Saturday, August 23, 2014

Prayer & Faith...

Prayer never obtains anything from God unless faith is present
And again, faith never receives anything from God unless prayer makes a petition.
Prayer and faith work harmoniously together -
both are necessary in their distinct functions,
but are quite different in their nature.
 Prayer is the voice of the soul,
while faith is the hand.
It is only through prayer that the soul can establish communion with its Creator;
and it is only through faith that spiritual victories are won.
Prayer knocks at the door of grace,
while faith opens it.
Prayer contacts  God,
while faith obtains an audience.
Prayer makes a petition, while faith presses through the multitudes to
touch the Hem of His Garment,
and receives from His giving Hand.
Prayer quotes the promise,
while faith boldly proclaims the fulfillment of that promise.

Thursday, August 14, 2014

The Parable of the Toilet Bowl and Bathroom Scrubber...

I do not know what has gotten into me today. I was quite free as I have severed the Internet connection of my home office. I got so much done without the Internet connection. I managed to do a lot of reading and I managed to take a nap for 3 long hours. Okay, that's not a nap. It was lack of sleep and I was replacing my sleep bank. Then, I have so much extra time in hand before my work starts. I did all my paperwork and since I have nothing much to do today, I decided to read a chapter of book written by Kathryn Kuhlman. I stopped after reading three chapters because the eyes were spilling water and it was difficult to read in a flooded condition.
I was at my house in town and hubby has not been going there for some time. Nobody does the cleaning for me. Yeah, I know I sound like a spoil brat. And my hubby does the laundry as well, I don't even know how to wash any piece of clothing. So, I have an hour plus of free time before picking up my precious from school. I was thinking of cleaning the bathroom as it's the smallest part of the house and it looks like it needed a real good scrub. I was really energetic to do it coz well, I can do anything as long as I am willing to do it. Hubby says I'm multi-talented.... hahahhaha.... I didn't tell him I was gonna scrub the bathroom. Thank God he didn't call while I was halfway doing it or I would have run away from the house. I need all my strength to keep my focus on the scrubbing work.

I remembered seeing hubby cleaned the toilet bowl before. I was a little bit smarter in cleaning this time round. The last time I cleaned the whole house, I started from the floor then I moved on to the window and the ceiling and then the floor... *gasp* So, now I start from the top and moved to the bottom. I chose the toilet bowl first. I had to read the label in search of the toilet cleaning liquid. Found it among the bottles of whatever... I don't know how much to squeeze, no recipe so I simply squeeze and found the toilet brush hanging by the side. Good... the handle wasn't dirty. Then, I became really creative in my cleaning like I've done it my whole life.

I started very well-prepared. I have a few rubbish bin bags because I was ready to throw away almost anything that was too grimy. Sorry, no photos... I was all alone at home. You would puke looking at my bathroom. I was happy to look at the scrubbed toilet bowl where the stain turned white. Such great achievement I felt. I was so creative that, I found a few old toothbrushes. No worries, I threw them away after they have served me.
Yeah, I did just that. I didn't learn it from the Internet. As you know me, I can be very creative. I started scrubbing the layers of dirt. You read that right, layers... it just peeled off like your scabs. It was fun at first to see that the toilet bowl is actually white in colour instead of brownish yellow. And I went on to brush the side of the toilet bowl and together with the piping that was covered with dust. It's all white now but halfway doing it I wanted to puke. It wasn't fun at all. I was thinking of maybe I should pray in tongues while doing it as I'm also a good multi-tasker. I couldn't even open my mouth. I just wanted to puke and I was afraid that the water from the toilet bowl or any of the surface would spurt into my mouth. 

