Monday, July 14, 2008


Yes... that's the name of my company... the only company in Penang which offers watersports activities at the lowest rate in the whole world. I am hooked to jet ski and this is my dream. I have turned it into reality with God's help. Without God in the picture, I'm a nobody. God actually dropped me that idea when I was asleep. I woke up with this excitement in me... I don't know how to explain,you have to be me to really understand what was going on at that time.

To cut the long story short, I registered my company a week after having the dream... RUN WITH THE WAVE... I hope to make it explode in our small little island of Penang. RUN WITH THE WAVE offers you the lowest rate in jet-skiing, parasailing, banana boat ride, beach buggy and horse riding. Fishing trip and barbecue come together as one activity. You do not have to bring any fishing equipment. Just bring yourself and drinking water. Food is prepared, too.

The location is in Batu Feringghi beach right behind Golden Sands. You will see the company streamers and banners throughout the island in no time. It's a very new and unique company, therefore I wish I will get the support from Penangnites.

Send me your email address so that I can send you the package prices. There are 5 categories which you can choose from. Add me in your MSN : .
Come and feel the wave of Penang. God bless! You are welcome to be my company's promoter with high commission rate. Come and join me for a fantastic experience. Love you ppl!
With RUN WITH THE WAVE that horse has become a part of my life, too. The horse is Sasha. And that's my new friend, Janet Lee. Met her at the gym. A God send since I complained that I don't have friends, God sent me one, also a sister-in-Christ.


Mariposa said...

wow YM!!

aL said...

whoa. congrats! :)

seahorse27 said...

Thank you pals!! Hope to get you orang punya support

deb said...

nice to see a like minded entrepreneur in the making.Congrats and best of luck. It takes more than just a uni paper to make it in this world. ;)