Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This sister of mine and her boyfriend ordered Fisherman Au' Gratin and Chicken Maryland. They asked for it! None of use can finish them but while laughing and burning away the extra fat we managed to finished them up slowly.... Fisherman Au' Gratin was actually seafood lasagna... it tasted awful maybe because my stomach has no place for that. Janice... your mom's lasagna still top my list of lasagnas! Your mom is the best chef! That chicken maryland wasn't that bad but to order this kinda food here it made that dish very costly.

My flown in Alaskan fresh lobster. Half baked with cheese and half grilled! I preferred the grilled side. Love it to bits. Conclusion is it wasn't so great eating lobster. Crabs taste better than lobsters... looks like I don't really know how to appreaciate the luxury of having a lobster on my table.

AARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Another dish! Seafood sphaggeti. That one ended up in the take away box.... smile... I will not be like others who left the table with untouched food and walked away. So that sphagetti became the next day's lunch for my mom.

Bill not that expensive. Less than half of RM1k. Not bad. Not bad at all!

The Dishes which Filled our Hearts and Stomachs

Escargots.. yummilicious!! Six only so birthday girl got to eat 2. The shell was unique and we rarely get to eat escargots except the last time which was last year at Fisherman's Grill. We were served by the manager of the restaurant. I felt so grand.... hahaha.... then mom asked whether we can take the shells home as cenderamata. He said, "Of course, not! The restaurant has to use them back for other escargot dishes." My sis went, "Huh? Recycle, ar?" Then sheepishly he said that the escargots they are serving comes from the canned escargots so they actually imported the shells.... but in the end he gave me one and he has to report that a shell has gone missing to the main Victoris Station in Kuala Lumpur. I wonder who will be the scape-goat to take the fall.... the chef?? Or other low-grade waiter?? I'm so mean. I hope the manager will be truthful by saying he gave it away to one of the patrons.

The second dish - Mainstreet Course. Black caviar... too salty. Slices of raw salmon... didn't get the chance to eat coz' sis and the rest hentam before my fork reached the destination. Slices of abalone... I figure if they can serve canned escargots then I should be eating canned abalone too. Very smooth and nice. I wonder why some people keep on telling me abalone is tasteless and not nice. To me the taste was just so amazing. Plenty of cold mayonnaise prawns... my taste buds were jumping for joy at the taste of that prawns. Three pieces of raw oyster... very tasty too. Mom and sis didn't dare to try... my sis! Tak berani makan raw oyster but raw salmon pula dia makan dengan lahapnya.

Third dish - lamb with mint dressing. I pula yang tak berani makan. So can't say much but just that it's so-so only.
The fourth one - Fisherman's Platter. A piece of deep-fried salmon. Two pieces of fried prawns. A few pieces of deep-fried squid and two pieces of dunno what yang digoreng tetapi amat lazat.

Perut hendak meletup dah. So while waiting for some food to be digested, we had a hearty conversation. I could say that I have never spoken to any of them for such a long time and having a laughing time together as a family. Laughing with my friends during meal times... yeah especially with Karen, AL, Jan and Justine. So my sis was telling she tak cukup cold cash so I told her about my investment program. Told her not to question so much like other ppl but just daringly throw in the money. That's what she did the next day! I have a great sis! Now I know that my sis DOES LISTEN TO ME! hahahahaha......

My 23rd Birthday at Victoria Station

I have never celebrated my birthday before at such a grand scale. Well.. to me its very grand spending so much on food. It was the heartiest meal ever!!

A cute chocolate cake which I swallowed within a minute... hahaha...oh tidak! I actually ate it slowly coz' I thought I would be getting a large cake as I'm growing older but the sad case here was I got smaller cake each year.

The menu came and since everyone was hungry, we started placing orders. My mom was fabulous... ordering non-stop....

Shark's fin with abalone, shark's fin with crab meat, Mexican red chilli with beans and three bowls of salad on the house. The shark's fin was superb but sis spoiled the one with abalone by pouring too much vinegar before anyone tasted the original taste. The chilli wasn't hot at all and there were lots of beans in there. Not my choice of dish.... I didn't order it :) Salad with different dressing - mayonnaise, thousand island and another dunno what oil with garlic. Wasn't paying attention coz' I didn't intend to even take a spoonful of those... I didn't know how the salad tasted.

Tuesday, January 16, 2007

What A Wonderful Start to 2007

This year and the years to come will be a fabulous one. I have been busy lately thus, I do not have time to blog. Busy means good... I'm busy with work and money has been flowing in from everywhere... from my tuition and also my investment. Come and join me and together we shall prosper with Private Investment Club (

December 2006 was a great month. I have spent so much cash on clothes until I had to promise myself not to shop for the whole year of 2007. I had wanted to reconstruct my wardrobe but never find the time to do so. I looked at the pile of clothes in my wardrobe and all my semangat bersungguh-sungguh untuk melipat baju lama dan menggantungkan baju-baju baru lenyap sama sekali. So I shall just wear my clothes one day at a time. They will last me for half a year without having to wash any of them.

I would like to thank my friends - Annie Y. , CAL, Karen Y., Siew Wun, Jan, and Justine for joining me in Queensbay Mall for a day. I'm apologizing to all of you if my decision to go Manhattan Fish Market was a great injustice to all of you. All in all I had a wonderful time eating and walking around.

I have to admit I have an addiction to shopping. Eventhough my promise for no more clothes but I ended up trying pratically every single sandals in Walk-In. Ended up buying four pairs of sandals coz I think all of them are comfy to my soles.

For the time being I don't think I will want to blog coz I'm too lazy to upload the photos and I prefer spending my time reading CAL, Karen and Janice's blogs. I really enjoy reading all of your pieces. That's all for now.