Then, I looked at the tiled walls. It was suppose to be white as well. I found a big brush, three times the size of the one shown in the picture. Mind you, I do not have rubber gloves. I did it with my bare hands but with another hand holding the hose. As long as there's clean water flowing on my hand, I don't feel that yucky. I don't have any liquid detergent for the wall so I used my hair shampoo. Now, my hair smell like my bathroom wall... errr.... no, no... the bathroom wall smell like my hair. I gave every piece of tile really good surface scrub and then I was holding on to the toothbrush as some areas in between the piping was beyond the reach of the big brush. Viola~! All the black grime in between the tiles came off and I was really feeling the great achievement. Such pride I have with my ability to make the bathroom clean.
Then, I gave the marbled floor a good scrub as well using the floor brush. I have lots of equipment at home thanks to my hubby. It was a good wash, it's like rubbing the dirt off the skin of potatoes. Well, potato is the only dustiest thing that my bare hands came in contact with. Can't think of any metaphors to describe what I was doing. Then, I need to wash away all the fallen grime, if only they were gold, I would be an instant billionaire. 
The water pressure at the second top most floor of the apartment was very low. I was imagining a big gush of water from the hose would send all the grime and hair down the only hole in the bathroom. Well, all the grime got stuck between the filter holes. I wanted to cry by then, because I wouldn't even pick up a strand of fallen hair on the floor and now I have so much grime to pick with my bare hands. I would have to immerse my hand in a big bottle of Dettol after that. Thank God for a little bit of cow sense left.
My nemesis - the plastic bag. Hubby loves plastic bags because he said it serves us good. I dislike plastic bags, but the plastic bag that I hated came to my rescue. I grab a small one and used it as glove and I started picking up the grime and hair and whatever shit that I couldn't recognize from blocking the drainage system. The water couldn't send all the dirt to the hole and again I was using the brush and I became really frustrated. Some stain wouldn't go away. But it was 90% clean according to me. There, I've done something useful this year.


In less than 3 minutes into scrubbing the toilet bowl with the toothbrush, I was on the verge of giving up. Then, suddenly I was thinking of how did Jesus wash people's feet... with bare hands. I wanted to cry at that point of time. And then I remembered my friends asking me to hire hourly maid so other's could do the cleaning for me. I was thinking I will NEVER let anyone clean my toilet bowl because I would feel so humiliated. I wouldn't want to pay a person who came all the way from another country to earn an honest living and then let her kneel down on my bathroom floor to scrub my toilet bowl. I will not know how much to pay her. I know I wouldn't want people to pay me to clean the toilet bowl. 

Scrubbing the wall was easy but all the grime gathered on the floor and with the low pressure water, it looked like it was stagnant. Some of the stain on the sink wouldn't even go away and it was really frustrating having to scrub the same spot a few times. After you clean it with water, it sparked for a second. Believe me. It sparked for a second only then it miraculously changed colour. It was stained again! I scrubbed again!

Something came into my mind at that point of time. I don't know how my head work wonders at such crucial time of cleaning. A vision of the condition of the human heart, spiritually.... just appeared.
God showed me that most of our hearts were not kept pure and clean. The heart couldn't sparkle with love because there were too many layers of dirt covering the real one underneath. We were so engrossed with the earthly things that even our own actions and emotions were not aligned with what God wanted. We lost the very heartbeat that we ought to follow. Instead, we follow the tempo of the world and dance with the devils. Then, when the heart has been covered with so much sin, the layers hardened and started to crack. There is always still hope. The layers cracked and when God hears the real heart crying for help due to suffocation, He reached out to us in ways that we couldn't fathom. Then, His love started clearing away all the layers of dirt. It was an uphill battle. Whoever says it's going to be easy? Then, why the stain wouldn't go away? It went off and came back again. It's us. It's like an addict who went for rehab and then walk back into the devil's trap and fall again and again and again. How to keep it clean again? I do have the answer. God showed me everything while I was scrubbing and cleaning. Keep your focus unto Jesus. Never lose focus. The big gush of water would be the wake up call but there are times there's no big gush of water to jolt us from our deep slumber. A stream of flowing water would wake us up in due time. The small flowing stream proved that He's faithful to us. Just let Him do the cleaning of the heart. We couldn't be perfectly clean as all of us fall short of His glory. And He accepted us for our peculiarities. It's okay to go to Him dirty, He would do the cleaning if we allow Him to.

I know I need to give the toilet bowl and bathroom a few more rounds of good scrub before it sparks again. Same as our heart condition. Psalm 51:10 says it all.... 

