Thursday, September 29, 2011

Walk, Eat, Walk, Buy...

One week zoomed off in a blink of an eye. It's Thursday again. Our morning outing. Same place. Not bored with the place yet. Found a place to snap photos. We did a quick walk because there are no photos to snap anymore except for maybe one or two. Then, we were hungry again. So we packed ourselves into Judz car and drove off in the speed of lightning. This time round I ordered the food the nite before. We're really big eaters, just the three of us with so much food. Obviously can't finish all, so tapao back all the leftovers. Then we went for a walk at the morning bazaar. There was a stall using a loudspeaker yelling the sale of only RM1 for one item. We were drawn into the crowd in no time at all. There were so many things there, obviously all made in China so I bought 6 note pads with Angry Bird on the front covers. I never have anything with Angry Bird. Most of the traders just propped up a few iron stand and sell their stuff by the roadside. Some just lay down a big sheet of plastic cover before they arranged their items on the road. Bargain for your price but if it's already so cheap, keep your mouth shut and pay the traders. Shoes. Crocs? I want that SpongeBob. Don't have my size. Only for kids. Why are shoes for adults so hideous? Mono colour. Boring. Bra. So cheap. One for RM5. I can get 25 of that compared to me ONE Triumph bra. Quality? I just know that it's wearable but I don't like. We went to buy some t-shirts. We got one each. Gracie got a Domo t-shirt while Judz bought a Happy Bird t-shirt. I've got one too. Red. My colour. RM10 only. Very cheap. From Thailand.

The Underlying Current Behind Our History Studies...

A decade ago, during my schooling years, I can memorized the whole history book from cover to cover. Learning about the Greeks, about the Revolutionary Era and anything related to world history, will be able to draw my attention. Ten years later, looking at the history book for the upper secondary students now, it makes my brain thumps loudly. Now, I'm wondering out loud, is that our Malaysian history or am I teaching about religion? Why is there a big chunk of Islamic studies? What the heck are the students doing learning about the history of Islam which started in Mecca, so far away from our country. Why are they burning their brain cells trying to memorize the names of the khalifa and their contributions even to the details of their characteristics. Repeatedly, the History book wrote that Prophet Muhammad SAW never forced anyone into the religion, instead the people were attracted to the religion because of how he carried himself, different from those in the Dark Ages who conformed to all sorts of disgusting activities. Inhuman.

Fancy writing about how Acheh and the Javanese encouraged jihad as to wedge the Holy War is an act of holiness. How holy is that act when a man straps himself with explosives and kills the many innocent lives? My eyes almost popped out when I read that jihad was encouraged to block Christianity brought in by Portuguese and Holland. There was also books written about the benefits of carrying out jihad. No one fought against Buddhism and Hinduism, but Christianity was fought against and it was written in such subtle way one will not put much thought into it.

If I were to stand up in front of a class filled with students and share about the gospel of Christ, I will not be surprised if three-quarter of the class walked out and then followed by angry remarks by parents who will accuse me for trying to 'convert' their children. How absurd can that be? I bet none of the students can understand why they're forced to read 5 lengthy chapters coming to about 175 pages of all the different government bodies in Arab which took place in dinosaur ages. We're just particles.

Now, if you focus on the start of Malacca. It was started by Parameswara and heck, he's not even a true Malaysian. He was from Indonesia. If he opened up Malacca and his successors fought to conquer more land in Malaya, simply put does this place belong to Indonesia? The only true people of this land are the aborigines and they're nowhere near leading this country. Now, I'm starting to scratch my head. I'm confuse.

At one point, we're deemed ungrateful if we leave the country and refuse to fight for our own country. On the other hand, so many people always feel that they don't belong in this country. They don't feel accepted. The Chinese and Indians can't even be a prime minister. 1Malaysia.

Has the ISA been abolished? I don't need to be whisked off in the middle of the nite to Timbuktu. Nah... I'm not into criticizing the country. I'm just wondering out loud. I'm Made in Malaysia not China, so I'm not going anywhere.

