Tuesday, February 28, 2012

A Name Like Thunder by Lee Goff...

Since I'll be away from updating this humble blog of mine for a quite some time, I would truly love to recommend you a book that is so different from others. Aren't you bored reading the same ol' love stories, I love you, you love me not, end up in bed, waking up beside a stranger and the cycle goes on, before you reach the mid-section of the book, you even know the ending. I can guarantee you that 'A Name Like Thunder' is completely different from what you have ever read. Stieg Larsson's trilogy might throw you out of your mind, J.K. Rowling's sequel of Harry Porters might charm you but Lee Goff's 'A Name Like Thunder' is able to touch you at your core where it is raw. You won't even realize it until you have wet the pages with your tears, you won't even realize that you have been reading it with such intensity until your knuckles turned white holding on to the book like it's gonna be blown off by the hurricane. Trust me when I say it's great, then it's great. A book that is good need no extended descriptions to describe how good it is. If a book is not good for reading, I would have told you so for example when I wrote about 'The Slap' by Christos Tsiolkas. That book is one shitty one. Do you have any idea where to get 'A Name Like Thunder'? You can easily get it without getting your ass off your comfortable chair, just get it with a simple click. Before that, do a little bit of stretching, stretch all the way to your wallet, get your credit card out and start clicking away. You can click on the title of the book which I have linked it with the selected online bookstores, either from Amazon.com or from Barnes & Noble. By the way, 'A Name Like Thunder' is the first series of a trilogy. I'll let you know when the second book is out. Have you click on those links? Instead of spending your time, clicking into oblivion, why not rest your eyes from the computer screen and grab a book. It will do you a lot of good. Oh, well if you insist on sticking around in the computer, go grab the e-book... Just click on this link for nookbook. You've never buy anything online? If that's the case then this will be the best opportunity for you to try it out with a guarantee that you will definitely receive your book, right at your doorstep. There's a first time to everything. Click on this book title: 'A Name Like Thunder' then add to cart, if you want it to be a gift, then tick at the box before you proceed to checkout. If you are seriously not such a reader, recommend this to your friend. You will never regret reading this. The only regret is NOT reading it.

Friday, February 24, 2012

My Ever Fabulous Life.. :D

If I were to write the story of my life in detail, I, myself would have fallen a sleep in less than a paragraph. It's the same ol' same ol' boring story of waking up all alone, hubby left early early to work, then I have to start working myself, followed by me deciding whether to head to the gym or laze around at home, started cooking lunch, work and work till the day was left with only an hour before the clock strikes twelve. In actual truth, my life is one fabulous one, how can life be boring with Jesus as my best friend and He is with me every day even when I'm driving through a quarter of the island every day.
First of all, my life is gonna change in one way or another. I finally get to live in my dream house. I actually have a vision of how is it gonna look like. God knows better and I walked into a house that I fall in love with immediately. A house is just a house but a home is different. The family area is so much larger than what I envisioned. The bedrooms are perfect. The whole place is perfect to the dot. I can't wait to decorate the house to perfection. My style of decorating.... :D That's one excitement that I'm totally looking forward to.

The next thing I'm looking forward to is this coming Wednesday. I'm not sure how I feel actually. Excited? I don't know what to expect and I've just ditched all my plans as it looks rather stressful to have everything plan up ahead of time. I shall follow my heart and see where the Lord leads me to. It's always perfect when God does the planning and leading. I think the saddest part of all would be having no contact in Facebook. This blog will not be updated for two weeks so if you ever come and visit and get frustrated, thinking that the blog is dead, it's not. You just need to come back very very much later, somewhere in the middle of the month. I'm gonna miss a lot of people. Gonna miss mi mama, mi hubby, Judz and Gracie... gonna miss all my teddy bears... I'm not sure whether I'm gonna miss the hot weather here at home... love you people... love you to the max...

Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Barbarians on the Road...