PS. Whoever says that you will only meet God while kneeling down at the church's rough-carpeted floor during altar calls? Fancy meeting Him while on your knees scrubbing the toilet bowl and washing the grime off the bathroom wall and floor and getting yourself soaking wet as the hose sprayed in all the wrong directions. 

Be blessed... 

Wednesday, August 06, 2014

... And the Lion in Me Roars~!!

And the lion in me is awakened~! Awakened by Ps. Julius Suubi... I've not met any other more anointed and on fire for the Lord's preacher. Anyone who has a slumbering spirit and needs a serious wake up call, go after where Ps. Julius preaches. You will just need this ONE wake up call to stay awake for the rest of your life.
This is a man, burning with passion for the Lord. The burden for Malaysia has been etched in his heart and he came to Malaysia. Coming all over here from Uganda to wake the slumbering churches. I wonder how many woke up? I hope the churches are not awake just when they heard him preach and then went back to sleep after he went away. What did God etch in his heart that's so important that he has to make his way numerous times to Malaysia, our beloved country? He came with the heavy burden to warn us Malaysians of the removal of God's protection upon this nation if we refused to do anything as the salt and light of this country. God spoke to him in year 2010 and we're given 5 years to wake up from our deep sleep. 

Three things God has kept us protected all these years. We've been protected from calamities and disasters. If I've heard him preached a few years back, maybe I'll be the one still slumbering. But it's different now. I think it's very obvious that God is shaking this nation in a way that cannot be fathomed. If it's just another road accident which does not involve any of your friends or family members, you feel nothing. The great wake up call came when MH370 disappeared into thin air. Halt~!! Hold your horses~! Do not read in between the lines~!!! I did not say that my God made that plane disappear.... seriously, do not read in between lines. Simply put, there's no more protection so anything is allowed to happen. You know the story about Job where God allowed Job to be tested by Satan? He suffered through and through because there's no protection from God. 
Now, if a plane can go missing just like that, but how did the people respond to this? If you ever have the chance to look through my Facebook, you will know that I have at least a thousand keyboard warriors and some who would even post up insensitive and nonsensical news updates. I wonder how did the human mind perceive such incident and turn it into stories one can't even think how the storyline was created. Creative minds Malaysians have, but used in all the wrong places. Then, MH17 was shot down. Why not shoot the plane behind us or the ones which have flew before us? Wrong route of flight? Blame anything and accuse anyone be it Ukraine or Russia and the trigger-happy missile launcher. When the news of MH17 came, it was a totally different respond from what happened to MH370. It hurt so deeply, even when you do not know any passengers in the flight, you wept for them. You wept for your country because Malaysia Airlines carries the flag of this country. You did not weep for a day, your eyes went teary while reading the news in the newspapers. Isn't it time to rise up and pray? You see the hashtag for phrases like "Pray for MH370", "Pray for MH17".... are you praying or you're so busy putting up news to garner the number of likes and see what others would comment on your posts then you feel good that you've played your part as a caring neighbour? 

