Tuesday, April 25, 2017

You Left Without Saying Goodbye...

~ 25th April 2017~
You have your coffee, I have my chocolate drink...
A good morning and our plan for this coming Friday. Then it was all silent. I thought you would be rushing off to your office or you were too busy driving around. But no... you were sleeping and you never wake up!

I was heart-broken when mummy called. No one would joke about such a thing as death. I called you and called you, but your phone went unanswered. I was hoping that you would pick up the call and we could joke like always on the phone. I miss your voice. I cried, oh...  I cried. I went into the room and cried even more.
You are irreplaceable... 
The urgency you had last week to come over for lunch, I did not see that as you're actually leaving us and never coming back. Mi madre actually thought that it was your birthday and you wanted to throw a party for yourself with all of us around. I checked to see when's your birthday. It was two days before Christmas so nope, it wasn't your birthday. And we were just 4 years apart. I've not even celebrate a birthday with you.  I'm sorry we shelved it to this week. Even if it's lunch on this Thursday, you would not come. What happen to our Japan trip next year? 
I'm glad I know you. I would go over earlier on Fridays just so that I can have a good time with you even if it's just for less than an hour. Sometimes it was shorter than that but the few minutes with you were just what I enjoyed. We still have lots of things to do together and places to go together.
Thank you for crossing the bridge just to be with us for a few minutes...
Why did you leave me so soon? I'm completely heart-broken. I wish you will just wake up and say it's a joke, just a terrible lame joke. I have lots of photos with my old friends but I only have a few with you. I don't even have a blog post of us going out together or going on a holiday. Now, the only post that I'm writing about you is a tribute to you, the day you refused to wake up.   

please wake up...
i miss you...
My eyes are leaking terribly like a faulty tap... 
Our last party together...

Saturday, April 22, 2017

Oz Day 7: Hobart Tower Motel...

~ 12th - 15th November 2015~
I chose Hobart Tower Motel because of the pricing. I'm the frugal traveler. I used booking.com to book for a two-person room for the first night while I asked for a family room for the next two nights because there would be 4 of us the next day.
Since I booked for a day tour the next day, I asked them to help us check out and check into the family room. The guy at the reception counter instead upgraded us straight to the family room as it was vacant. 
For the first night, the two us had 5 beds to sleep in. It was a really huge room and very comfortable. I don't know about all other negative comments, but I think no matter what, there's bound to be negative comments from fussy people. I'm not a fussy traveler. If I'm fussy then I'll book all of us into 5 star hotels and then I will not go anywhere. I'll just stay in the room until the room rot. 

Thanks Hobart Tower Motel for your hospitality. 

Oz Day 7: Hi, Hobart City~!

~12th November 2015~
I was cracking my brain thinking how to sight-see around Hobart city - should we walk or join a one day trip. God is good, all the time. I have booked the shuttle bus from the airport to the city. We would be renting a car but when Pinky and Mr Ma arrived, Pinky will pick the car up.
We boarded the bus first and got front seats with good view of the road. The driver dropped us last so I got the camera busy. The shots were not perfect but at least we got to go around as the driver has to drop many other passengers staying in different motels and hotels. 
Hobart is one hilly city. It was uphill and downhill, flat lane for a few minutes' ride and then uphill with sharp gradient and rolling downhill again. It would be really tiring if we had to walk.
I thanked the driver for the free city tour at no extra charge at all. It was drizzling though and the rain just got heavier but we needed food very badly. 

Oz Day 7: What to do at T4 Melbourne Airport...

~12th November 2015~
Mr Ma dropped us at one of the train stations that would connect us to the Southern Cross station before he sped off to work. Then, we took our own sweet time looking for the shuttle bus to the airport.
Once we got our bus tickets, we were the last two to board the bus before it zoomed off. We reached quite early and this was my only trip where I did not bring any books to read. Mi madre was playing with her phone while I decided to walk around and take photos of every shop and stall available. I have no idea whether they are all still there or not.
I don't do shopping and I prefer eating. Brunetti will be the best choice. They have everything nice but they are on the sweeter side. My travel buddy loves sweet stuff and I'm okay with some of them. I would choose Brunetti above others. Don't look at the price, just buy and eat and enjoy~!
If you want something heavier, Brasserie Bread would be a good choice as I can see they served Croque Monsieur. If you love Gruyere cheese then you would probably love Croque Monsieur. 
Country Road sells high quality travel bag. How I know that? The travel buddy has a travel bag which we dragged and kicked around train stations when it was too heavy to carry. The bag was already 10 years old and still in excellent condition. 
Time to kiss Melbourne goodbye for awhile. We were doing some really good domestic flying with Tigerair. It's way cheaper than taking a train.

Sunday, April 16, 2017

Oz Day 6: Dinner at Maedaya - Japanese Cuisine...

~11th November 2015~
My love for Japanese cuisine was sparked by this travel buddy of mine. She has introduced me to a lot of wonderful cuisines since I first met her. My taste buds went up by many notches since then. Both of us fall head over heels for Japanese cuisine but we have never step foot on Japanese soil... yet. I really wish we can both go together then we will have a wonderful time eating round the clock, until we're completely broke. That's what we planned to do if we ever go to Japan together.
Since we were so far away from our dreams to be in Japan, the travel buddy decided to take us to Maedaya, a place she found and frequented with her hubby until there's nothing else to order from the menu. She just wanted to share everything she likes with mi madre and I within a very short period of time we had together. 
The menu was an iPad, same as what China was using. Malaysia still using pen and paper and shouting. It worked better through shouting, confirm your orders were heard by all. These were what we had, enjoy.... salivate all over the screen...

Oz Day 6: Frozen by a Thousand Blessings...

~11th November 2015~
My first time in China, the travel buddy took me to a frozen yogurt place in a gigantic shopping mall. Now that we were in Melbourne, the travel buddy said it's a must to try out the frozen yogurt in Frozen along Bridge Road. All you need to do were the simple three steps, I would like to add three more steps if you don't mind.
Fill up, pile up, scoop up... add on, pay up and eat up~!
I love ice-creams. The first time I was there in Melbourne, the travel buddy took me to a really nice gelato place but I couldn't remember where. Yogurt tasted sour, that's how it should taste. I still prefer ice-cream though but I would not say no to Frozen. Who wouldn't be frozen by a thousand blessings?