

Sunday, March 21, 2010

Lung Expansion At Work...

Usually I'll fetch her out for our lunch dates at the green building in hospy. Now, she visited me at my work place and the madness began until I finished work. Actually I ditched my work and hopped onto the next jet ski...
A little bit about us...

Name for both of us: Judith Y

Age difference : 10 years

Compatibility: 99.9%

Madness level: Maximum

How we know each other: We're both not sure about this. We just clicked.

Level of seriousness: We hardly talk serious stuff due to malfunction of laughing mechanism

Summary of us:

When we meet each other, we started with, "Hi! How are you? Hehehe..." Then, the giggles continue... and followed by hahahhaha.... and in the end we have no idea what we talked about mainly. Conversation always ended with, "I really need that good laugh and it's great fun to be with you. Thanks for the day." Hugz... and she continues with her work and me with mine.
We actually sang lullaby at the top of our lungs out in the open sea, we howled like wolves, laughed like hyenas and screamed until half our stomach were filled with salt water. By the time we finished, we were not hungry anymore. Drink too much... then we bumped ourselves silly on the waves. All in all, our lungs expanded in a good way, we can sing sopranos at top pitch which might break the glasses and the windows. The sad part was nobody heard us doing all these... well, on the other side of the coin, it's good I think. We have to take care of our images in public... hahahahaha.....

Friday, March 19, 2010

Hitting Rock Bottom...

When someone hits rock bottom, the only thing that comes into their minds will be death. I have hit rock bottom. The things that kept me afloat were Pinky's arrival last week which had been arranged since 5 months back and my work. I seem to have endless paperwork and beach activities. Thus, I'm tugged from two opposite directions.

I've read so many books where at the last moment, people cried out to God," Lord, save me." I couldn't find my voice. I couldn't even look up and reach out to Him. The numbered posts written is my last effort to save myself from drowning. In my desperate attempt to find God, He didn't answer me. The line is dead at the other end. I'm quiet but there's no answer.

I'm not knocking at God's door anymore. I'm banging it so hard I wonder whether I bang at the wrong door.... or is it the wrong place... wrong time... everything wrong?

People says God's in your heart, but my heart is so empty. The spirit is dry.

Photos are very deceiving. I smile automatically in front of the camera. I've finally learn that placing happy comments in facebook with 'hahahaha' and 'hehehehe' do not resemble a happy emotion because I can do that while crying with so much sadness.

Dying seems to be an easy way out, but it's a selfish way. I envy those who sleep and never wake up again. That's easier. *sigh* I'm sleeping earlier and earlier... I still have to finish the cross-stitch that I've started since 10 years back and I really need to finish it as not to disappoint the person I'm stitching to.

Finish up the cross-stitch.
What to cook for their lunch?
Their exam coming.
And I have to go work now!
The weekends are packed.
My June holiday has been filled up FULL!
Is it so hard to leave this world?

24-Hour Protection,,,[114]

When you walk, they will guide you;
when you sleep, they will watch over you;
when you awake, they will speak to you.
[Proverbs 6:22]

Notice this 24-hour coverage.
  • When you are traveling around, God's Word shall lead you. That is GUIDANCE.
  • When you are sleeping God's Word shall keep you. That is PROTECTION.
  • And when you wake it shall talk with you. That is PERSONAL FELLOWSHIP.

What a wonderful provision, guidance, protection and fellowship. Truly three essential ingredients for our Christian life.

~ A thorough knowledge of the Bible, is better than a college education ~

Thursday, March 18, 2010


Ain't that kitty cute? I've molested that stripy kitty and it's laughing away... so happy... should have kiss that kitty on the nose but I might end up losing my nose in the process... muahahaha.... feel like keeping one at home and taking it out for a walk like taking a doggie out.. AUM~! Come home to momma, kitty~! The day that kitty mews will be the day the cow comes home...

Never Bored Working Here...

Woohoo~! Slam~! Slam~! Whoosshhh~! AAAAAAHHHHHH~! Yucks! Ptooi~! Salt in the mouth. Salt in the ears! Salt on the face! Salt in my ass! Ouch~! I stand while jet-skiing but sometimes after more than an hour, the legs refused to co-operate. Sitting down becomes a real pain in the ass...
I think I seriously play more than I work. I'm going again... almost everyday. I better refrain myself from jet-skiing for the rest of this March holidays... left three days only.
I've never regretted taking up this business. I thank God that I'm not sitting in an office but instead I'm out in the open sea. I don't need air-condition as I can take a dip in God's vast blue pool whenever I feel too hot...

Central Focus..[113]

Keep my commands and you will live;
guard my teachings as the apple of your eye.
Bind them on your fingers;
write them on the tablet of your heart.
[Proverbs 7:2-3]

My son, pay attention to what I say; listen closely to my words. Do not let them out of your sight, keep them within your heart; for they are life to those who find them and health to a man's whole body.

[Proverbs 4:20-22]

~ God's Word will keep you from sin, or sin will keep you from God's Word ~My son, keep my words and store up my commands within you. Keep my commands and you will live; guard my teachings as the apple of your eye. Bind them on your fingers; write them on the tablet of your heart.

[Proverbs 7:1-3]

The Bible is certainly very practical and very up to date! The Bible travels more roads, knocks at more doors and speaks in more tongues than any other book the world has ever known. It OUTLIVES, OUTLOVES, OUTREACHES, OUTRUNS, OUTRANKS all other books. Yes, the Bible stands unmoveable and unchanged!
Today I will hide God's Word deep in my heart and make it my central focus.


My favourite colour will be...Pink panties, pink bras, pink blouses, pink dresses, pink skirts, pink shirts, pink sandals, pink pencil case, pink bags, pink watch, Pink panther on the bed, pink bed sheet, pink comforter, a pink pig, a house with pink-painted walls. I want a pink lappie and a pink car~!