How much do you love Malaysia when you do not even understand the national language? The Japanese love their country so much that they will not even use English, the international language. People in China and Taiwan speak fluent Chinese language, their mother tongue. People of other nations are willing to learn Chinese language. What about us? I've come across so many people who openly confess that they hate Malay language. The very first thing to learn in showing that you are the citizen of this country is as easy as speak the nation's language, yet so many couldn't do that. 
Just in case you do not know where is Malaysia... 
Calamities do not come to us. There's no natural disasters in this country. We're so blessed that this whole country is shielded from any disasters. No typhoons. No earthquakes but in recent years, we did have cracks in the buildings and experienced the aftershocks of earthquakes when our neighbouring countries were deep in trouble with the real quakes. Tsunami came on the 26th of December 2004, a decade ago. Our beautiful island was hit and people died, properties were destroyed. Hearts were crushed. Those who were victims would remember this episode for life. The rest of us, we continue with our lives. We forget to pray for the nation after that because we're so comfortable in our comfort zone.
We're more than that... can't find one that shows the true Malaysians....
Then, no one can deny that God has shielded from rising troubles due to the nation's build up of different ethnicity. There's no ethnic cleansing sort of trouble and we strive to live harmoniously with one another. But it seems like our forefathers believed that we could do it, live together in harmony, worshiping the different gods side-by-side. If you look at our nation today, some how or other, there will be people trying to tear this nation apart with cynical remarks aimed at people of different race. And the situation is put under the limelight once it appears in YouTube and Facebook. Racial disharmony..... nobody wants that to be torn apart but how are we holding it together. I can live harmoniously with my Muslim neighbours but what about those who put in extra effort to destroy it? How much do you really love this country? I don't want to go back to China because I don't belong there. I am only a tourist there. Malaysia is my home. One moment we could hurl abuses towards the Malay steering-lock queen who screamed like a madwoman towards an elderly man of Chinese race in a minor road accident and then out of the blue, a Chinese guy condemned the mosque for being too loud during the Raya prayer, that's so stupid to do. We have the freedom of speech but the same time, anything we said against another race is equivalent to stepping on a landmine that will explode right in your own face and hurt others in the process. Love thy' country... it's almost true when some politicians make the remark that if you're not happy with this country, please leave instead of trying to create racial disharmony. You will never be happy wherever you go. The grass is always greener on the other side, but when you reach the other side, it might be worse than back home.

The slumbering church. You know how hard it is to get people to go to church? The church must be creative in their activities to attract people to go to church. The preacher must have watered down and not-so-harsh preaching. Jesus loves me, I love Jesus. That's it. It's not easy to be a Christian. It's not easy to kneel down to pray as well. That's the hardest part to do. Pride must be removed before one can bow down or kneel down to anyone. A child would go down on his knees to beg his parents to buy him his favourite toys but that same child would not go down on his knees to beg His creator UNLESS he is desperate. Are we desperate enough now? 

I will not want to discuss about the Israeli-Gaza war. My friends are pro-Gaze. I will not voice out anything but let's just say, the Bible is not only about the New Testament. There's much to learn in the Old Testaments, for example the book of Numbers. The book Leviticus was a hard crawl as there were too many offerings to give unto the Lord. Exodus is the beginning of what happens now. Go read it for yourself instead of reading on what others' post up online. Open your heart before you open your eyes. Your eyes might not be seeing what you should see when your heart is so blinded. What you see in the Internet is what the world wants you to see. 
PS. I'm not a keyboard warrior. I write when I find the need to. I write when my time permits me to do so. I write what I have in my mind. I'm fully activated now. The lion in me is awake now. 

Monday, August 04, 2014

Day 3: Hong Kong Disneyland...

~ 16th March 2014, Sunday ~
Pinky has booked for us our Hong Kong Disneyland tickets when she was in Melbourne. Tickets were printed in mainland China while we were still in Penang, Malaysia. The wonders of Internet connection and the beauty of having international friends.

