Sunday, August 10, 2008

Act on Impulse!

I have the urge to go to the beach and do some crazy stuff again! Then, off we go with Miss Tan Chi Lin, my cute gal. Brought her for a 30 minutes jet ski ride. She screamed for the whole 30 minutes and she was louder than the waves... what powerful lungs she has....After that she screamed for another few minutes in the air... We landed lying on the sandy beach

After that we did a little of cam-whoring on the beach... It was surely a great evening. We played for free coz' I picked up RM200 at the parking lot. Two free pieces of RM100 on the floor... sudah digelek oleh banyak tayar kereta... God sent us the money to play and had dinner in KFC for free.... I feel really blessed...
It was a really spontaneous idea to come to the beach. I love the beach... It's very incomprehensible how much I love going to the beach for watersports. However, I will not just go to the beach to sit and relax... I doubt I can sit down quietly for even a minute doing nothing.
That's the best way to describe how we felt. Superbly fun! Ellex Ting!! I can't wait to go with you on Wednesday the 13th of August!!

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