Stone cold dark ages? Looking at it from my point of view, what happened yesterday on the road was the most terrible that I have ever encountered albeit I was just a vehicle behind the real victim of road bully. Two lanes merged into one and the luxury car on the left was racing with a van driven by an old man. Anyway, the van was not racing with the young chap but was just cruising on the road at quite a normal speed. There was a slowpoke in front of both the luxury car and the beat up van. I was behind the van and all of a sudden, the luxury car took a leap in front of the van. I have no idea how the young chap did that. It was like a Lego set where you lift up the whole car and placed it in front of the van. I slowed down looking at the silly-ness of how the luxury car was handled. My prediction was right. The young chap started acting erratically on the road. He accelerated a few inches to the front as fast as lightning then he hit the brakes to a complete stop all of a sudden. The van had to brake immediately and since I was already slowing down, I managed to stop in time instead of kissing the rear end of the van. Then, the young chap zoomed off again for a few inches and deliberately stopped in the middle of the road. All the cars behind me was like driving bumper cars trying hard not to bang into the other's rear end. The young chap then got down from his car and yelled at the old van driver like a mad man. Thank God I wasn't that driving behind the luxury car or else I would have taken out my baseball bat and whacked him properly in the middle of the road. Someone must teach that young chap a real lesson regarding safety issues while on the road, not to treat the road as his grandfather's or make it into a bumper car arena. Drivers who drove me up the walls were those slowpokes who turned out of the junction all of a sudden and drove like they're driving along the countryside, taking the view in and enjoying the cool breeze. Oh, helllllloooooooo~! We don't have windy roads like Great Ocean View where you can bring the hood down and enjoy the view. There's no view in town and it's really inconsiderate to drive like slowpokes on holiday. When you honk at such drivers they will slow down even more, driving at 10 kmph and making sure that they hog the centre of the road so there is no way you can overtake the slow coaches. In the end, sitting on a donkey cart should be good... That's my Donk Donk....

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

A Cry For Help...

It's not a matter to be laughed at. It's not even funny. I felt really bad but I couldn't do anything to help at all. Two months back, I have a mother calling me endlessly to arrange for his son's class as he will be studying in the remove class instead of going straight to form one. He flunk his Malay Language subject in UPSR, easy as that. The only thing that came into my mind when I was just having a conversation with the parent was that the boy did not handle languages very well as he flunk his English Language, too. I was quite reluctant, not quite but extremely reluctant to accept him, not because I'm choosy but because I do not have any extra breathing time at all, and he wouldn't be able to fit into the form one classes. I would have to scrape my free time together, whatever I have left, to give him the special attention and guidance that he would need. My first class with him, before he even started... I couldn't continue, I just couldn't continue... he's a special child... I'm not special, I can't handle one... not train to handle a special child... and I wish Donk is here in Penang, but he's not... I don't understand his mother. Didn't the mother see the difference in his own child? She cares so much for him that she insisted that I teach him from square one. I relented. I don't even know how to tell the mother that her boy has learning disabilities and he will need extra special attention given by professionals. The mom is worried that he will fall out of the mainstream education seeing that he is not able to cope with the syllabus. I almost get a nervous breakdown when I realized that he has no words in his head at all. I can never help him to improve. I don't even know how to help him write an essay, not to mention that I can't even make him write a proper sentence that befits a secondary school student. I hate parents who give me pressure when the exam is around the corner... hate it to the max~! I dislike parents who always push and shove the children and at the same time breathe down my neck, not knowing that the child is struggling very very hard and I'm trying very hard not to push the child too far until there's no more corners to send the child to. It's not right to treat a child this way but because I'm constantly being pressured by parents, I have no choice but to push the child harder until they almost suffocate. It is better to suffer in my hands than to suffer in their parents verbal and mental torture.

Three days ago, I gave the boy a very simple task. Write a few sentences about a dog in Malay Language. He was able to write down a few sentences but in the process of thinking, he almost yanked his hair out and he was very frustrated. So frustrated that he couldn't spell correctly, couldn't remember any of the words that he had learnt in primary school and couldn't think of anything. The head was empty, void of any vocabularies. Simple words that I have taught him didn't stick at all. After an hour and half of mental torture to him, he made a statement that freeze me in my tracks. I didn't know how to respond to him when he said in a matter of fact way,"I better go and commit suicide." The only thing that I could mutter from my mouth was, "Why?" And he answered in frustration,"I don't know anything. Don't even know a simple word." His mother heard it, standing at the door, saying that he has always been frustrated with himself. Lady, don't you see it? Please help him because I can't help him.