We were two adventurous duo. The blind leading the blind. We were so daring that we did not even take the MTR, instead we took the public bus. It was just our third day there. Instructions have been briefed to us on where to take the bus and what bus to take. The loaded Octopus Cards were of great use.
Take the A11 bus heading towards the airport. After passing through two bridges which look like Penang Bridge, get down. If you're afraid of getting down at the wrong stop, just get the driver to holler for you when the bus has reached the stop. I get ALL bus drivers to holler for us to get down when we're suppose to get down. 
At the change, the R8 bus is the shuttle to Disneyland via Inspiration Lake. It's free. Totally free. If you want to walk to Disneyland from the bus stop, think twice. It will take you a few hours before you reach the main gate. So, don't miss this bus or you will have to wait for a couple of hours. It will be a mighty long wait at the bridge. You can neither go back home. It's impossible to cross the bridge to the other side.
As the blind is leading the blind, we went off at the first stop where almost everyone on the bus went down. The blind followed the crowd blindly. The bus went off and then we saw the Mickey head on the railings surrounding the park. Then, we walked a few steps and saw ourselves at the Inspiration Lake. There was obviously a big lake and there were so many people. There's a church gathering for the golden generation and then there were more old people and children walking and running around. Okay, confirm we were at the wrong place. So, I started opening my mouth and asking where on earth was Disneyland. We had to wait for the next R8 to come and take us to the main entrance of the Disneyland. But, it's no longer free. We had to pay for it. 
HOHOHOHO.... Finally... finally.... the kid in me was immediately released. We took the maps. My first thought was to be a lazy tourist, not planning to look at the time, not even planning to look at the map but to walk blindly wherever the legs were taking us. That was a grave mistake for the first hour and one should never ignore a theme park's map no matter what and it was for utmost importance to check the time for shows so as not to miss anything. All of a sudden, the planner in me was awaken. I started reading the map and went back to where we started to ensure that we didn't miss anything along the way.
Finally, I got to take a photo with Mickey Mouse. I love Mickey Mouse... love the Walt Disney characters. Again, I do not like the crowd. I never like crowded places but thank God, the crowd wasn't that scary. The queue for photo taking wasn't that long compared to the Pooh's ride. I wonder what was at Pooh's ride that we were joining the queue as well for more than 1.5 hour. Such a waste of time. The weather at that point of time was still cooling. Imagine if it's in Malaysia, I would have fainted in the long queue and went home straight without turning back. 
The show at Disneyland was as good as Broadway's musical. I really enjoyed such form of entertainment. This must have taken them hours, days, weeks and months to practice to perfect it. Thank you for being such creative team. Deeply appreciated.
After the last show, which we almost miss due to the long queue, it's time to assemble at the Disney Princess' Palace to watch the fireworks display. It was really good. I don't have any other adjectives to describe the fireworks except for good. Unless you will prefer.... wwhoooaaa.... ooohhhh.... aaahhhh.... the whole crowd were actually doing that. It's good to join the crowd once in awhile. The crowd consisted of mainly Indonesians, hey I could understand their language and of course the Chinese. We met a Malaysian family as well, like meeting our own people. The burning of money firework lasted for at least 7 minutes. I wonder how much has been spent on that. It's okay la.... once in awhile watching this. I love you Disneyland....
Thank you for making this trip a memorable one. Next will be either Disney World in Florida or Disney SEA in Japan.... but I have to overcome my fear of crowd first. In this holiday, I've come across too many big crowds that almost make me flip my marbles. I have 700++ photos from Disneyland.... not gonna release them here... will be released in my Facebook albums.... hehehehhee.....

Sunday, August 03, 2014

Whose Magnet? What Magnet?

That's right. You read that right. God's Magnet. The first sermon of the night by Ps. Paul Ang. He's not a boring preacher. He's a fully anointed preacher. Those preachers who are not anointed will send you straight to dreamland. You'll be nodding your head in agreement with anything because you were actually not listening to anything at all. But, I've heard Ps. Paul Ang preached before, and he definitely wouldn't send you to dreamland. The introduction of the sermon was how magnet was created from metals that are able to be attracted by magnets itself. Let's not go into the scientific methods, as I have no love for science. I'm more interested on how to be God's magnet. It's not a copycat theory where you fake everything that's written in the Bible. You can be a fake preacher but one thing you cannot fake is the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thus, how to be a genuine God's magnet?

First of all it would be having the knowledge about God. Where do you get that from? You don't get it from listening to your friends telling you about God only, you will need to read it from the Bible. Whatever translation will be good as long as you can understand. Whichever language that you are good in, get that Bible. If you don't have a Bible come and see me, I have lots of Bibles at home that's collecting dust on the shelves. I only read ONE Bible. I'm not a preacher so I don't need that many versions to check through the words. I'm a simple person. I still stick to my first Bible which mi mama got me in 1997. As you read the Word of God, your eyes will be opened. I'm a reader so I can read the whole day. But if there's anything that I do not understand, I'll decide to torture consult my church pastors to explain further. I do not believe in getting all your information on the Internet, they are not 100% true. You don't know which Tom, Dick or Harry wrote the posts. No pastors should shun a church member from asking questions. That is the biggest NO NO in my opinion.

