Friday, May 26, 2006

New Musical Instrument in the House

Pianos are so advanced now. That's the latest model by Yamaha - Privia PX-110. Electric piano what will my sis buy next? She has acoustic guitar and also electric guitar already... what else huh? Hopefully not a set of drums... house too small not enough space to put... I have to agree that I love this piano then what to do with the old one? Can't throw it away like that.... then how ar? I also dunno... just keep as collection I guess.

What Was That?!!

AAARRRRGGGGGGHHHH!! Someone was beheaded and the head was left at the scene..... How brutal was the death of this woman.... The hair was even in a mess. Nobody comb for her..... That was not the table.... the head was rested on the guillotine.... How gruesome....... Eh...!! Eh!!!

There's another creature waiting for its turn to die.....Look at the sad eyes... Eventhough it is just a guinea pig, it can feel the dread facing the guillotine.. The head is so small the guinea pig is scared that its head will be smashed up like orange pulp. *sniff* * sniff*. Who can be so cruel to such a little animal... put it behind bars to wait for the death penalty.

Look! The evil lady who killed the lady and going to kill the guinea pig.... but look at the photo carefully, she was very happy announcing the death of her guinea pig.......

Hahahaha!! I write until I don't know how to end the story... Actually there's no head just scalp with hair... real hair did you say? Why not make of horse tail? Your pig very cute leh....

Tuesday, May 09, 2006

Perky and My Boy

This is AL's daughter.... very cheeky and active... if it's AL's house, her whole house will looked like tornado and hurricane have past by both at once... everything will not be in place... and by that time, Perky will be left downstairs at the parking lots... roaming around the place looking for her mother.... it's a good thing it has a home to call its own... a big and comfortable shelter with lots of aunties to entertain....

The prince in my house resting on his throne... He has the big bed to himself when nobody's at home. What a blessed creature it is... I can say that his IQ is very high judge by its behaviour.... lucky to have him as my doggie....

People Whom I Met Along the Path....

I have considerably a handful of people. Well, not to say a handful but tonnes of them. The world is made up of human beings with various characteristics. Because of these multiple and colourful characteristics, the world is so much lively. I've met people who humble themselves eventhough they know they are one of the multi-millionaires. I've also met some who talk through their noses with air of pride. I've came across people who are 'tho kong' and also people who are very 'ngiau' or in other words - calculative.

Those who humble themselves often gain more than they lose. In the line of sales, I've met more than one of these kinda people. They are so humble with other people, never looking down at others, always giving other people the opportunity to strike it rich also. These people at the long run become richer for they do not have pride in their lives.

Those who talk through their noses with so much pride will fall one of these days. I know its bad to wish that someone will fall but it's already written in the book of the Lord.
"Pride goes before destruction, a haughty spirit before a fall". Proverbs 16:18
They talk as if they know everything in the world. Those who assume that they know everything, they know next to nothing.
I've learnt that there are three types of people:
  • Those who knows about something but refuse to take action
  • Those who knows about something and will make it a reality
  • Those who will always wait and see

There are people who grumble they need a job and they do not have enough money to spend. I give them the opportunity to earn some extra cash, yet they complained the money is not big enough. Thinking about these people make feel like bashing them in their faces. Always be humble... start from scratch and build your empire in the name of the Lord. Everything will fall into place. Let go and let God. That's my principle! If God says no then scrap it off! Don't even think of it coz' thinking too much unnecessarily will only lead into depression.

Just look at other rich people, those oldies do not become rich over night but over the years of toiling and hardwork. Yet, they do not complain. But youngsters nowadays want to become rich over night and boast about their abilities by showing off their new and branded stuffs to friends who are not as fortunate as them.

Many live on their parents' wages. Modern parents are not like parents' in our ancestors time. Now they are always worried that their offsprings might not survive in the cruel world. Hence, they always provide the best for their children. Some children who are brainless took things for granted and refuse to work. Instead spend away the wealth of the family. They complained about jobs with small pay... hey! Who will want to pay you if you do not have the experience? Take the small job as a stepping stone. Some are waiting for money to drop down from the sky... nothing is free in this world except the grace of God.