That night itself, I did something very cruel. I washed my hands clean off the boy. I asked hubby to talk to the mother as I refused to speak to her. I didn't have the heart to tell her that she should send her boy to be evaluated by a child specialist or people like Donk Donk who conducts schools for children with learning difficulties. The mother was begging with my hubby to let me teach him but I couldn't, not that I don't want to. I'm sorry. I'm very sorry but after going through a few classes with the boy, I have made up my mind. I don't want a child. I know that if I have a child like him, I will never come to terms with myself and I will be exactly like the mother, pushing the child to excel in studies when he can barely cope with anything at all.

Right now, I have a lot to think about and it's really depressing. I know I sound like a snob but if you were there when you heard the boy loud and clear, that was a cry for help, a cry to be understood, a cry that was brushed under the carpet by his own mother, a cry that would go unheard. Is this how it happens? A teenager commits suicide and the parents deny that the child show any signs of depression or any signals that they need help. I guess some parents practice selective listening. You listen to what pleases you. Again, I'm sorry I couldn't help.

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

It's Valentine's Day~!

I just realized a moment ago that it's Valentine's Day and I'm so NOT celebrating it. Thank you for not giving me a bouquet of flowers as I do not like them at all. Thanks for no soft toys as the cupboard is bursting and the drawers are stuck with one of the bear's legs jutting in the wrong places. Thanks for no expensive dinner because I know both of us will be looking at the cut-throat expensive food served especially for very small eaters and we're both lovers of food and we will be thinking of the same thing: I should have cook and we can eat until we burp out loud. Thanks for nothing fancy. I only have one thing in mind.


A whole day where we can lie in bed and snore away in the unbearable heat. Finish watching a DVD without shutting it off after 30 minutes into a movie but dozing into dreamland while the machine guns are firing from inside the screen. I just want to laze around and not doing anything. Sad to say by the time we can have time together it will be an hour before Tuesday ends. Shucks~! I shall declare for a holiday next year~!!!

Between This and That...

I seriously do love blogging but now I have to make some choices - really difficult ones. Here I am blogging away about something that has nothing to do with what I wanted to blog about. I'm always so short of time to do anything. I wonder what happen to my Monday that I have no time to do anything at all and now it's already 45 minutes into Tuesday and yet I still have so much to do. My precious and my pineapple are borrowing books for me again. So, I'm into reading again, hopefully the wrist will not hurt anymore. I will have to practice short hours reading to rest the wrist. Don't ask me to sit on a chair and put the book on the table, I can't stay awake reading that way. The best way to read is in the sleeping position with my hands prop on pillows. But my eyes are half way closing now... toodles~!

Monday, February 13, 2012

The Wedding Diary...

I'm one of the biggest fans for Malaysian and Singapore movies. They are more meaningful and funny in one way or another. A moment ago you were laughing your ass off the together with all the other cinema-goers. In less than half an hour, you will be weeping unabashedly in front of the gigantic screen right in front of you. Whether it is a Jack Neo and Boris Boo or Jack Lim or Adrian Teh, they are all equally as good. The Wedding Dinner shows the way the Chinese will hold a wedding dinner, lavish to the highest peak and then you will be paying through your nose unless you are one of those filthy rich people or you have people helping you to pay for everything. Maybe you have been saving the money for donkey years then after that spend it all within a night, standing at the entrance door to welcome people in, then walking around the table cheering with everyone from table to table when you should be sitting down and enjoying the expensive food, then go up on stage to prepare a toast and pop the champagne, then stand at the entrance again to thank people for coming. Can the ang pow money cover for most of the expanses? Sometimes yes, but most of the time it's a no. I have totally different opinion, I break all kinda tradition whether it's an old tradition or a new tradition set by society. It's my wedding then I should be happy so my friends should be celebrating it for me, not the other way round. Aha~! Anyway, I don't plan to hold a wedding dinner, the price is exorbitant and I can cook all those. No, I'm not stingy just that I feel that after cooking for so long, it's not worth the value of money. Marriage is between two people. As long as I'm happy with how things are, then it's good. Valentine's Day tomorrow... I have no plans... will be working until night as usual...

