Friday, June 06, 2014

Day 2: Slow Pokes Crawling to Macau...

~ 15th March 2014, Saturday ~
*gasp* How far is the ferry terminal?
Yeehaw~! We were staying so near that we just need to cross the road and walk a few more miles metres before we reach the ferry terminal. There were a whole fleet of taxis at the building. The ferry terminal is at Shun Tak Centre. Google map will help you out and you will know where I was. I'm from a small village and I have not seen that many taxis in one place, waiting to pick up passengers. Oh, well. I don't need to take taxis back at home. I just drive off to wherever I want to go. When you're travelling, you are at the mercy of public transportation but still, the most reliable form of transportation is your own two legs. You will be pretty amazed by your own capability to walk from one town to another, make the wrong turn, ended up in another place, and walked all the way back where you came from, yet you felt like you could throttle half the globe on foot.
*ka ching ka ching* 
We went to the counter and we thought we could get the 8a.m. tickets but there were no more seats left. First aunt said it's the weekend, so there would be humans that would go by the drove with over-night suitcase to have fun in Macau, mainly to gamble away their wealth. We, on the other hand, were going to Macau to wash our eyes, to widen my horizon as I've not seen the building with only the front part left standing... you know what I'm talking about. Other than that, I have no reason to go to Macau. Again, I missed the opportunity to go to Macau during my previous trip due to my visa problem.
For photography purposes... 
What to do with the extra hour in hand? Read the newspapers.... shucks, I can't even read a single word except for a few English words printed. Do you know how much I hate Chinese words? I would look at a word, remembering that I've seen it before somewhere, but I totally have no idea what that word means. So, thank God for translators. I have translators all around. 
The ferry terminal...
We walked out of the building and had a good view of the foggy atmosphere. The ferry terminal was not one that I would say a state-of-the-art. It's just an old building that I believe is churning in a lot of income. There are many ferries plying the waterway. 
Let's go.... ALL ABOARD~!!!!

Yay~! We're the fantastic four who would not contribute anything to the gambling world. I'm just there to place my footprints all over the place. At least I have widen my territory horizon... errrmmm.... see more beautiful buildings from the Portuguese era. And learn a few words in Portuguese other than eating the all famous Portuguese egg tart. Come... come... let's see what we do in Macau for the whole day for a non-gambling person. We have lots of fun, too. As long as I'm there, I know how to create a fun-filled environment. Hehehehe.... 

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