Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Day 9: Kiss and Ride...

~ 22nd March 2014 ~
We were in Chiayi County and we had a wonderful time up in Alishan and down at Fenqihu. Along the journey to the High Speed Rail Station, from the van, we could see a few new housing estates but not that many people. It's live at the outskirt with no human congestion. Not a place that I would pick to live in. 
The train station was almost deserted, so unlike Taipei and Alishan which were sardine-packed with tourists. Taipei has been overly advertised as tourist destination, same as Alishan. One shouldn't just visit a heavily advertised place. Once the place has been bombarded by tourists, there's nothing special about that place anymore. I'm glad we're heading south-wards.
Our train has finally arrived, on the dot. Clean and noise-less. Speed is all it is about.
We have booked our tickets while we were in Taipei. Smart us calculated the time perfectly. Perfect timing, praise the Lord~! It was such a relief to be able to sit on a comfortable seat. We got a glimpse of the different counties in the outskirt in just a couple of hours. Looks like Taiwan still has ample of space to be built up and modernized. The whole country needs nicer buildings with more cheerful colours instead of dull colours. 
The sun accompanied us throughout the whole journey. Sunset on the way.
Tainan was the second last stop. When the train came to a halting stop at the station, we jumped out and quickly snapped a pic or two. Thank goodness we didn't spend more time outside as the train suddenly closed its doors and sped off into oblivion.... with us inside, of course. Tainan has a few attractions of its own for example you will be able to see how salt is processed.
Funny seeing this in Kaohsiung... "Kiss and Ride". Is there any wrong translation going on with that phrase? We've never seen this phrase before. Kiss goodbye by dropping your loved ones off or ride on with your loved ones aboard? Is that what it means? We're got ourselves lost in Kaohsiung's rail station. We were walking up and down, looking at all the booths with pamphlets to continue our journey. Yeah, we went to another county with only half a solid plan. Another half was like a prototype software which has not been run in full swing. We managed didn't we?

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