Now, as you read God's Words, He will realign you and you can encounter Him and be in contact with Him.
Re-positioning of self. How does one do that? I think you can understand the definition of the word very well? So, how do you apply it in your life? You'll need to allow God to re-position you. You will be at the right place, at the right time when God re-positions you. Blessings and doors will be opened. That takes obedience and patience. Hear Him. I've heard His voice loud and clear on the last day of the conference. I know what I'm called to do. I know where my gifts lie. Thus, I will allow myself to be re-positioned. 
Re-calibrate so that those who seek the Lord will not lack anything. Who says to serve in God's kingdom, one need not do any planning? The devil schemes and plans all the time so being a child of God, we have God's wisdom and the help from the Holy Spirit to beat the devil, if only we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us.
Finally, the theme of the conference should be.... SERENDIPITY. Durian runtah la tu.... A pleasant surprise. A pleasant surprise~! A pleasant surprise~!! I don't know what's the pleasant surprise that you receive in your life. I know that I have lots of pleasant surprises throughtout my life~!! 

Whatever have been written is not what Ps. Paul Ang has preached exact to the dot. I don't remember what he has preached... sorry.... I don't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday so don't expect anything from a few days back. I just keep in memory what's the most important. I have the word SERENDIPITY and the rest is history. Again, I do take notes so I'm going through my notes and hubby is a better note-taker so I have him sent me his notes. I write because I know how to write :0)

Friday, August 01, 2014

What to Expect from the Fresh Encounter?

How on earth did I decide to go? That would be the power of persuasion from Ps. Paul Ang himself. I was thinking of sitting at home and rot during the Raya holiday. But I do not know how he managed to persuade all of us to go and I'm the Finance Minister in the house, usually I wouldn't agree to such sudden movement. Oh, well.... I asked the hubby to pass the money over when I wasn't around so I wouldn't have second thoughts about going. Ps Paul said go with an expectation and he guaranteed that we would not be disappointed. I went with no expectation at all. Don't even know which part we were going to stay in since the place that we Googled up wasn't the one we arrived at. I just roughly know where we were as I have read through the maps around the place. Thus, it wasn't difficult to find the place. 
What caught my attention first was the logo of the place. A cross on the crown within the crown. Is this a place where conference and Christian concerts are held? I don't know. It's my first time there and prior to this trip, I have never heard of Megastar Arena and it's not even listed in Google map. It was just a drawn up rectangle on the virtual map. The second object that caught my attention was that fan with blades I wonder were the blades half a metre long or a metre in length? Those were really huge fans.
And again... what to expect. When I look at the schedule, I was thinking... Oh, my... Are there gonna be long boring sermons? I couldn't survive an hour-long sermon plus if it's gonna be boring sermons that sing lullaby to your ears and eventually led your eyes to end up a single-file line I need to get out of the place but we are having the second row seats and it's just impossible to run away. I always like to sit in front, don't ask me why. I guess I do not like to be distracted in seeing too many movements. And yawning is a contagious gesture, when a person yawns then that's it. I'll be floating in the air. Now... now... I went without expectation but my first expectation was let the speakers be anointed. Just don't let me fall asleep during sermon or teaching or whichever term you will want to put it.... sharing of the Word of God would be a better phrase.
The stage for the worship team with all the equipment were ready. At the first glance, it would look like we're going to have those worship concert like what we've been watching through YouTube where other churches from other countries, usually Western countries held their worship concert. The start of worship blew me off my feet. This was better than Hillsong! And we have the Don Moen of Malaysia, Raymond Tan. He taught me for a year many many moons back. 
The blow of shofar that brought down the wall of Jericho~! Awesome worship on the first night and the next and the next! So, what's my expectation from the Fresh Encounter? I think the name says it all... to have a fresh encounter with God. Will share with you some of the things that I've learned at the conference. I don't have a habit of taking notes during sermon but I jot down everything for this conference and yes, I'm so good at writing down, now when I open my notebook, I don't even know what I've written. The brain better not fail me on this one memory... 

Travelling with Aeroline...

It's our first time travelling to Kuala Lumpur on a bus. Yes, on a bus. I've never traveled on a bus before all the way to Kuala Lumpur. I've taken a few flights this year and I don't like waiting at the airport. I do like a fast trip but I just don't like hanging around at the airport. So, two weeks before our trip, we went to get our bus tickets as the counter is just 5 minutes away from the house. Why not fly with Aeroline on the road?