I have lots and lots of...
Half of my wardrobe is filled with red. Red pants, red trousers, red shirts aplenty, red skirts, red blouses, red stationeries. Whenever I go shopping, those clothes with pink and red colours will make me walk towards them automatically.

I am attracted to...

Well... that's white! I'm attracted to white as well... anything white and lacy, which means they must be beautiful dresses.

Now, that colour below is an exception...

.... brown... I have different shades of brown in the wardrobe. It's hard to find the brown that I'm attracted to...

The colour that I'm disgusted with even looking at it...yes... any shades of green turn me off in an instant! Except for the lush greeneries in the suburb. I only have a green blouse that also because it costs only RM5 and it has blink blink sequins...

Now... I'm seeing... time to sleep...

You're In Deep Trouble...

...when you start googling for your own name. Other than blog-hopping, reading unknown people's blogs even when I could barely keep my owns open, I googled for my own name for the fun of it. To see whether I do really exist in the virtual world. I do exist. I'm on the 4th placement among 45 400 search results. Stupefyingly astonishing~! *if there's such phrase*

I am one self-proclaimed Internet addict. I still wonder how did I survive without having an Internet connection for 7 years yet, I lead a full and happy life? Being an Internet junkie doesn't make me any happier. Makes me feel like I don't really exist in this world though surrounded by millions of people.

Tuesday, March 16, 2010

I'm So Tired and Sleepy and Busy...

I woke up feeling sleepy.
I sleep also tired.
I eat also almost fall asleep on the plate.
After eating, it's suppose to supply you with the much needed energy, but instead I became very tired.
So many classes... then have to work at the beach... fun but leaving me totally exhausted.
The sun literally sucked the energy out of my brain... fried-brain...
No more holidays until June... that's like so long away... and I'm already booked for June...
I feel like hibernating for one whole week....

˙˙˙ƃuıdʎʇ pǝʇɹǝʌuı

¿ƃuıdʎʇ ɟo ʎɐʍ ʍǝu
˙˙ʇou ssǝnƃ ı
¿sɹǝpɐǝɹ ʎuɐɯ sɐ ǝʌɐɥ llıʇs ı llıʍ 'ʇsod ʎɹǝʌǝ ɹoɟ sıɥʇ ǝʞıl ǝdʎʇ ı ɟı ɹǝpuoʍ ı
˙˙˙ʎɐʍ sıɥʇ ƃuıdʎʇ ɟo ƃuɐɥ ǝɥʇ ʇǝƃ ǝɯ ʇǝl
ʇı ɟo pǝɹoq ʍoɹƃ ı uǝɥʍ
˙˙˙ƃuıdʎʇ ɟo ʎɐʍ lɐɯɹou ǝɥʇ oʇ ʞɔɐq oƃ ll,ı
(: ˙˙˙˙˙ɐɐɥɥɐɥɐɥɐɥɐɥɐɥɐɥ

Monday, March 15, 2010

The Instructed Mind...[112]

A wise man's heart guides his mouth, and his lips promote instruction.
Pleasant words are a honeycomb, sweet to the soul and healing to the bones.
[Proverbs 16: 23-24]
To have the mind of Christ, we certainly need to have a divinely instructed mind. Before we speak to anybody we should always...
Not only should we have an instructed mind every day but we should add learning every day to our spirit and our mind.

In other words we need to present it forcibly and strongly into our spirit so that it becomes a part of us. If we set this daily instructed mind into gear, we can expect at least two definite results:

  1. A calm, relaxed and peaceful mind - sweet to the mind

  2. Healing to the body.

There are incredible healing powers that God has already put into our bodies if we can cooperate with these God-given principles we could start to live in a new dimension.

First Outing... Queensbay Mall

Queensbay Mall... the longest in Penang but she found NO clothes of her liking. Well, actually I don't shop that much in Queensbay as I hardly find anything that I like there. Her favourite, Japanese food...
After spending at least two weeks with her in Melbourne and now a week here in Penang, I've tasted so much of raw food. For a person who doesn't eat beef, now I'm eating raw beef but sadly, I can't find it here locally unless I get myself Kobe beef which costs RM180 for 100g. That dish above is raw butterfish...
and we had raw tuna with seaweed or something... can't really remember...She has a strong liking for brinjal which I hate... I hate vegetables! She gets to enjoy the whole plate.Cold noodles... I love the chicken pieces... so nice... Pinky doesn't like to eat chicken meat. Dining with her, we can clean the whole plate empty. She eats up all the vege, I finish up whatever chicken pieces that she doesn't eat. Those clams were not that nice but... this one... wow! *salivating all over the keyboard now*
Heavenly~! RM25 for one... well... for something which I like so much, I'm not bothered with the price. In conclusion, I don't think I will go to Azuma anymore. Now, I prefer Sakae Sushi.
Promoting Dorayaki... Doraemon's favourite. She has never tasted kaya before and I have no idea how to explain what is kaya. Chocolate and red bean... hhmmm.... not bad. My favourite.. CHOCOLATE! But the one below is red bean... Keropok lekor... aiyo... so hard, how to eat... I also cannot bite...
Movie... We were kinda blur when the movie started as it was a 'quiet' movie. The ending ain't that bad. It was all because of a Bible... the King James Version... :)

Movies in Penang are not expensive. RM7 on weekdays. RM6 on Wednesdays. RM10 during weekends and public holidays still consider cheap. Movies in Australia cost AUD10.50 on Tuesdays. Other days will be around AUD14 - 20 depending on the popularity of the movies. Movies in China cost RMB80 = RM40 per person. That's freakingly expensive.