Thursday, February 09, 2012

English is E.N.G.L.I.S.H.... Estúpido~!

Rascals who want to make money will always find ways to make money, using whatever methods to fish money out from poorly informed people. I was no longer shocked to hear about it but I was more dumb-founded by how dense the people are to allow themselves to be manipulated in such a way that even idiotic braying donkeys can recognize the difference. Do you know that in Penang itself, you can earn a lot by teaching English to primary and secondary students? At first I thought these matters were laughable but it has become so widely distorted and unacceptable and the best part was parents fall into such traps and students with noses high up in the air thought they know it all... the one who laughs last, laughs the loudest... and I laugh for their stupidity. In this whole entire universe, the global language is English. There are two types of official English, one is the American English which we are well rehearsed in by the wide spread of American movies swimming to our shore which I welcome whole-heartedly and the other English is the Queen's English which galloped all the way to our land when the British sang to the tunes of... for gospel, glory and gold... and proudly took over Malaya. Go study your History books if you do not understand even a single word. Malaysians are learning English the way the Brits learn them, of course minus the British slang. We speak English without any slang except for those who feel like adopting one after the head has been swarmed by too many American movies. Australian English is more like a dialect spoken widely by the Australians. Therefore, after all the lengthy explanation, there is no such thing as Singapore English. Singapore is using the Queen's English as well and dishonest people who wanted to trick parents and students into believing that Singapore English has a higher standard than our English, that's a bullish thing to say. What is Singapore English teaching these students? I are? We am? You is? No~! If you want bombastic words, words that are so big that you can't even spell it in one breath, go read the dictionary. And over the years, learning centres started mushrooming around town like saprophytes sprouting on carcasses, emphasasing on phonetic classes, grammar classes, pronunciation - to the dimwits out there, isn't phonetics and pronunciation similar to each other?- then there are essay writing classes, conversational English classes and lots more of English classes, torn apart. Are you people really that dense to the max? If you really want to learn English, should you not learn EVERYTHING? How do you expect to write a really good English essay when your head is completely void of any English words? Essay writing classes minus the grammar. Without the grammar, you write shit essays that no one can understand. Learn to crawl before you decide to take a leap up to the peak of the mountain. The truth of today is most people can't speak English properly, can't even string a proper sentence or knit out a paragraph without making silly mistakes. Some can't even speak a sentence at all because there are no English words forming in the head. They have completely non-English functioning brain but these kinda people always think they are way smarter than other people. Learning centres are kinda smart as they are able to laugh their ways to the bank, if you are serious in wanting to teach English, teach them all without splitting that one WHOLE English Language into multiple parts, you're not in a biology class trying to dissect a dead frog lying on the cold steel table. The latest that I've heard of was the difference between English Language and English 1119. That '1119' is the SPM *O-levels equivalent* examination code for English Language. See how brainless these people really are? Just by adding the examination code then everybody thinks that English 1119 is better than English Language. These kinda people ought to shoot themselves for spreading their stupidity to the younger generation, making them believe that English 1119 is far better than English. Hahahahhaa... I laugh until I have tears in the eyes thinking about this matter. Let me show you something in order to upgrade all the subjects' level. Do you think all these are better than the others?

  • Malay Language 1103

  • English 1119 (... to the brainless people...)