My mother always reminded me that no matter how much you earn, when you die you cannot take it along with you. It's be left behind to don't know who will inherit it. My children if I ever have.... if not it's go to the government if I do not write my will. Should start writing will once you have 'harta' if not it'll be very difficult. You won't know when you'll die...

I consider myself quite a fortunate person to get to know that there are many crazy people out in this world. I don't have to travel overseas just to meet different types of people. The people within my vicinity are crazy enough to drive me up the walls.

I'm in the journey to meet more people of different race and religion... different age groups... different mindsets.... different methods of handling things.... the rich & the poor... the bold & the timid... the greedy & the humble.... those who see the future & those who lives in the present only.... those who complain about everything & those who are thankful for everything.... those who are joyous & those who are depressed in lives.... Truly our country is colourful and wonderful.... there are still many more that I haven't see... Therefore, I'll never say that I've every single kind of person for there are more whom I do not know.

Thursday, May 04, 2006

Lunch with Laughter!

Lunch.... at Hongkies Kopitiam. I expected a nice lunch but the dish was just terrible. Thank goodness I'm with them coz' the laughter made me full... or was it more to indigestion? Too much air entered I guess.

The Hong-Sing-Mal Flavours - Zoo Pharm.... a variety of meat in a big bowl of rice topped with mozarella cheese and also curry paste. There were fish, beef and chicken fillet.... but the person who ate that dish kept on saying there's pork. HHMmmm.... who's right and who's wrong? Anyway the so-called beef which tasted like pork was as hard as stone. Even the fork can't poke through. Blame the fork!! This was the second time I came and it has left me when negative thought... I don't think I'll come back here again.

My Financial Meals - The Future of Banking. Idiot! The roasted honey baby back ribs were so hard. I was having a fun time laughing and chewing... suddenly I got so tired and exhausted just chewing them. It was like chewing a piece of wood with rubber teeth... or should I say plastic teeth chewing on a piece of rubber... whichever does not matter.... I think I ate the rice only... see lar... financial meals... the more you eat the more it'll bore a hole in your pocket.

I think only the third dish was edible. Congrats Jan! You made the right choice. Simple yet edible.... better than eating the whole zoo and chewing on planks... The third dish was under the category Hong-llwood Movies Bonanza Meals.... but as you eat, did you see any movie? I don't think so, huh! What a name for the dish.... Drumlets Rice.... can't pronounce it properly... why not Drummers Rice? The deboned chicken drumstick bathed in button mushroom sauce was nice. The fried egg sunny-side up looked cute. Fragrant garlic rice tasted more like black pepper rice.

There are 99 types of dishes.... I'm still thinking whether I should come back to try the rest when two dishes here had gave me negative thoughts about coming back.

Hong Kong milk coffee.... tasted exactly like kopi peng at coffee stalls... just added some high class name and the whole glass of coffee became so expensive.

I think I'm hooked to the chocolate banana milk shake. Actually in the 55 types of drinks... this appeal to me most. I love chocolate!!

Nice piece of lemon. Well decorated... ta- Da! The Prosperity fizzing lemon with ribena... Jan..Do you feel prosperous after drinking it?

All in all I can't remember the taste of the food but I sure remember how we laughed. I guessed we're the loudest around... I don't care coz' I'm very happy. If I can laugh like that in the middle of the road it'll be more fun!! That's what I meant by having good companions will make you forget about the lousy food... we still had a great and fun time together, am I right?!

May 2nd - The Official Laughing Day

It has been a long time since we went out together. I'm touched to know that after so many years of leaving secondary school, I still have friends who stay with me through thick and thins. To have a true friend staying by my side is more blessed to have a million so-called friends who will leave me when I'm down in the dumps. I find myself truly blessed as I do not have one true friend but a handful of them.

Just, Jan, Al but there are two more not around. They are Annie and Karen. If I can just have them as friends forever, I'll be satisfied.

As Just will be going off, in fact she has flown off, we had a dinner outing. It was so much fun to be with them. Laughter can really be contagious as we laughed like we had never laughed for four years... there was so much joy being together with them... my dear friends.

