Friday, December 30, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ The Perfect Sunset ❀

This place never make it into the list of 9 best places in Malaysia to catch the golden hour when the sun sets. This place never make it into the list of sandy beaches in Penang Island. Therefore, this is the place which is the least polluted. No sound pollution or air pollution from the jet-skis. There's no activities here except for the locals who were having a jolly good time strolling along the sandy beach.
I found this spot when I was looking for a place to fish. Too many puffer fish which means the water is polluted but you at least you will not see water bottles floating and plastic bags which make you think there's a giant jellyfish coming your way. 
I parked myself on a big rock and kept myself entertained. I wished I have my diving suit on and geared up with snorkels to see what's down there. I love the sea minus the sand. Waiting for the sun to set requires more than an ounce of patience. 
This will be my first and last sunset watch. Unless I can find the time to do it again in another country. 

♡ Penang Island ♡ Pulau Betong Fishing Village ❀

Fishy smell... I love seafood especially fresh ones. You can actually buy from the market at the other end as the fishermen will not sell you any of their catch. The catch from the whole boat has been paid by the middlemen. After you buy your fish, bring it to the open restaurant where they will cook it for you. Of course if you're thinking about Sydney fish market then you will be disappointed. Our fish stall can never measure up to those modern structured ones in Sydney and the so-called restaurant was actually a wooden house. It's a village and no matter how we upgrade our wet market, it will always be wet.
Some of the fishermen were busy mending their nets to prepare to go out to sea the next day. It's a back-breaking job to mend the nets. An uncle entertained us. He has lots of stories to tell, even experiences with pirates. He has no reason to create stories. I believe his stories.

♡ Penang Island ♡ Rice Bowl of Malaysia ❀

On the way out of the Countryside Stables, I decided to stop at the shoulder of the road. I think we've trespassed into private property but we didn't touch anything. Just placed our footsteps on the soil. 
Such a vast paddy field. I'm still wondering how to work this out. I will end up doing some other things like looking for ikan haruan. Then maybe on the next day, I will not bother getting out of the house. 
That's my first looking at the irrigation system of a paddy field. And then I spotted an eagle soaring into the blue sky. You don't have to go far to make a holiday trip out of your backyard...

Thursday, December 29, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡Laksa Janggus ❀

Hungry after having the small portion of lunch. Decided to stop at Laksa Janggus. The cashew nut trees were lining the road. 
I do not fancy Penang famous hawker food like char koay teow and laksa. Was I more than glad to know that there's koay teow th'ng sold there. It's the best that I've ever tasted. It's not sick people's food... it's really nice. I like it.
There were deep fried banana fritters and apa benda segala gorengan yang rangup dan enak. No English words can describe the kerangupan pisang goreng and ubi goreng. I don't always know how to write in English. Some words are best described in rojak language.

Monday, December 26, 2016

♡ Penang Island ♡ Countryside Stables Penang ❀

Hey, thanks for visiting..

Our next stop after lunch was to go look for horses. There were many horses and the owners rear horses as their pets. There were stories behind this hobby but shouldn't you hear them from the owners yourself? That would make your visit a fantastic one. 
I realized that I prefer donkeys more than horses. If ever I have the chance to choose whether to rear a donkey or a horse, I would prefer a donkey. I like to touch the donkey's hair. It's softer than a horse's. I spent quite some time with the donkey. 
Human~! Open up the door... 
Bang~! Bang~! Bang~! Open the door....
Harllloooowwww human~!!! OPEN THAT DAMN DOOR WILL YOU! DO YOU HEAR ME?!?!!
I ask you one more time, are you going to open this door?
Thank you~!!!!
Go walk walk... don't disturb me....

Then, we went to see this white stallion with a tantrum. His name is Massimo Ibn Amir, an Arabian knight. He has his ways to get what he wanted. He was kicking at the gate and neighing at such irritating level that any visitor would think that he has been abused. In the end, the owner opened his gate and he galloped away. Just like a puppy dog, seeking for temporary freedom. He spent quite some time outside doing his things. 
Why he get to go out? Me leh? I didn't kick the gate also... I chew like this, never make noise also..
Ehhe... hai~! I'm not bothered with them...
Eh, big boy.... why are you crying?
My mistress cutting my hair... Not handsome already... so short, how to show off?
I also want to go out and play.... wwwaaaaaaaaaaaaa...
The next stable neighbours were not really happy with this situation. Horses, goats or pigs, they act like humans. You just need to understand their characters and behavioral traits.