Wednesday, January 31, 2007

My 23rd Birthday at Victoria Station

I have never celebrated my birthday before at such a grand scale. Well.. to me its very grand spending so much on food. It was the heartiest meal ever!!

A cute chocolate cake which I swallowed within a minute... hahaha...oh tidak! I actually ate it slowly coz' I thought I would be getting a large cake as I'm growing older but the sad case here was I got smaller cake each year.

The menu came and since everyone was hungry, we started placing orders. My mom was fabulous... ordering non-stop....

Shark's fin with abalone, shark's fin with crab meat, Mexican red chilli with beans and three bowls of salad on the house. The shark's fin was superb but sis spoiled the one with abalone by pouring too much vinegar before anyone tasted the original taste. The chilli wasn't hot at all and there were lots of beans in there. Not my choice of dish.... I didn't order it :) Salad with different dressing - mayonnaise, thousand island and another dunno what oil with garlic. Wasn't paying attention coz' I didn't intend to even take a spoonful of those... I didn't know how the salad tasted.


Anonymous said...

Do you have any idea how cruel shark finning is????
It' a disgusting practice in which fisherman slice off the fin of a shark, while the shark is still alive, and then throw the body of the helpless animal back in the water where it either drowns, bleeds to death or is eaten by other animals. Also, MANY shark populations are facing extinction so eating them is very irresponsible. Please be responsible and don't eat shark fin soup. Instead eat ecofriendly items. Also I have heard about shark fin soup alternatives which are supposed to be pretty tasty:

Thanks and please spread the word!

yenmei said...

Siapa orang gila yang merosakkan I punya birthday by telling me I'm cruel to eat shark fin! Kepala otak tak pakai!! Its not like I eat shark's fin everyday! Eat ecofriendly food?? Yeah.. rite!! Eat grass will do!

Anonymous said...

Wow, a little angry are we?

First of all, I didn't tell you to eat grass-there are plenty of food items that taste good and are environmentally friendly.

Secondly, it doesn't matter if you eat it everyday, you are supporting a cruel industry.

It's just a matter of being responsible. It's common sense really, if we (human beings collectively) continue to desimate shark populations, they will go extinct.