Thursday, July 24, 2014

An Open Letter to Mr. Crab....

Everywhere there's news about plane crashes. The latest would be the one which crash-landed in Taiwan. I have no love for that country so, my emotions remained neutral when I saw that news. But when MH17 went down, the heart stopped for a bit. That touches home. I love Malaysia. I love EVERYTHING about Malaysia no matter how much people said about how terrible this country is, politically. This is my home. Enough said.
The sacrifice of the mud crab... 
Now, it's my first time taking a close look at the crabs. Since yesterday night, hubby and I have been discussing about where to go for lunch. I was yearning for lobster in Victoria Station but I wouldn't want to spend at least RM200 for one meal. So, this morning since I'm not going for a swim, I went to see the hubby at work and we went for a short walk at the market behind. In 15 minutes, my RM50 flew away was spent wisely. 

Look at those eyes. That forlorn look. Makes me feel guilty that the hubby would be back from work later and put a knife through the abdomen. I'm sorry, okay. Really sorry. Thank God you will never have tears rolling down from those eyes. You don't have any tear glands, right? Do you even feel the pain? Do you? 

The best part of you would be your cheliped. Love the fleshiest part of all. Okay, I think enough of writing to you. I don't want to have the guilt of having to eat you, or I might turn into a vegan one day, which I do not wish to be. Anyway, thanks for dying for my cravings. Love you. Okay. Thanks. Bye. 

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