Monday, January 31, 2011

Hiking... A Real Torture...

The jog was suppose to be done in the morning. But as usual, I can't wake up and it's already a holiday for me for this whole week, so why bother to wake up early? My bunny took me for a movie date today so that I can use up my birthday voucher by GSC. We watched Faster. It's not such a nice movie because the movie actually taught you that to seek revenge is okay when it isn't at all. I just watched it for the action part, nothing to learn from this movie. Don't take every movie seriously okay... that's not how one should watch and analyse a movie. The jog was rescheduled to the evening. You gotta be kiddin' rite? Look at the statement of the shirt. The second line is correct. She is indeed a doctor. But the first line... errr... Okay la... you can be trusted but we often laugh too much so I'm not really sure. I just know that I burst out laughing reading the printed lines on your shirt front and back. We did something different. We took the steps up for a little hike. Little my foot... it was horrible. If it's just jungle trail, I'll gladly do it but these are steps. I hate steps. If just a few flight of steps should be okay but what are those? Never ending steps? And everybody told white lies... about to reach... half way thru... about to reach... one more flight of steps... very near... hohoho... I'm not so gonna believe that next time. I'm 100% sure I just strike out hiking as one of the activities to carry out. Hiking up to Mount Kinabalu is a big no no. The joy of reaching the top is something different. Temporary sensation of having achieve something extraordinary. Sheer happiness for a few minutes and then the torture of having to get to the bottom before the sky is dark. It is weird how a person will go through a torturing process to achieve something and feel on top of the world after all the hardwork. I'm describing how a person who hates hiking feel like. See... I am happy when I'm on top. I can even do my iJump style but I'm pretty sure that's my first and my last time hiking up there. It's just too ridiculous when I can't even climb up the flight of steps in my apartment block. By the time I reach the second floor, I'm already panting like a dog and I'll get out of the exit door and start punching on the elevator button.
I'll crawl myself to the gym tomorrow. I can do it~! Nothing is impossible~!

Third Purr From Meowland...

On third day, we, the nomadic tourists shifted shelter again. We shifted to the Riverside Majestic Hotel. It wasn't such a nice hotel but I'm okay with it as long as there's a bed to sleep in and shower to take. Juju and I did something spontaneous. Within 9 minutes, we got ourself a tour guide and set off to Annah Rais Longhouse. It's a Bidayuh settlement and it's a live on. The occupants are around. We got a fantastic tour guide. He's the coolest tour guide that I've ever met. I bet he enjoyed himself to the most being our tour guide. We got up laughing his heart out with our 'private' jokes. After being our tour guide, he became our photographer and I found out that he's a professional photographer. He became the jungle doctor as well. He's everything. Because of how good he is, I treated him to a sumptous lunch. Eerrr... not that sumptous.. we were all very hungry that I could swallow the tables and chairs. Whenever I was busy playing, I completely forget about meal time. Then, using our power of persuasion, we persuaded him to take us to Annah Rais Hot Spring without extra charging us. God is so good, we did get a kind and generous guide as well. He paid for our entrance to the hot spring. Isn't that great? You can hardly find this time of tour guide. All of us had such a great time together that we were totally exhausted from jumping, walking about, posing for my camera and laughing all the way through. As the tour guide said, it was his BEST day ever. I'm glad we can spread our happiness to others. Laughter is contagious~! Dinner was at Jackson and Billy's cosy home. I really love the kitchen so I don't mind helping him out in the kitchen. It feels so at home. Perfecto~! The curry fish tasted so great. That was the most fantastic dinner as part of his housewarming party. Because of my love for his kitchen, I washed all the plates after dinner. In a weird way, I like the sink. Even like the shower head tap. Like every inch of his kitchen. I don't mind cooking there everyday. By the time we went back to our hotel, both of us went straight into dreamland. Such a terrific day~! I can never forget it...