In conclusion, don't take everything to heart. Study to get your A's. That's all. It's just another subject. If you need to excel in your life then by all means memorise everything and on the day when you sit for the History Paper, the last fullstop on the last History essay, you can delete everything from your memory box and leave it in the rubbish dump. Clear your rubbish bin as well. The History books have been re-written. There's no mention of the warriors who fought during the Sultan's era. Where have Hang Tuah, Hang Jebat, Hang Lekir and Hang Lekiu disappeared to? I heard from rumours that they were Chinese, related to the Princess Hang Li Po who married one of the Malacca's sultan, and they were more like the kung fu fighters, thus, their names and contributions have been erased completely from the knowledge of the younger generation. They were not even mentioned in the Malay literature anymore. Not even in drama.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

The Yolk.. The Albumen... The Omelette...

I'm done with experimenting Nyonya Cuisine. Now I'm moving into Western and Italian Cuisine. But back to Chinese Cuisine temporarily. There's a recipe on fluffy harvest omelette. Simple isn't easy at all. That was my first time separating the yolk and albumen. It was quite simple but again, it wasn't easy. Of course I didn't put the yolks on my palm. That one just happened to drop onto my palm. I can't risk the yolk dropping into the albumen. The double layered omelette was rather special as I've never eaten one that was prepared in such way. Parmesan was mixed with the yolk while the middle yellow part was the melted cheddar. Obviously the white layer was the egg white.

First Time Winning...

If there's any competition, whichever that I joined, I've never won anything. If it's a lucky draw, the whole table or anyone standing beside me will get lucky with the draw, except for me. Don't know why. So, few months back, 1st Avenue had a competition where you're suppose to write the exact price and calculate the sum of the items shown on the piece of paper correctly. I got all the answers correct but since we only submitted 3 forms, we managed to win the consolation prize only. Better than nothing. The 1st prize went to a lady who submitted 59 forms. Every RM100 spent will give us 1 form. So I spent roughly around RM320 on my Betty Boop's bags. It's a good win as well. Spent RM300 and we got back RM300 in cash vouchers. That means spending again. I was hoping for RM300 of Parkson's vouchers so that I can go on a shopping spree but when the enveloped was opened, I was kinda disappointed. The vouchers came in 3 different sections. Food. Shopping. Electrical. We got RM100 for Dome so we went to have something to eat. Mama had her first cup of cappuccino and we had calamari rings and beef gourmet pie. Not to forget that the RM100 vouchers have been used up. Mama bought a new flat screen LED television. A Toshiba TV. So that voucher was meant to subsidise the expensive flat screen. I can't think of what to buy for RM100. Our money is so small that RM100 can't get you a lot of things nowadays. Can't even get my Triumph bra.

My Last Haul of Books...

Thank God I didn't go to Logo's Hope on the last day since yesterday's paper showed the extremely long queue to get into the ship. That's how last minute everyone was. Thus, it was a very wise move to go to the ship last Friday, two days before it sailed off to Klang. There were not many people and I had only 30 minutes to do my book shopping. I was doing brisk walking around the ship, grabbing at the books without even reading the blurbs from the back cover. The books are so cheap I don't have to choose any of them. I took hold of the blue basket, if there's a trolley like the one for doing grocery shopping, I would have taken that as well. Kinda regret for not buying more books. These are my second stash of books. I have storage problem now as all my 12 racks are filled to the brim. I need to sell off most of my books but the thing is all of the books in my other shelves have not been read yet. Goodbye, Logo's~! Please come back soon, don't let me wait for another 5-6 years.

Creating A Killer Blog...

I just saw the BlogWorld Expo ad. Create a killer content in your blog. Oh, wow~! I don't think I can ever come out with a killer content? What's a killer content? I don't even know what kinda topic interest myself, whatnot about topic that interest the others. Most of the time I don't even know what I want to write about. There are times, I'll be staring at the blinking cursor and then choose to sign out instead of ranting away nonsensically. Blogging is just something that I do to kill time, not that I have lots of free time. I just need to keep it alive or else I would have abandon it completely. It is very likely for a person like me to start something and then ditch it away halfway thru. So typical of me doing that.

