Saturday, March 08, 2014

MH370... and the Circulating Stories...

My Facebook wall is somewhat like a news reeling in every minute. During the election, there were so many stories circulating, I'm sure the compilation of news would be far more than what the national newspapers were offering. The disappearance of flight MH370 has been on the wall since the moment I went online.

Some of my friends even mentioned that it was a snowballing effect from yesterday's political agenda. The disappearance of a plane will be a brilliant distraction from the political scene. I have wonderful friends but sometimes, I just don't know what happen during information transfer between the nerve cells. 

As everyone from different religion background urges each other to step forward and pray for the missing plane, there is this one Jim Solouki who tried painting a picture that it was God's punishment for Islam in Malaysia. How sick can this person be? This man has no Biblical principles and if God is punishing those embracing Islam, how does one explain about those Christians who have their lives wrecked by cancer? This man ought to be hung, feet up or be stoned to death for trying to stir disharmony among a nation who is grieving for the missing plane. 

This is the first time a Malaysian plane went down. How would one react when next week I'll be on the same route? There are only a few things that came out in my head in the event that the plane goes down when I'm on it:
  1. Pray and thank God for a really good life... and thank God that I'm going 'home'... pray for repentance... pray that my name is in the Book of Life...
  2. I believe I'm the 'survivor' type... I'll find ways to stay alive... like opening the emergency door when it's getting nearer to ground or sea level and jump out... 
  3. Jump out midair... will be sucked out... die sooner or later...
  4. Close your eyes and scream like you're on a really fast roller coaster.
  5. I suggest that all flights prepare parachutes for each passenger along with the safety jacket to keep afloat... it is not always that a plane will crash into water...
And to Jim Solouki, please go through the word of God again from Genesis all the way to Revelation. God will reveal His love to you for His people regardless of race, decree and religion. I serve a good God, so do others who do not agree with you. May the Lord bless your soul for painting such distorted image of Christ.

Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370, God’s punishment for Islam in Malaysia!

Greetings True Christians,
I literally just posted on the fact that God hates Islam when the Holy Spirit led me to an article about Malaysia Airlines Flight MH370 disappearing en route to China. Malaysia is a heathen country filled with Muslims, Buddhists, Hindus, and witch-doctors, and God has allowed this plane to disappear as a way to open they eyes of the Malaysians to the wrong-ness of their ways. It is likely that God allowed their plane to crash into the sea as punishment for the sinfulness of many on the flight.  Unfortunately, many families will experience sadness due to this event, but if the passengers were all True Christians, this plane would not have crashed. It’s as simple as that.
The disappearance of this plane is a punishment from God. .Either God will allow the plane to turn up safely as a way to lead the passengers to Christ, or God will crash the plane into the ocean. If the passengers were willing to be saved and embrace Jesus, then the plane will land safely. If not, the plane will crash and the passengers will be cast into Hell. The Holy Spirit has told me of this fact.
Let us pray that the passengers have made the correct choice and embraced Jesus so that they might land safely.

Yours in Christ,
Jim Solouki


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