  • Moral Studies 1225

  • History 1249

  • Modern Maths 1449

  • Additional 3472 Maths *do you cringe looking at this kinda Maths?*

  • 4531 Physics

  • 4551 Biology

I just added the examination codes to every subject yet no one will bother about it but when you see English 1119 you leap at it like you've caught gold falling out of the sky and then you go chasing after the wind as your goldflake has been blown away by the storm. By the way, there are so many people willing to pay hundreds and thousands of Ringgit for their children to study English taught by the whites. I'm not a racist. I'm saying white because none of us here in this country is white. We're brown. The best part of what I've seen with my own eyes was that the child learnt NOTHING at all from the exorbitant English courses but came back speaking English with a horrendous slang that I would feel like hammering a plank over the mouth in order not to further embarass the child. The only way to learn English - perfect English at that, English without flaws - is to learn it through listening and reading and then writing. Switch on that idiot box and start watching Sesame Streets or Barney or whatever cartoons or English movies that you can find screening from the TV stations. Read more... read, read, read, read and READ~! By hiring an American or Briton will not help as not all of them mastered the language. It's the same all over the world. You may come face-to-face with a Westerner who speaks broken English, a Chinese who can't understand even a word of Chinese, a Malay who flunk his Malay Language major examination paper, an Indian who curses you right and left for speaking Tamil as the particular person has never learn to speak his own mother tongue. In conclusion, stop being so stupid... por favor~!

PS. Don't get me wrong. I've never claim that I can speak or write perfect English...

Wednesday, February 08, 2012

A Picture is Worth A Thousand Words...

Familiar with the adage 'A picture is worth a thousand words'? According to Wikipedia, the adage refers to the notion that a complex idea can be conveyed with just a single image. If you want to know what else Wikipedia writes, just google it - it's a google generation - so nothing wrong about it, nothing to be ashamed of. Now, what do you see in that photo above? Please, I'm not giving a Science lesson, so please don't tell me about how the atoms formed the compound scientifically known as hydrogen oxide or shortly term as H2O. Science is like lullaby to me, swinging me into a sweet sleep. Surely there is more to it than just water. Search deeper, anything abstract can be dug out from just a piece of great photo.

With that single drop of water, accumulated over time, they form a large expanse of the Earth. About two-third of this Earth is covered by water - the dead lakes, the vast seas, the oceans that separate continents, the swirling rivers, the rushing waterfalls and the dirty water pumping out from your house. A single drop of water forms life on Earth. Let's travel back in time roughly about 2000 years ago when God has just created this Earth. No argument about the age of this planet Earth, please, let it be 2000 years ago because living with the dinosaurs were just a crazy idea. Now, imagine that there is no such thing as modernisation, it is just between you and nature. You have all the time in the world do live life in a slow pace. No hurry, no homework, no traffic to distract you, just the beauty of nature and you are staring at the roaring waterfall and it flows into a stream. Isn't it peaceful to just look into the water, see how clear it is, how drops of water can form into a habitat to sustain aquatic lives.

A drop of fresh dew. That signifies a new day. Hardly will you see the morning dew if you are staying in the heart of a city surrounded by buildings and more buildings. There is nothing to represent nature. Use your imagination and let's go up to Penang Hill or even Cameron Highlands. Take a walk among the trees in the garden and look at how the dew sparkle while it nestles on the green leaf and moving along to the tip of the leaf and plop it goes onto the ground. Take in a deep breath and know for sure that you will be a having a great day ahead of you till the next morning. For those living in the city, such relaxing morning dissipates into thin air. It's all about hurrying off to work, hurrying off to school, you don't notice even if there's a morning dew greeting you from one of your potted plants. This is how disengage we are with nature even if it is only a drop of water.

A drop of tears. Sounds silly you say? It is life. It's not the first drop of tears you show when you were hauled up and out from your mother's womb. It is the tears from your mother. The joy and happiness for having you - a new breath of life. That drop of tears speaks volume. The unspeakable joy while counting the number of toes and fingers that you have. Pouring out her soul for your life to be blessed and crafting your future in her mind. As years go by, you will be the one to prove whether it should be tears of joy or of heartache. A mother's drop of tears cannot be replaced by neither gold nor silver. That is how vast and how deep her love for her offsprings. On the other hand, it is tears of relief that you're out and not gonna make her look like a hippopotamus anymore.

