Saturday, December 08, 2012

Depression Kills...

That's a very beautiful fighting fish. The fish would open its fins and tails and flap around while swimming around the rectangular glass aquarium. It was such a beauty to look at. I don't know where I've adopted the skill to stare at fishes. I could stand for an hour just looking at them. Anyway, that's not mine but it's in the house. It was Pork's fish bought at RM5.
Two days after that, the life of Bluey was torn apart. My youngest did the silliest thing any lazy teenager could have done. Due to her laziness to change the aquarium water individually, she mixed all 6 fishes together in a big basin. In less than a minute, Bluey was attacked without mercy by my eldest's proud red fighter. The attack took less than 30 seconds and my youngest scooped Bluey up and separated the rest before more got killed.
Bluey took more than a week to heal completely. Bluey was given a tender loving care but you couldn't expect us to hole it in our hand and give it a smacking and encouraging kiss to fight for his life. The broken fin and tail grew back to its original length and glamour. Bluey stepped into a deep depression. The beautiful blue tail was never opened and neither did Bluey want to swim around. It was just moving up and down the aquarium and another week after that, Bluey went on a hunger strike. We went to buy live worms but Bluey wasn't interested with those at all. I wished the vets knew what to do. Shouldn't there be any fish therapy for the depressed and beaten fish? 

One of the Monday mornings when I woke and went for a jog, Bluey was still breathing but it was gulping for air, taking in big breath. When I came back half an hour later, Bluey was at the bottom of the aquarium. Sad to say I did not cry for the fish. I have no feelings for fish, dunno why... It's just another fish... but it's Bluey... a fish with a name... 

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