Nothing Is Impossible by PlanetShakers

Ho~! Ho~! Ho~! I know most of you who come to my blog actually switch off my music. It's not noisy... it's good music. Humour me for once, switch it on.. it plays automatically, close your other windows with other music, then sing-a-long. Make sure your volume is switched on full blast. Just this once... please.... you'll like it...
Through You I can do anything
I can do all things
'Cause it's You who gives me strength
Nothing is impossible
Through You blind eyes are open
Strongholds are brokenI am living by faith
Nothing is impossible
I'm not gonna live by what I see
I'm not gonna live by what I feel
Deep down I know that
You're here with me
And I know that
You can do anything
I believe, I believeI believe, I believe in you

Orang Utan Watch...

As I've mentioned earlier, on the second day of Kuching I only went to one place. And that place was Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. It's an open jungle without any netting or cages to separate men from animals. That's how I like it. Just love nature walk. Well... the main attraction in this place is getting a good look at the orang utans from near during their feeding time. We've missed the morning feeding time so there's only one last left that's the 3 p.m. to 4 p.m. feeding time. We reached there around 3:30 p.m. and I thought that I might not be able to see any orang utans. God is so good... the orang utans were all out playing around the feeding platform. While walking towards the entrance, I saw one snugged comfortably on a branch having a good time peeling off the banana skin. I missed another one while walking towards the feeding platform but Juju saw it. Thus, in total we saw 4 orang utans. There were 2 hanging around doing stunts to entertain those left at the watching platform. There weren't many people left. I think most of them reached at exactly 3 p.m. and saw what they wanted. I waited for awhile with my camera clicking away. It was worth the wait as I caught one of the orang utans grabbing a comb of bananas. It was awesome. I love nature and wildlife. Love animals to bits. I'm gonna share with all you some great snapshots. I'm not a professional photographer, but love taking photos.
I get more than what I bargained for. Not only the orang utans were out looking for food. That's my first time looking at such cute squirrel. There were a few more brown squirrels dashing about from tree to tree and landed on the feeding platform to have an appetizing meal of the day. We were the last to leave the place. By the way, you'll have to pay an entrance fee for RM3 if I'm not mistaken. Totally worth it better than going to the zoo.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Our Saturday Nite Fever...

Yesterday was the only Saturday I've missed attending church. The kids went to EPCC for Wild Fire Party so we the 'older' teenagers went out for our own outing. We have tickets to watch The Green Hornet 3-D. It was a good movie. At least my eyes weren't giving so much problem, just a little bit sore but not watery. We're not gonna head home immediately after movie. We went to Dome instead. I've passed by Dome numerous times but the place never really attracted me. I'm not just that into sitting down and sipping coffee. Mind you, I don't even drink coffee. So, anyway.. it was my first time there and I was diligently reading the menu page by page, word by word and *shreakkk* I wonder any of you heard the tear that I made on the pasta page. Sounded more like the chair creaking on the board floor.I'm innocent. The menu was so narrow compared to the books that I usually hold. You can't blame me for tearing a little bit of it. The page got stuck between my fingers. Haven't you heard of all these excuses? After all, I wasn't the only slow coach to decide on what to eat. Judz and Gracie were staring at the menu for so long and flipping here and there. They couldn't even decide what to eat. And the next thing I realized, they were posing for my camera. No wonder the waiters were impatient with us. After more than 15 minutes of flippin' there's still no decision of what to eat. It is hard to decide where there were too many choices yet too few. The pasta has finished so no pasta. The oven in the kitchen broke down so nothing that has to be burnt. We're left with only sandwiches, cakes and drinks. What to do... just get the overpriced sandwiches then. The few leaves of vege cost less than RM1 yet we're eating sandwiches which cost around RM23. This is how you describe living in the high-end lifestyle where everything is cut-throat expensive. Complaining yet enjoying it at the same time. That's how ironic most people are nowadays... or maybe I'm the only one like that. While waiting for the sandwiches to make their way to our table, we always find ways to entertain ourselves instead of looking at each other with beady eyes. We've had a great time yakking and yakking and laughing and laughing. I'm not the only nutcase over here. All Judiths and people close to us are nutcase wreck. And I love them to bits. My Goldrush. Thank goodness for the honeycomb or else I would have spit out everything within a second of drinking from the straw. The taste of coffee. I like the smell, not the taste. This one is sweet enough with chocolate wafers as well. Judz's Twister. It's horribly bitter. How can you drink such bitter stuff? I prefer sucking on a paracetamol than drinking that. Aiya... don't wanna spoil your favourite drink but I still can't imagine how could you drink such bitter and not-even-a-bit sweet stuff. I think that's why people like coffee? Gracie's hot chocolate. Not bad but I just never like my drinks hot. Love them icy cold. Nice marshmallows for our obscene image in the Facebook album. Okay la... not bad. Can drink. Surviving. Enjoying my first time in Dome. And where are our sandwiches? What took so long to squash a few leaves of greens and chicken bits and pieces in between two round breads? My cajun chicken sandwich. I don't mean to be rude but I smell something funny. The cajun chicken smelled like smelly armpit. Like someone's armpit has not be washed after working out for 2 hours straight. Fine with me if you can't smell it but I still think that's the best way to describe the smell of cajun. Smelly armpit. My kids were all at Judz's place. Next stop was her cosy crib. Ah... kissing my lover of the day, Savvy the Prince Charming...