I always hear the reason people went out for drinks is to feel happy since they felt that their lives are meaningless... They are disappointed with their lives. I strongly object to those reasons. Having true friends... the best companion... is all we need to fill the vacuum in our hearts. No matter how bad the weather is, how horrible the food tasted and you have so much to complain about, time spent with true friends will make us forget about all those.

Frankly speaking, I don't remember what we laughed about. What I know was I had a good laugh... the best laughing session I have ever attended. Hey pals.. other than our exercise cum cleaning company, we should set up a "Contagious Laughter" session. All those who are down in their dumps and depressed bout their lives, we can actually help them feel better with our contagious laughter. We might even help a person who wants to commit suicide to change his mind.

Hongkie Kopitiam

What pulls me into this Kopitiam? Similar to other modern kopitiams and restaurants, the number of customers in the shop attracts new customers. After attending the agent's meeting, I chose to try out this place which is quite new in E-Gates ( opposite Tesco ). What you see on the left is not the logo on the wall but the front page of the menu. Can you imagine how big the menu is.

The moment I opened the menu, I had a good laugh coz' the names for the dishes are so hippy. After making the waiter stand and waited for at least 10 minutes, I actually made my decision.

That meal was categorised under Financial Meals. Don't get me wrong as you'll never get rich eating that bowl of rice. In the end you become RM6.80 poorer. The name of that dish is "We strive, You thrive". The deep fried chicken cutlets aren't bad... maybe because I'm too hungry that's why in this entry I will praise the chefs... pappadams on my rice... *sigh* I don't eat that. The vegetables aren't bitter so okay for me. The description printed on the menu is correct, 'Deep fried chicken cutlets and vegetables in big bowl of rice.' The bowl is big but the amount of rice is little. So I'm actually paying for the size of eating utensils but not for the amount of food.

On the left is classified under the Hong-Sing-Mal Flavours. The Hong Kong, Singapore and Malaysian flavours... or is it more to their own concoctions. It's named after the address of the British Prime Minister - 10th Downing Street. I wonder does 10th Downing Street have Aseans staying there? If not where do they get the name from? That bowl contained fragrant rice with beef steak beneath it and the rice is topped with lots of chewy mozarella cheese. How much pound am I putting just as I finished this meal?

There was some technical problem or might be even human error as they forgot to prepare that meal above. Since they kept me waiting, I asked for a discount which they gave but only 5%. Hahaha.... I must had been branded a fussy customer.

The chocolate with banana milk shake has a name called "Adam & Eve". Why not call "Cain & Abel"? Adam choked on a piece of apple not banana. Apple strudle should be named "Adam & Eve". Maybe that milk shake should best be named as "Monkey Shake".

The ice-blended... passion fruit with mint. Are they using the pure fruit to blend or just the fake powder or human-made liquid with just the flavour? Nice decoration on the ice... twinkling stars. Too much colouring can cause cancer... hahaha... if we're too health conscious in the end we'll leave this world due to malnutrition or starvation.

By the time I'm done eating it was already 12 midnight.

Helicobacter Pylori

This is the living microorganism which can be found in the stomach. Very disgusting and feasting on our stomach. Therefore, not all tummy cramps are due to gastric pains but may be the cause of this worm-like creature having a fun time in the stomach.

Ignorance can cause death. Eventhough there are ways to kill these bacterias, bear in mind that the stomach wall has been whacked by these creatures. It will result in ulcer forming on the walls caused by secretion of the hydrochloric acid in the stomach.

If this happens in the mouth, medicine can be applied to the wound but it's in the stomach and there's no way any medicine can be applied.... unless you tear open your stomach and it will be the end of you. This disease which is attacking many people around the globe can be deadly. Many people do not realize about H.Pylori because the symptoms at the early stages are exactly like having gastric pain.

On the left is our digestive system... Looks pretty complex and all compressed into one narrow body. God is great... I wonder how He gets the idea to come out with all these things which work mechanically... no need electricity or batteries... That's why we should be more thankful and also take good care of this human engine.