Sunday, February 02, 2014

The Best Chinese New Year Ever....

The year of the horse. Any significance in my life? Nope... I don't believe in any of the Chinese stuff. But I'm galloping away. I have a rather weird family who asked me to bring my own food for reunion dinner. And one who always always always asked me how much I'm earning. Fantastic... and all the remarks that opened up my eyes, "If I'm poor, then everybody else is worse than I am." Wow~! Amen~!!! My Father in heaven does own the cattle on a thousand hills.

My biological sister taught me that to stay on in a family, it's best that I grow up and keep my mouth shut. Wow... I would rather have strangers used me than having my 'so-called' family used me to the max. I would rather bring food and bless others than having humiliated for eating too much. This year I chose the way to celebrate as we like it. 

While others have loving family and relatives... I've never belong to the family over there. It's enough to have my mother, my hubby and my girls. We rot at home and ate to our heart's content. After rotting for two days straight, today we decided to leave the house and walked aimlessly at the mall. The best part of a shopping mall is the one selling kitchen utensils.

We had a great time eating instead of looking at steamboat with only a few stuff and more steamboat and more steamboat. I cooked up a storm and then we have the pleasure of eating straight from the pan and wok and pot. What kinda superstitious is that that one should not do that? And about sweeping the floor on the first day of Chinese Lunar New Year... don't worry about that... I don't sweep the floor whole year round. Somebody else who can't stand the dust in the house will do it. I will only do it when I have the time. Hey, I'm not jobless... like some people think I am.

We had our first Mexican dining experience at Habanero. Messing ourselves with tacos. Eating quesadillas were easier. Then, we walked over to the opposite Pie Harbour. The pies are to die for but beware... Yen's Chicken Pies will creep into the market very soon. Hehehehhehe....

The cinema. It's a place where everyone goes to when there's no where to go. Last year when we were in the dead town over there, we went for movies every day and spent our free time in MpH buying cupcake books. Then mi mama was warned against going to the cinema anymore but to rot at home over there staring at the walls and ceiling. What kinda celebration was that? I will never torture my mama like that. So, this is the best Chinese New Year ever and we'll have better ones next year and the year to come. We didn't catch any movies so far, the queue at the counter was snaking long.

I shall hold my very own private long table dinner soon. I will never complain of anyone eating too much... or should I ask my friends to bring their own food to the dinner I'm hosting? 

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