Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Yen's Kitchen: No Kangkung... Two Weeks Into 2014...

As the classes are starting earlier than usual, I have the chance to have a quick good look at the sun rising and wishing everyone a very good morning. You know, the politics in this country... I can't seem to fathom any of them but what I know is that, my God is an unchanging God. The sun still rises in the east and sets in the west. The formation of clouds may change all the time but you're still looking at clouds. 
Seriously, the prices of everything under the sun has gone up but the price of the water spinach has gone down. I remembered buying a small bunch of water spinach costing RM1 at Kek Lok Si to feed the terrapins. So, what's the price now for a bundle of water spinach? It has been a real hoo-hah in the Facebook, applauding the country's Prime Minister for being understanding by bringing down the price of water spinach. How did the story start and where the ending is heading towards, I don't think I really care. Do you seriously think I will cook water spinach just because the price has gone down?
I just pan fried salmon for my lunch. Come on, it's not like we can't afford anything just because of price hike and inflation. As long as I don't have to push a trolley filled with money just to buy a loaf of bread, I thank God for everything. The world is coming to an end, looks like it. Before long our money will be of no value and the mark of the beast will be introduced. Exciting times... so who's the anti-Christ? Just curious...
I started the year with a long table dinner for the church elders... more like nutcrackers... whoever says church elders and pastors have to be serious, carrying the Bible wherever they are and saying "Hallelujah... Praise the Lord" in every conversation? Those who miss this dinner... you totally miss it :D No worries... I will host the long table dinner once awhile... for the fun of it. Who says must have special occasion only can host dinners? I enjoy cooking and once in awhile I enjoy serving people. There's NO kangkung in any of the dishes. I have nothing against kangkung... I'm just not a vege lover.
I have something different for once. The glass jar... I bought three of them last year to store cookies. I never have any chance at all to store even one piece of cookie because whenever the oven 'ting', in less than 15 minutes, the whole tray of cookies disappeared completely. Thus, I never have the chance to keep anything in the glass jar. I made this Malacca pineapple tarts for the first time. The first tray went into everyone's mouth and then I used my veto power in the house to put restriction on the second and third tray. I managed to keep only ONE jar for last Sunday's dinner. And then again, it's already empty. A few people asked me whether I'm keeping this for Chinese New Year which will be arriving in another two weeks' time. Keep? I have nothing left now coz I gave them away. Old habits die hard. I'm always giving because I enjoy doing so. I think I need to make new ones for the sake of filling up the glass jar. I love to see glass jar filled with cookies. 
Oh... my first ice-cream made from scratch. The durian ice-cream which is to die for. It's a combination of Musang King and D-11. I have the best chocolate ice-cream which I have no photo of. Never occur to me to snap the chocolate ice-cream's photo. Looks like I have to make a new one. Goodbye Haagen... I churn my own ice-cream now and I make my own bread... goodbye Massimo. It's Yen's Kitchen... anything will just appear from there. 

I don't really have that much free time in hand to blog. My free time is well spent in the kitchen or in front of the idiot box. I don't want to pay for monthly subscription of cable television for no one to watch it. I just want to spend time with myself.... and the hubby. 

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