A trickle of water. Raindrop. When the sun has been shining it's glorious brightness, you will wish for even a drop of rain to come down from the cloudless sky. But when it is pouring cats and dogs, our natural built-in complain system in our head works wonderfully, complaining about how the rain should stop as it is getting too wet. Has it ever occur to you how happily the people who are faced with drought will be jumping about? That drop of water brings hope to a better future, a better crop yield, a better livelihood - life which does not have to be tortured by constant thirst.

A drop of water but endless ripples. A symbolic meaning for one's small action that causes multiple consequences. It may be positive yet, it may be negative. Now, let me share with you a one sentence story of a little wrong move causes a multitude of heartache and a mountain of problems. You are a family man yet due to your uncontrollable temper you killed someone by accident thus, you are to be sentenced for donkey years while your parents are tormented by busybody neighbours, your beautiful wife and lovely children suffered emotionally and financially, your siblings will be in a dilemma whether to acknowledge you as their brother or disown you, further stressing them in their lives. Well, if you do good to others, that kindness will flow from one hand to another, passing on goodness is contagious.

Water has life of its own. If I've not remembered wrongly, according to one of the Japanese documented studies that caught my attention a few years back, it shows and proves that water has life of its own. Two experiments have been carried out simultaneously, a glass of water was rained with kind words and affection while the other glass of water was been yelled at, cursed and condemned. After the experiment, a drop of water from each jar was taken and placed on the microscople slide. Through the power of the magnification lenses, the Japanese scientists were astounded and astonished with the immense contrast of the pattern formed between the two droplets of water. You would be as shocked as they shocked then. The cursed and condemned water had haphazard patterns formed whilst the droplet with affectionate words enveloping it formed symmetrical patterns of beauty.

As the title says - a picture is worth a thousand words - that is just a proverb. Everything else is abstract. It is how you see things and how you view life. That photo is seriously just a drop of water, nothing but a drop of water. Profound and yet simple, simple and yet profound.

Tuesday, February 07, 2012

It Ended with a BOOM~!!!

It's the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. Chinese New Year started with a loud boom as if the whole island was bombarded with torpedoes and gun fires were released like there were endless ammunition. Some of the explosions were so loud it that the stars were shaken off from the sky. The ninth emperor's birthday was celebrated with more booms and bangs and pom and every single freaking sound that you can hear when you watch a movie with a war scene. And they released the booming explosives of beautiful lights in the middle of the night from 12 a.m. right up until 1a.m. You finally dozed off and then all of a sudden, your body jumped out of the bed while your body jumped out of your skin and your soul went hiding under the bed... you get what I mean... it was so loud and it was just outside my window. Anyway, I do enjoy watching the fireworks in the night sky and you just have to salute the Chinese in China for being so creative. I have the slightest idea what fireworks are made of. Today, or should I say yesterday... hhmmm... I mean an hour ago, it was Chap Goh Meh, in the Hokkien dialect, it means the 15th night, the last day of the Chinese New Year celebration. I got a good snapshot of the fireworks but the rest of the celebration, I did not have anything to show as I'm not one who enjoys going and getting myself stuck in such large crowd of strangers. I was working from 1:30p.m. right until 10p.m.

