Friday, September 12, 2008

My Ol' Fren..

Penang is soooo BBBIIIIGGGG but both of us have no where to head to. So ended up in Queensbay Mall. We bought tickets to watch 'Money No Enough 2' and then went down to Baskin Robbins... first time I makan ice-creamnya. I took the photo of the ice-cream tapi hilang from my PDA entah pergi mana. I think my PDA ate that ice-cream liao.

Nah.. found the ice-cream from the PDA liao... sot sot punya PDA... took my ice-cream for no reason now baru gave me back...

I watched 'Money No Enough 2' twice. After watching with Annie, then Sunday watch with mama. After our movie session, we rushed off to Sunway Tunas to have lunch at Ben's Diner. We reached at 2:17pm tapi the diner closed at 2:15pm. Ish!! Geramnya!! Rush all the way for nothing. Ended makan lunch di Four Seasons Restaurant. Annie didn't like the food and I also don't like the food. It's too simple and I can cook that type of dishes also.

Annie flying off to UK to do her Masters in Finance. Will be back next year. See you next year pal!

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Jackson said...

i wan to watch money not enough 2