Friday, May 16, 2014

The Penis.... From Hengchun,Taiwan....

I have removed the post earlier because I think it inappropriate in some way or another. But come to think about it, this is my blog, where I write about everything. This is part of the account of my travel log, part of my ranting and I just enjoy writing and sharing my stories to myself. I find some of the posts that I wrote rather amusing.

Taiwan, as I said, offered much to tourists. We have heard so much of the country that all of a sudden we were planning one, on our own. We did a lot of research but not as much as others might do. We were the last-minute travellers and we know that our plans would never be followed by us to the dot. We changed our plans just like how sudden the wind shifted. 

We consider ourselves truly blessed when we met strangers who showed us pure Taiwanese hospitality. Pinky has said that Taiwanese are friendly people. I do agree about their friendliness but to what extent are their friendliness genuine? One would never know until something happened.

Tsai Chin-Yih and his wife, Ann... 
We met this couple, tour agents down south, who has shown us goodness and mercy. They took us for a dinner, which we split the bill. We were thankful for their extended goodness, on top of allowing us to use the credit card to pay for our transportation to another county. I was really touched by their gestures and whispered a prayer of blessing upon them.

We became friends in the social network. The man has been sending photos of places to visit in Hengchun Township, a place which we have overlooked while doing our research. We thought there was nothing nice to look at over there as we prefer staring into the roaring Pacific Ocean, rather than to look at some old temples. We have enough of looking at old buildings by the time we traveled down south of the island.
Were you standing in your closet on tip-toe just to send this photo to me?
Well, the man proved to be over-friendly when he sent me the photo of his erected dick while thinking of me. One of my friends said 'hat's off to me' for giving a man a full erection by just thinking of me and looking at my profile photo. The man, in broken English, was even begging for me for sex, which makes me wonder, what is the use of his wife then? Did he have a bad marriage, an unhealthy marriage? He's working with his wife, looking at her every day, and yet he could be lusting over someone else. Oh, well..... don't mess with me. I'm not a person to be messed with. 

I made a phone call to the wife. A loud-mouth lady who sided with the husband. Instead of blaming him, she blamed herself that she's has been neglecting him due to heavy workload of bringing and arranging tours for customers. I don't know what kinda sex life Taiwanese couples have but to have your own husband begging for sex from a tourist whom he has only known for a couple of hours, that's rather a sad sad sex life back at home. Please, sign up for marriage counselling if you have one over there. I thought Taiwan is a first world country, maybe just in facilities, not in the human brain. Or I might have just met a no brainer but I do pity the wife.

I did some background check on the man. Found much stuff by just searching on a person's name on Google. Found one of his Google+ accounts which was shared publicly, with a few naked ladies as people in his circle. Well, he made it private once he realized I've found out about it and feeding his bimbo wife with the information. Found that he has another Facebook account with different birth dates with different sets of friends in both accounts. Fancy, living with a man with a double life. Found another website for Taiwanese to look for soul mates where he has fake his age by ten years younger. I really pity his wife by now and I wonder how could one live with such a man. That takes a lot of effort and love. I would have kick the man out into the streets and file for divorce before the clock strikes 12 midnight. Hey, man.... I found another of your Google+ accounts. 

I live half of my waking hours online so seriously, don't mess with me.... and my Taiwan friend found your house address. I do make lots of friends everywhere. You proof to be one of the most rotten person I've ever met and I'll remember you for life.