Oh, I'm getting very sleepy now with drooping eyes. In conclusion, there's no way I'm gonna write something that will interest anyone.

The Steep Walk.. UP~!

Thursday. Our morning out. Exercising... yeah rite~! We've been abandoning our walk for so many weeks. We ended up going after food or lazing around on the sofa and then went hunting for food again. So I was quite surprise when Judz said she wanna resume the morning walk. I welcome that with open arms. I was so energetic that I offered to accompany Rosalind, my new found friend to walk up. That's literally jumping down from the comfortable car taking us up to the dam and in a blink of an eye, we were both standing on our two feet, breathing in the fresh air and starting the walk up. Judz drove off~! She really drove off... and the feeling of seeing the back of a car was a terrible experience. I feel like I've been left stranded in a deserted trail. Oh, boy~! There were so many uphill roads. It was only flat for a few steps. Thank God for my good walking experience, I was walking with my back facing the way up. Literally walking backwards to reduce the tiredness of battling the uphill walk. It was so much easier and relaxing to walk backwards. I think Rosalind was about to faint. There were a few cyclists huffing and puffing up the hill on their mountain bikes. They were really polite people, greeting us with cheerful 'GOOD MORNING'. I hollered back... I like this kinda friendly environment. It took us half an hour to reach the Air Itam Dam. We were so happy, relieved to be exact when we saw the sign because before that, we were tricked by the PBA building. I was cheering Rosalind to move forward before she collapsed into a heap and I wouldn't know what to do except to roll her all the way down. I learnt the white lies hikers always use for amateurs. The few lines that I've picked up and using them on others now.

  1. Come on~! You're going to reach. Just a few more steps.

  2. The peak is just around the corner. See those steps... they're the last one *LIAR~!! Usually there will be so many more flight of steps before you reach*

  3. 2 more minutes and you will reach... *DOUBLE LIE~! The exact duration is another 10 - 30 minutes*

  4. Believe me, you're gonna reach. Just so near... relax... *Never believe anyone who says that to you*

Hahaha~! Those lies of encouragement, they do work but you will feel so cheated that if you have no passion for hiking or walking long distance, you will be crying bloody murder in one breath to that person who talked you into doing it. We were so glad to see the dam that if given a choice, we would have jumped into the calm water. Rosalind thought she saw a duck but I thought it was a crocodile. But there was definitely something swimming in the water. We were fast walkers because we were so glad we were walking on flat land instead of going uphill. Rosalind banned me from using the word UP so I'm going to describe UP as curvy hill. We caught up with the three stooges. At the bend of the dam, mind you, they were laughing like hyenas and yowling away like some mad animals. That's definitely them and then we were monkeying around. I'm always with my camera so... I shall not explain further on what we did along the trail, teasing each other and motivating Mandy. Mandy's legs were wobbly but we, on the other hand, were purely motivated by FOOD~! Siu mai to be exact. The siu mai at the coffee shop at the foot of the hill was so delicious that we were actually putting it in front of us. We were so eager to finish the walk and fill up our growling stomach with all the piping hot good food. I wonder what's the point of us making such an effort to sweat it out and burn as much calories when after a walk, we'll be pounding on extra calories and fats into our body. Yay~! We're there... oh, Mandy... 1 more minute~! Now, I know why it's essential to use white lies to motivate another person. If I were to tell her it's still a long way to go, I think she would have given up, sat by the roadside and regret her decision on joining us. Oh, the food~! The 'tua pao' is very nice just that the skin was too thick. 'Chai kueh' is really mouth-watering, coming from a person who has no liking for vegetables. Siu mai... the siu mai is the best of all until I've to take the auntie's phone number to book ahead next time. I know I'm not gifted in house-cleaning or drawing, but I'm definitely sure my friends and I have hidden talent in making a quite place turning into one happy and lively place. We're one boisterous group of people, yakking away and laughing hard minus slapping the table while doing so. After an hour of feeding ourselves and burning more calories through laughter, we left the table in a mess. All in all, I can't wait for Thursday to come, provided the weather is good. If it's raining then I will hide under my comforter and snooze away to dreamland.

