Wednesday, March 27, 2013

That's A Really Big Bad Wolf...

Oh, yes... the big bad wolf has arrived. I was thrilled to know about the cheap offers. Instead of getting the books at RM32.90 or RM68 either from the Popular Bookstore or MPH, I got most of the books at RM8, RM10, RM12 and RM20. 
Fancy being greeted with guys holding empty boxes. I took two boxes and I was really floating in paradise seeing those neatly lined books. That's very prim and proper... at least readers know how to put back what they see and not throw the books all around like when you go shopping for clothes and the whole bin looked like a tornado has gone through it and dumped the clothes back down into one ungodly sight pile.

I was moving in a tortoise pace but as I walked further, I see that most of the titles and authors are not known to me at all. I must have stopped reading for some time not to realize what I have missed. But then again, I seriously don't know any of those books or writers. Should I give it a try? Nah... there are lots of romantic novels but I prefer those with complex cases that boggles your mind. If Stigg Larsson was still alive I would opt for his books. I can't even find David Baldacci's book and where's Sidney Sheldon? Can't find anything that I have in mind. 
 I don't know how I do it but I guess I have a splurging problem with me. It's either I buy tonnes of clothes at one go, spending in four digits for clothes and I did the same for books. For the rest of the stuff like paying a RM2 parking or paying 20 cents for a plastic bag, I will tell you that I can't afford it as they seem to be too expensive. I can tell you that a plate of seafood spaghetti costing RM17 is just too expensive but I don't mind eating a blob of ice-cream at the price of RM18. There you go... I have an hour and a half and I spent roughly around RM400++ on the books and got myself and my precious a t-shirt each with a 25% slash off the price. I thought I have bought enough, actually I have. When Logos was here, I spent more than half a thousand on story books. When Popular Bookstore held a fair at Straits Quay, I spent another half a thousand. 
 So I bought mine on Monday. Today (Tuesday) I was too busy with my long train of schedules. Hubby decided to go on his own. I thought he wasn't going to get anything so I left him the debit card just in case. Wonderful hubby that I have... he called before making the payment as any large sum of amount spent will have to be certified by yours truly. My heart did a somersault when the total amount skyrocketed to RM720. I wanted to say no but if I say no, I will have to go back there on Friday morning, and sort through which one I wanted and which one I don't want. Some of the books are for my eldest, like that big ugly blue book with the title 'The Ultimate Guide to Spirits & Cocktails'. Heck, I don't even drink. Have I ever mention that my favourite drink is plain water, icy cold? And what's with that Pilates book... I'll have a good laugh imagining myself doing it. All those recipe books that filled up my once new and empty shelves, those will last me a lifetime. I wonder whether I can finish cooking them if I target 3 recipes in a day. 

I'm contemplating of hitting the gym once again... but if I have to stand in the kitchen and cook out a storm all by myself, I will have no time for gym at all or any other things anymore. What am I to do now? My hubby is very supportive as he said, "If you want to go to the gym, then go. If you want to cook, then cook." Hah... that's a good piece of advise... and I only have a few hours free in hand. Should I wake up at 5 a.m. to cook? Nah... I enjoy sleeping with my comforter and my plush animals in both arms...
NNNNNNNOOOOOOOO~! I didn't survive the wolf... I'm still shocked over the RM720 bill... and I'll never leave the debit card behind anymore. I was thinking of going back there on Friday to have a slow walk again but looks like I'm not going back there. No more clothes shopping or book shopping until next year... I'm gonna be a scrooge...

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