Heartwrenching Movies...

I ended my first day in Kuching beautifully by curling on the daybed watching a movie. 'Aftershock' is a movie about China's biggest earthquake that swallowed the entire village of... err... cannot remember the name of the place. The story depicts of a mother's heartbreak for having to choose between which twin to save as both were pinned on both ends of a pillar. She chose the son, leaving the daughter to die but her daughter miraculously lived. She received a good life after being adopted. Watch the rest yourself. It's a heartfelt story of a mother's sacrifice and 32 years of emotional and mental torture having to live through with her decision. The movie shows how forgiveness can transform a person's life and the different turn of events that follow after.This is another heartwrenching movie about how a designer baby was made to save the dying sibling. I've read the book. As I've always prefer books to movies, I was very disappointed with the ending of the movie. It was totally different from what I've read. Worth watching though if you haven't read the book. So, this is how I begin my second day in Kuching, glued to the television catching a movie that I've missed in the cinema. I'm such an interesting person...

Saturday, January 29, 2011

Spiritual Shock...

On the fourth day in Kuching, a Saturday nite, we attended church. Two at that. All I'm going to write is not to show disrespect to any party. This is solely my experience, solely my and mine alone. I apologize if I sounded rather harsh. I already knew that nite's plan was to attend a Catholic church. An evening mass. I have no vocabulary or whatsoever regarding catholicism. I've never entered a Catholic church before and I have no idea how a mass will be conducted. I didn't even know that the middle portion of the church has the altar in it. Worship is nothing like I've ever experienced before. Sermon is not what I've expected. I don't even know what I was expecting and I was in such a terrible shock I couldn't muster another word except to say that I was really really grateful that after half an hour, we're going to another church. Again, like I say this is my experience and I'm writing this down because this is my blog. God's presence is very strong in this church. I didn't know how God planned it, but He's such an awesome God, I couldn't fathom the ways He used. God even prepared the speaker to speak directly to me. God actually chased me all the way to Kuching and prepared the speaker to preach about wealth. You know my church has been preaching almost the same thing again and again not because the preachers are one boring lot of people, but it's because there's someone in the church who is not listening. And that person who is not listening is me. The preacher in Kuching even underlined that what he's preaching has nothing to do with prosperity gospel. He is right, it has nothing to do with prosperity gospel but he's talking to me because God wants him to.
Draw me close to You
Never let me go
I lay it all down again
To hear You say that I'm Your friend
You are my desire
No one else will do'
Cause nothing else could take Your place
To feel the warmth of Your embrace
Help me find the way
Bring me back to You
You're all I want
You're all I've ever needed
You're all I want
Help me know You are near