Monday, September 26, 2011

A Dusting Freak... NOT~!

I have a feather duster within my reach from my sitting position in front of this computer. I'll just grab the chicken feather duster and start dusting the keyboard, all over the computer table, dusting the bookshelves and everywhere possible. The dust piles up faster than I can sneeze. I know I'm suppose to wipe it away with a cloth but it is getting so ridiculous. I can't be holding a cloth in my hand and wiping every couple of hours. Trust me when I say the dust really pile up within seconds and what with the haze, nothing's gonna help reduce the dust. I think it is best if I stay in the jungle, hopefully it will be dust free except for my dead skin. Look at those sexy eyes~! Whenever I go for a walk at the shopping malls, I will be attracted to cute and colourful stuff. That's really adorable. Right until that moment, I knowledge about feather duster is rather narrow. I just know that there's a chicken feather duster. My... my... I can boldly divulge that Malaysians are rather outdated in all those common stuff that the developed nations have been developing. I was looking and holding on to an ostrich feather duster. It's so soft and so expensive. I won't want to use that to dust away all the dust in the house. I will just hang it in one corner like it's a collection of exotic bird's feather. I'm not sure about others but I know that we're seriously not keeping in tempo with technology and everything that's around. I think I need to travel more so that I don't like under the coconut tree for too long. But at least I don't leap out from my seat when the television starts blaring. I've heard of some people who was so surprised to see the light from the fluorescent lamp when the switched was clicked on.

By the way, I'm starting to let things slide away. I'm not such a dusting freak anymore. And after a couple of days of not dusting, there's a cobweb on the shelf. *sigh* And there's a pile of books on the floor, another pile at another corner and a heap of clothes as well. Seriously, to keep a house sparkling clean, you need hidden talent. You must be gifted in carrying out house chores without any hiccups. I just don't have that kinda talent.

Our Creativeness... Goodness Gracious..~!

This is not news at all. It's so yesteryears. I was just browsing thru' my photos to see what is there to write. I'm taking a rest from reading. I'm more diligent in reading story books than when I was reading my revision books a decade ago. So, what was it that I find to be so interesting? That was a large piece of sugee cake. Already sliced to accommodate the hungry eaters. We were actually very full from our meals already but we walloped the whole cake in less than 10 minutes. You know when you pass some food around then the person will tell you sheepishly, "It's OK la... I'm full already... don't need anymore food but I think one small piece will do..." That small piece turned out to be a big piece and before we knew it, the whole cake was gone, washed down into the stomach with the orange juice. Before we started butchering the cake, we made ourselves useful by decorating the cake. Just nice, there's a 'Happy Birthday' stick. Don't know what you call that. Then we started using the table deco to decorate the cake. Those two candles were meant to decorate the tables. We even used the toothpick holder with the Italian chef to make everything looked nicer. Those leaves were from our respectively meals... the inedible leftovers. Then, viola~! We have a lovely birthday cake with lit candles. This is my signature way in holding a knife so they are my followers :D By the way, those two are cousins and their birthdays are just two days apart squashing James' birthday in between. Yeah... I still remember James Loh, a doctor without a backbone who hides under his mother's petticoat and doesn't have any balls to stand up for himself but went whining to MY sister. What a gay... *yikes* Why do I go and spoil my beautiful post writing about a scum... :D

Saturday, September 24, 2011

Hooked to Reading...

I'm extremely sorry for there has not been much update. My blog here is as dry as the Sahara desert. I'm currently in such a reading frenzy that I'm trying to read at the speed of lighting but to my dismay, the fastest I can go is at 1 page per minute. So, I have to choose to put blogging aside first. Those books come with due date that last for only a week, latest two. Both my hands hurt kinda badly for holding the books for too long. Will come back to blog soon... very soon :D

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

It's Getting Better...