I Walk Home :'(

I've always say that if I ever get stuck in a horrid traffic, I will just leave my car and go on foot. That's what I did today. See how beautifully I edited the photo. My car was parked at the correct direction and it was a one way street. Unfortunately, when I was done working, I stepped out of the house and was completely horrified to see that the whole two-lane road has been jammed up with traffic coming from the opposite direction. It was too impossible to turn the car around and follow the lost crowd. I cancelled off my next class and started walking. I'm dead serious when I said I'm gonna leave the car behind. If ever I'm stuck in this kinda traffic on a highway, don't be surprise if you see an abandon car in the middle of nowhere. It was the Thaipusam festival but I thought it's gonna be tomorrow, not today. I guess tomorrow all the Indian devotees will be at Waterfall. So, I had a great 30 minutes brisk walking, trying to get home as fast as I can and get out of town before the breaking of coconuts on the road begins. Please google and get more information about Thaipusam, I'm not gonna write anything about it in details neither do I have the best photos for this event. I chose not to defile my camera with this event as my God has said it loud and clear in the first and second commandment. Go check out the Ten Commandments...Ahh... the smell of incense along the road made me gagged. I almost died of suffocation and hey, they've got free vegetarian curry rice for lunch. I'm a carnivore... I get turned off looking at vege. I tried to walk faster but I couldn't go any faster. The crowd was so huge some of them just stood there and there were many photographers which cameras as large as machine guns trying to shoot the event. Oh, boy~! Won't you have muscle cramps on your arms and shoulders and fingers carrying such heavy camera? A bus~!!! Excuse me, can you take me home please? Shucks~! There were so many people walking slowly, by the time I reached the bus, the door has closed. Anyway, in the end I walked faster than the bus. The bus was stuck in the crawling traffic. At times like this, depending on my two feet was way better than depending on wheels. While European countries are faced with deadly cold weather, I think Penang is so hot, you can feel your skin being barbecued while walking. I went home with baked skin... nice brown tan that I have. Home~! The road was still empty but the devotees were definitely moving to this stop over here later. I went home, took a quick bath to get rid of the smokey smell and rushed off, staying as far away as I could from town.

Sunday, February 05, 2012


Cooking, ironing clothes, sweeping, dusting, feeding a baby, pegging clothes on the line. Do you think I could really juggle that all at once? Nah... I can't do that, not built with such skills so nope, I wasn't multitasking doing all those at once. This is gonna be a busy month and I am busy typing essays, one after another. I tried multitasking by watching a movie with my left eye and concentrating on my writing with my right eye. Sad to say, I opted to shut the computer down and concentrate on the movie more. I give 100% of my attention to the movie. Now, I kinda regretted it coz' I'm very sleepy and can't concentrate after writing three essays. Thank God for computers. Even though my keyboards are without printed letters as they faded away years back, I am glad that I've played with my mama's typewriter when I was a child and I could type without looking. Thank God for computers as they have delete button. I can just delete off the paragraph instead of cancelling it with a ruler or making the mistakes disappear with Mr. Whiper. My hubby is playing with Wii beside me. I forced him to play as I don't really enjoy playing video games and since I have bought Wii when it was first introduced to mankind, I wouldn't want to let it rot in one corner of the shelf. Wii must be put to good use. Dead sleepy now... gonna work for 11.5 hours tomorrow... Suffer first, enjoy later... that's my motto...

Friday, February 03, 2012

Roti Jala...

You might say there's nothing special about roti jala or you might not have the slightest idea what roti jala is. The moment I saw that pan, I went, "Wow~! So big~!" It's at Belimbing Cafe, after the round-a-bout and that round-a-bout is leading somewhere going towards the End of the World. I have problem describing the place but I know how to get there. That pak cik *uncle* is a real good sport. He was so busy demonstrating for us his skills. Frenchman sour puss and wife, learn a bit from this uncle. This is how the locals do things... Ahh.. a very simple breakfast. The roti jala is three times the usual size, folded into many parts and you can eat with chicken curry, fish curry or meat curry. I prefer chicken curry. Guess how much that piece of roti jala is? Well, it's only 80 cents. So cheap~! After dining at all the expensive and cut-throat places, 80 cents kinda threw me off the rail. The crispy roti telur with dhal gravy. I'm sorry to say that no doubt I love the crispy roti canai skin, I still prefer the roti telur in Jalan Tengah. I grew up eating that so my taste buds have been adjusted to only like that curry that went along perfectly with the roti telur. We went off to Teluk Bahang dam for a little while. Just took a few pics... the sun almost killed us. I can barely open my eyes. My eyes are already so small now I have to reduce the size some more. We met two lovely English ladies walking along the hill road. You gotta be joking... walking in such quiet place, an uphill climb on a tar road. Bonnie was talking to them for they were asking for directions. They complaint that England is too cold. I complaint that Penang is too hot. It is so hot that the heat penetrates right into the skin and the bones. The last batch of films also got problems. See those three bright lines? That's because the films have expired two years ago. Serve me right for keeping them for so long.