That's the song which I eventually broke down like a burst water dam. All the way to Kuching... God spoke to me. You know that temporary tattoo that I had. I was glad I had it when I was in the Catholic church so God wouldn't recognize me there. I was having a silly notion that He might not recognize me in Emmanuel Baptist Church as well and I wished I would have scrubbed harder when I was bathing to remove it so God can recognize me. He did recognize me. He knew I was there and He knew I was going to be there even before I decided to go. He has planned ahead and you meeting sister Jane and family wasn't a coincidence. Nothing is coincidence. There's no such word in my dictionary. The moment we stepped into the church, the usher gave me the church bulletin but didn't give it to you. I didn't think much of it until I read it. I dared not tell you that I was given a tight slap by God there and then. See that last phrase... And be thankful... I'm not thankful... I've always wanted more and more and more. Nothing seems to be enough for me.
There's one more condition that many people don't know about me. I can only sit still for an hour at max. That's why I'm always moving about and going places. That nite when you flipped the church bulletin to the back portion and I saw the 10.00p.m. printed black and bold, I wanted to scream my head off. By 9:15p.m. I was fidgeting and I was trying to sit as still as possible. Again, God knows. The sermon ended at exactly 9:30p.m. that's how long I could stand. Deep down I know God knows what's in my heart and my mind. I can't deny His existence. I do acknowledge His existence but I'm too hard-headed to do anything about it.

An Honest Confession...

My blog is my only space for me to vent out my frustration. There's nothing to worry about. I love you, Juju. You're my bestest friend if there's such a word to describe a friend.You remember our confession on the second nite in Kuching. About how we so often backslide. Instead of charging forward to read God's Words somehow or other we make ourselves busy with other things. I'm online practically whenever I'm free. I know what Josephine was talking about and you know that, too. We will do any nonsense to replace the quiet time for reading His Words.

I backslided very badly. As in very very bad. I no longer write any numbered posts or anything that has to do with the Bible. I couldn't even bring myself to hold the Bible and flip it open. I just refuse to touch it. I'm so disconnected with God. I'm angry with God regarding some issues. How do you want me to tell you this? I'm so stubborn not as a mule but worse than a mule. The Bible class that I'm conducting, I left all of them high and dry. I'm suppose to guide them but I falter so badly I don't even know how to pick myself up. I'm sorry if I make you worry. I'm so sorry to let you get stuck in between. It has nothing to do with you or anybody. Everything has to do with me. I'm my own problem. I wanted so much to be like last time, but I can't even find the grip to pull myself up. It's like wall climbing... I can't hang on to it. I slipped and fall further down. Do you understand what I'm saying? No, I don't feel like talking about it on the phone or in person. I can't do face-to-face talk... I'll crumble into tears within a minute.

Love you, Ju...

Let Me Go...

Please release me and let me go... No, I'm not singing. I'm for real. Since the beginning of time, you know I can't stay forever. I want my freedom. I want to be free. Yes, I'm selfish but I'm happy this way. It's time to let go. Sooner or later, I'll leave and I will not glance back. I know I will hurt you a lot, but please let me go. I feel very tortured inside. It's suffocating... Let me go.. :'(
You'll never understand me. I don't understand myself. I can't settle down. I'm not ready and I'll never be ready. Just let me go... even if we're married, I'll file for a divorce...

Friday, January 28, 2011

Second Purr From MeowLand...

My second day in Kuching was quite nice. I woke up and watched another movie. I wanted to get out of the house yet another part wanted to laze around in the daybed. While watching movie, there was a background yelping of a puppy. We didn't know where the yelps came from. When Billy got back from his dental appointment, he couldn't stand the yelping anymore. He went searching for the puppy around the perimeter of the fenced area. Billy managed to rescue the poor puppy from all the barbed wires. Such a poor little pup... ...whoever threw that pup near the river ought to be shot dead. Its right eye was a little bit swollen and there were bruises all over its body. If I know who did that to a pup, I would wring that person's neck with my bare hands. I seriously can't remember where we went for lunch on the second day. I've been wrecking my brain but nothing came out of it. I can't even remember where we went for lunch but I remembered what we did after lunch. Yay~! I got to see orang utans from near. That's at Semenggoh Wildlife Centre. I got the opportunity to snap the photos of an orang utan that grabbed for a comb of bananas at the feeding platform. Juju said the first time they went, they didn't get any chance to see any orang utan. God is good... everything has been planned by Him and Him alone. The weather one the second day was fantastic. To cool ourselves, we went for ice-cream. That's Sunny Hill ice-cream. They changed the flavours every day so I didn't get to have my usual chocolate ice-cream. That's vanilla and corn ice-cream. It's really creamy. Still like it... delicious... ...then I got to swim at the large swimming pool. I'm so smart by now, whenever I travel, I'll pack my swimsuit and goggles with me. That nite itself, we shifted house to Josephine's mansion. We had a belly a laughter and then we did some serious pillow talk where we made a common confession. At that point of time, I only knew Josephine for less than 24 hours. It was indeed a wonderful day and I was also suffering from jet lag. Usually I suffer from jet lag on the second day so I was very sleepy throughout the journey sitting in the car.