A couple of weeks ago, all of us here in this island were suffering from not getting fresh air. The haze was so bad that whenever I opened my front door, I felt slamming it shut again. Now I know where all my dust come from. I can arm myself with a feather duster and a piece of wet cloth, going in a wiping frenzy but every minute the dust will settle to the surface again. So, I'm not going to let the dust threaten me in such a way that I feel like a dust-slave. Thanks to our neighbouring country for contributing to such huge amount of dust that visibility ahead seem to be just impossible. The weather was so hot and humid that no matter how much water that I drank, I was thirsty immediately. God is good~! After the weather has become more and more intolerable, God sent us heavy rain. It was pouring cats and dogs for a few days to clear the haze away. Now, I'm able to see the hill view from my house. I'm not bothered about the city view from the back of the house. This is the view that I see every time I open the door. It's clear and sunny now, with cooling air floating into the house from the side windows. Thank God for corner house or else it will be as hot as the oven, sandwiched in between neighbours. Rubbish~! When we were at Logo's Hope last week, we saw so much rubbish floating on the sea. That sight was pure embarrassment. If I were to bring a tourist from a developed country, I would have cover my face in shame. I'm so ashamed of this ugly sight. Incorrigible people~! Always dump rubbish straight from the house into the sea. This part is not getting better.

Saturday, September 17, 2011

When Donkey Tells A Story...

... this story is inspired by Erratic Laconic... and now featuring as the voice of Donkey... It has been more than a decade that I, the Donkey, has mingled around and go through the grinds of a human life. It wasn't an easy life. Most often than not, humans are just acting out an unwritten script and treating life as a big piece of drama with the real situation as the background props. Some are just puppets being toy around by those who are more sinister. Some of them are emotional wreck, breaking down at their own imaginary impossible situations. Life is like a bed of roses... so not true. Luckily, I am just a Donkey, untouched by the human flaw. Thus, I've reached the fine line that I can proudly say that...

"Humans are emotional creatures often manipulated by ourselves and no one else." E.L. *themselves, not ourselves... sorry for my bad English*As I sat by myself chewing on the wild flowers at the public park, I had more time to try to decipher the human mind. There were times that I saw a group of young men kicking a ball around. I thought it was rather silly to have more than a handful of grown men chasing a round black and white ball around. It was like chasing my own tail. I tried to imagine wearing my favourite red shirt with Rooney 10 printed on the back. But I know no one will be able to see my back properly as I can't stand up straight on my to hind legs. So much for entertaining my own imagination to be a human being. I've heard people quarrel and there are some who are so fickle-minded, they're lukewarm towards everything. A minute ago they can sing praises into your face and the next moment they're trying to kick you round the ass and tell you how useless you are. Then I know that I've never been wrong when I mentioned that...

‎"Corruption of the mind is the root of all corruptions." E.L.

Someone commented with a more powerful and finely strung sentence... that corruption of the soul is the root of all corruptions. Jeff is also in my account and he has been acting very weird. Marriage proposal? Weird, no matter how many times I've said I'm already married but he's still sending me such messages. In no time, I've realised that now Jeff is singing praises to me, the Donkey.

No matter what, I'm not afraid. I'm just like King Jehoshaphat. I can be both Godly and ungodly at the same time. The verse in Revelation 3:16 has no power over my soul. As that, I can both deny God but at the same time quote from the Bible like just any English proverbs. I'm a Donkey and at the same time, I always think as a highly educated professor with Masters degree and PhD armed around my belly. That is how I view the Bible. It's just a book of proverbs while I view more heavily towards psychological articles that explain the human behaviour, denying God's presence in the process of doing so.

I managed to deceive over a thousand people in my Facebook account as I quoted the Bible wrongly. This is how corrupted human mind is that everything that I said, they will click on the button LIKE because I'm a famous. This is how deluded people around me are...

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love. John 4:18

If you have paid more attention to God's Word, if you have had the courage to correct me, you would have realize that I have made a grave mistake misquoting the Bible. But I know all of you will kiss the ground that I walk on and kiss my ass when I flip my tail, swatting away flies... yes, I treat all of you as flies, redundant in my life. To you people who are so ignorant... this is the verse from John 4:18...