It's RM60 per person, one way. I do not know how much is the usual rate for bus rides and I don't bother checking around to know the price. It's not like I'm going to board any other express buses which speed off like maniacs on the highway. I do not want myself to appear on the front page of the dailies with gory pictures splashed all over. Anyway, the lady at the counter said Aeroline has a GPS system and the drivers will not speed beyond the limit permitted on the road. And according to the lady, we will enjoy the ride very much. I trust her and placed my bet money for three tickets. Aeroline has designated stop areas in Kuala Lumpur and they have trips down to Johor and straight to Singapore. 

Oh, yeah... the tagline from Aeroline... the Convenient way to FLY. Flying on the road doesn't mean speeding until you feel like you're floating in the bus. Firstly, the bus is VERY punctual. Of course if you're going to wait at Queensbay Mall then you will have to wait at least 10 - 15 minutes as the bus would be punctual at the Sungai Nibong Bus Terminal. We wanted to walk there at first but in the end, mi mama fetched us to Queensbay. Both also near but the geographical landscape of the route to Queensbay makes it impossible to walk. I have no idea what's down there but I just know that the bus can only ferry 30 passengers at one go, all with designated seats when you buy the tickets. I think you can buy it online? I'm not very sure about that. Hey, I'm not advertising for Aeroline okay... it's not like I will get any commissions for doing so. I'm just writing from my first-hand experience as a bus passenger.

The bus seriously did not speed like Speedy Gonzalez. We went to Kuala Lumpur via the second Penang Bridge which looks very empty. I hope it's not a white elephant of a gigantic bridge. I myself do not use the bridge as I have no reason to use it. Now, I'm like village deer entering into a big city again. Wait till you read about our flight to Taiwan, where Pinky and I made fun of ourselves.
This looks somewhat similar to what I see from my flight with Hong Kong Airlines. Movies to watch but sad to say, before I could even finish the movie, the headset has been collected back. Not that I don't have enough time to watch since the journey from the island to the heart of the country is at least 5 hours, just that I have difficulty deciding on what to watch. I was changing the movies after watching the beginning for 10 minutes. The journey to was really comfortable but the journey back was rather uncomfortable. Was it because the air-conditioning system was so low, there's hardly any air to breathe in. 
The bus trip comes with food and a drink. It's TGIF's ham burger and I like it that way. As long as it's bread or buns, I will embrace it. Come to me buns~! But the drink.... owh.... I overheard that the busboy... is that what you call the steward on the bus? were asking the passengers in seats way upfront until the seats before mine whether they would like to have a cup of hot chocolate. I wanted that~! But when it came to our turn, we were only served with either tea or coffee... and I drank neither of them. So sad.... why don't have enough hot chocolate to go round the bus? On the way back, the bus steward was more efficient. Before he made those drinks, he took orders first from each passenger. That's the way to do things. You don't shove hot chocolate to people who don't drink hot chocolate and you don't shove people who don't drink coffee nor tea to accept them. There's a bottled water that came along with your ride. You shall not die of thirst along the journey but of course, bring your own bottle of water to ensure that you're well hydrated, Malaysia experiences summer all year round, you get what I mean?
On the way back, we were served with nasi lemak. Quite tasty but the amount of rice can be reduced. Hehehehe... but this is Malaysian style lor... we love rice.... no matter what...
Okay, before we arrived at our destination, we went to the lower deck of the bus. It's a lounge area with a few sinking cushions, sinking as in your butts really sink into the seats. Then, there's a television there as well. It's a good place to chit chat but this is the first time I'm seeing this in a bus, so I have the old-bus-mentality where one should stay glued to thy seats no matter what instead of walking up and down and create unnecessary human traffic jam along the aisles. There's a toilet as well where you are not allowed to shit into the toilet bowl or else the bus steward would make you clean up the mess that you've created. Hehehehe.... so hold your shit in when you're travelling. The bus do stop at one of the rest areas along the journey. 
Finally, we have arrived safely. Next activity... get a taxi.... not that difficult to hail a taxi....