Wednesday, January 31, 2007


This sister of mine and her boyfriend ordered Fisherman Au' Gratin and Chicken Maryland. They asked for it! None of use can finish them but while laughing and burning away the extra fat we managed to finished them up slowly.... Fisherman Au' Gratin was actually seafood lasagna... it tasted awful maybe because my stomach has no place for that. Janice... your mom's lasagna still top my list of lasagnas! Your mom is the best chef! That chicken maryland wasn't that bad but to order this kinda food here it made that dish very costly.

My flown in Alaskan fresh lobster. Half baked with cheese and half grilled! I preferred the grilled side. Love it to bits. Conclusion is it wasn't so great eating lobster. Crabs taste better than lobsters... looks like I don't really know how to appreaciate the luxury of having a lobster on my table.

AARRRRGGGHHHH!!!!! Another dish! Seafood sphaggeti. That one ended up in the take away box.... smile... I will not be like others who left the table with untouched food and walked away. So that sphagetti became the next day's lunch for my mom.

Bill not that expensive. Less than half of RM1k. Not bad. Not bad at all!


jan said...

wooooo byk makanan! i'm glad you had a great meal n greater conversation! hugs!

aL said...

arh? Less than half of RM1k? cant u give us a more specific figure like approx rm250 or rm400 than that?

rm50 oso can be less than half of RM1k.

like very bo tat. its not even fine dining or exotic cuisines. apakui so expensive ah?


yenmei said...

To be specific its RM466. Eventhough you say bo tat but I find that I had a great time with my family which I don't have usually.... So the price of the food doesn't matter. The place was cosy and kami semua tidak diganggu... hahaha... Itulah yang seronok!!