The fact is, you have had five husbands, and the man you now have is not your husband. What you have just said is quite true.

[John 4:18]

That is Jesus talking with a Samaritan woman, a prostitute thirsting for the living water. There... if you have just know God's Word more, you would have seen through me. I'm just trying to veer all of your from the truth and whenever I quoted or misquoted from the Bible, everyone thought that I'm Godly.

By the way, truth be told,

There is no fear in love; but perfect love casts out fear: because fear has torment. He that fears is not made perfect in love. [1 John 4:18Ooppsss... I missed out the '1' before John but it doesn't matter, ain't it right? It's just a '1', no big deal. Don't make a mountain out of a mole hill. *braying gleefully as human stupidity*

... written by the Donkey, a mirror image of E.L. ...

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

I'm A Slow Reader...

I did some calculation. I realized that my reading rate must be as slow as the tortoise. I only manage to read 27 pages in 30 minutes. I can't go any faster than that which I don't know why. Thus, I need more time to finish a book and I just returned a few books yet another pile of books is already waiting for me to finish up by Sunday.Will find time to keep this blog updated...

Thursday, September 08, 2011

Nyonya Cuisine: Snacks + Starters...

In these little eats, we see the Nyonya at her inventive best from tasty little morsels to whet the appetite to more filling meat dumplings, the snacks and appetisers are an imaginative pallet of colours, shapes and flavours. The Paiti or Top Hats as they are popularly called, have been featured on the starters menu in many a swanky "modern food" restaurants and is a dish open to many interpretations. No, I didn't do that myself. I don't have the mould for the top hats but I do really enjoy sinking my teeth into one. Introducing the main ingredient for Nyonya snacks... yam bean. Isn't that called a turnip? Well, I have very limited vocabulary for vegetables and fruits. Too limited that most of the time I refer them as plants, a forest of leaves for the herbivores. Do you know that the first time I was holding that yam bean, mind you, I was holding a potato peeler and peeling away in such a way that when my hubby saw me doing that, he was rolling on the floor, laughing away. Then, he showed me the right way to remove the yam bean's skin. It's by just tearing the brown skin using your fingers. It was so easy but you can't blame me. Out of so many books that I've read, there's no one that describes how to remove the skin of a yam bean. How was I suppose to know? I never learn that in school either. So much for learning all the living skills and scoring a string of A's. As shown above, were all the ingredients needed to make spring rolls. I took at least an hour just to chop the chicken meat, prawns, shiitake mushrooms and to grate the carrots and yam bean. Grating a yam bean was like running a cross country run. In less than 2 minutes, you will be breathing heavily, sweat pouring out of you like there's leakage in your water system. You'll be drenched in your own sweat after grating one whole yam bean and those who said the food was not tasty, I would feel like grating that person's skin from the head to the toe. After all the hard work, it must be very delicious. Then came the mixing part where you have to put everything in a wok. It's so heavy that I could hardly lift up the spatula. It was like strapping your arms with dead weights trying to stir it around so that the ingredients will mix perfectly. I have had a fun time wrapping the spring rolls in the spring roll wrappers. Then, when I put into the hot oil to deep fry them, I was imagining how crunchy it would be. To my horror, the first one came completely loose and the fillings were floating in the oil. I realized that the skin was too soft and my hubby bought me the wrong spring roll wrapper~! This was not meant to be deep fried but to be eaten raw. I ended up with fresh vegetable rolls with spring rolls' fillings. Wrong skin, wrong ingredients, but tasty all the same. Next will be Loh Bak. That's rolling all the meat and yam bean plus a few more ingredients into beancurd sheets. By now, I'm a professional roller. I just need a few minutes to roll. This beancurd sheet was bought in Tesco, pre-packed. I wished I have bought the beancurd sheets from the market. That beancurd sheets wasn't crunchy at all. All in all, the taste came out perfectly. Well-seasoned meat with five spice powder will never go wrong. Have you imagine how laborious is it to prepare all the good food? I think the Nyonya probably live their lives in the kitchen or the sewing room.