Wednesday, May 14, 2014

The Inevitable Activity: Sleep....

Tomorrow is Thursday. I'm not bounded by time. I have been taking my own sweet time in uploading my holiday photos which has amounted to 14 172 photos. I know, that's totally crazy. So, I'm not going to be bothered about that until the next holiday, maybe. I do have a lot of things in mind for example clearing the kitchen as I have so many things in the kitchen it is a surprise that I can even stand there and do anything. I have a really big kitchen compared to other kitchens in different houses and I'm very happy with this kitchen just that I feel that I don't have enough space. I. NEED. MORE. SPACE.

Then, I have been planning to get back my nice not-so-fat body but I have to move my butt and get my ass off the bed and go for the jog and then torture myself in the gym. Actually, I like going to the gym but currently I'm so lazy I couldn't even move an inch. I love the bed so much. Love staying under the comforter. Love the room that you will have no idea when the sun appears. Love the cool air-cond at 16-degree.

I have three songs to practice on the piano but I think I can survive on sight-reading. Need to prepare lots of answer sheets. Have to prepare early for all the major exams. Gosh... I have so many things to do but I'm happily typing here because I miss writing so much. I'm finally getting a new Internet connection for the house YES!! Yes!!! I'm getting YES! Thanks to stupid Wimax but I'll still keep to Wimax for the other house. Unifi why you don't want to come to my place? Why you don't like to come here? You scared no subscribers? 

Eh, I just saw my fishing rods but I guess the weather is too hot and I'm not a fisherman. But I did play a bit with my camera. I love it but still... don't ask me to edit photos... I'll kill people if I have to edit all my 14 172 photos. 
That's the moon I captured. It looks like I have grabbed the photo from Google but I DID NOT! It's from my telephoto lens and I take a shot of the moon outside the house. It looks perfect to me... *sigh* Photography is an art. I like everything natural and unedited. 

What am I to do with myself? I'm currently reading on the book of Numbers and it's a bit too stressful. Why God has so many laws if I were to live at that time, I couldn't make it to the Promise Land together with the rest of the Israeli, wandering in the desert for 40 years. 

Oh, I still have my gardening to do. Still need to change the interior designs of each corner of the house. But, I think I'll dream about all those. I've been deprived of sleep... *sigh* one month of holiday and after a month, I'm still suffering from it. 

Come back, ol' life.... come back to me... I don't really remember how I live my life before my holidays or how did I live my life last year... can't remember what I was busy with last year. Couldn't recall anything. 

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