My Joyous Birthday...

I love this kinda view. The sea, the sand, the hill from afar, the fisherman's boats all tied to the nearby trees and to feel the breezy wind. I just love it... love it to the max~! I chose my usual dining place for seafood for my birthday dinner. I have not been there for quite some time. Yesterday, all of us in three cars went through the horrible after-work jam to get to the place. I was the last to reach thus, I felt like a queen seeing everyone waiting for me. Eat later, photos first... I can't go anywhere without my camera. Moreover, I'm such a shy person that this is the first time there were 13 of us for dinner. Usually, I'll disappear or never appear in such a big group. My kids were there and then the number increases. Judith and whole family were there, too. Food... I wasn't sure whether my Korean lunch has fully been digested. Looking at the amount of food, I know all of us can finish them up in no time. I have one major problem in hand. After the Sarawak trip, I don't know how much I've put on but I just know that I can't wear most of my clothes. The two wardrobes of clothes can't be worn at all... they just wouldn't accommodate to my horizontal increment. And this is not the last time I'm gonna eat so much... next week is Chinese New Year and I'm gonna eat for another whole week. That's my birthday noodles. While staring at the noodles, I have some weird idea forming in my head. Crash diet. On diet. Vege diet? How can I live with vege alone? I'll die of starvation. Now... now... it's my birthday dinner and I shall enjoy myself to the fullest. Whatever happens to the waist, damage has been done. Oh, the swing. I have a thing for swing. Please do not stand on swings, it's dangerous to do so. I, on the other hand, like all these stuff. I break all rules that exist and I also break all traditions that have been set by the ancestors. And I'm happy with what I do and how I do it. Dinner ended but the celebration continues... it continues in Judz's house... first surprise party. Judz you're so cool~! How don't know how much I enjoy myself and I was on top of the world... actually I still am.. there's this aftereffect... and I'm still on holiday mood. That mask... that mask made me screamed my head off. Scaring me... that's a good one. That's one of the reasons why I do not watch horror movies in the cinema. I might scream the whole place down. I love the way you planned things. You've made my birthday a complete one. I have everything that I ever wanted. The orange cake... I've always imagined having an orange cake for my birthday instead of chocolate cakes. Bored of chocolate cakes already. Thank you Auntie Suzy for such delicious orange cheese jelly cake. Love it the most. In conclusion, I have everything I ever wanted on my birthday. I have hundreds of wishes from friends from around the world. I received what I wanted from my special friend. Love the pressies very much. I thank God for all the Judiths in my lives. I love my bunny. Mama is there as well. Love the company. I'm speechless yet I'm still typing. I'm too happy too describe anything using the correct vocabulary. There's actually no words to describe when you're too happy. The word happy and excited don't suit the occasion.

Thursday, January 27, 2011

My Birthday Lunch with Juju...

Birthday do what ya? Eat lar... what else... so I started off with lunch with my bestie. Another English word that's hard to use. Best reserves for one person only... Never mind about that first... eat eat eat eat eat eat... my first time dining in a Korean Restaurant... Daorae... nice nice... awesome place... Barbecue also I don't have to move my hands to do it... well served. Well done... and we had pork and lamb. Bibimbap... finally I know what that is..The side dishes come flowing whenever we finished them. I like the macaroni. I also like the steamed egg. Don't like kimchi. Still don't like vegetables. We have a good laugh but not as crazy when we're in enclosed area. This is too public to laugh our hearts out... it might scare other patrons away. Furthermore, we ought to keep our image as sane as possible.Photos and more photos. The rest of the crazy photos are already uploaded into my Facebook album. Lovely... we're two Judiths with lots of laughter. Thank you for making my birthday a memorable one. Later tonite will be with another Judith... how come all 3 of us never have the chance to take photos together ya?