Wednesday, August 06, 2014

... And the Lion in Me Roars~!!

And the lion in me is awakened~! Awakened by Ps. Julius Suubi... I've not met any other more anointed and on fire for the Lord's preacher. Anyone who has a slumbering spirit and needs a serious wake up call, go after where Ps. Julius preaches. You will just need this ONE wake up call to stay awake for the rest of your life.
This is a man, burning with passion for the Lord. The burden for Malaysia has been etched in his heart and he came to Malaysia. Coming all over here from Uganda to wake the slumbering churches. I wonder how many woke up? I hope the churches are not awake just when they heard him preach and then went back to sleep after he went away. What did God etch in his heart that's so important that he has to make his way numerous times to Malaysia, our beloved country? He came with the heavy burden to warn us Malaysians of the removal of God's protection upon this nation if we refused to do anything as the salt and light of this country. God spoke to him in year 2010 and we're given 5 years to wake up from our deep sleep. 

Three things God has kept us protected all these years. We've been protected from calamities and disasters. If I've heard him preached a few years back, maybe I'll be the one still slumbering. But it's different now. I think it's very obvious that God is shaking this nation in a way that cannot be fathomed. If it's just another road accident which does not involve any of your friends or family members, you feel nothing. The great wake up call came when MH370 disappeared into thin air. Halt~!! Hold your horses~! Do not read in between the lines~!!! I did not say that my God made that plane disappear.... seriously, do not read in between lines. Simply put, there's no more protection so anything is allowed to happen. You know the story about Job where God allowed Job to be tested by Satan? He suffered through and through because there's no protection from God. 
Now, if a plane can go missing just like that, but how did the people respond to this? If you ever have the chance to look through my Facebook, you will know that I have at least a thousand keyboard warriors and some who would even post up insensitive and nonsensical news updates. I wonder how did the human mind perceive such incident and turn it into stories one can't even think how the storyline was created. Creative minds Malaysians have, but used in all the wrong places. Then, MH17 was shot down. Why not shoot the plane behind us or the ones which have flew before us? Wrong route of flight? Blame anything and accuse anyone be it Ukraine or Russia and the trigger-happy missile launcher. When the news of MH17 came, it was a totally different respond from what happened to MH370. It hurt so deeply, even when you do not know any passengers in the flight, you wept for them. You wept for your country because Malaysia Airlines carries the flag of this country. You did not weep for a day, your eyes went teary while reading the news in the newspapers. Isn't it time to rise up and pray? You see the hashtag for phrases like "Pray for MH370", "Pray for MH17".... are you praying or you're so busy putting up news to garner the number of likes and see what others would comment on your posts then you feel good that you've played your part as a caring neighbour? 

How much do you love Malaysia when you do not even understand the national language? The Japanese love their country so much that they will not even use English, the international language. People in China and Taiwan speak fluent Chinese language, their mother tongue. People of other nations are willing to learn Chinese language. What about us? I've come across so many people who openly confess that they hate Malay language. The very first thing to learn in showing that you are the citizen of this country is as easy as speak the nation's language, yet so many couldn't do that. 
Just in case you do not know where is Malaysia... 
Calamities do not come to us. There's no natural disasters in this country. We're so blessed that this whole country is shielded from any disasters. No typhoons. No earthquakes but in recent years, we did have cracks in the buildings and experienced the aftershocks of earthquakes when our neighbouring countries were deep in trouble with the real quakes. Tsunami came on the 26th of December 2004, a decade ago. Our beautiful island was hit and people died, properties were destroyed. Hearts were crushed. Those who were victims would remember this episode for life. The rest of us, we continue with our lives. We forget to pray for the nation after that because we're so comfortable in our comfort zone.
We're more than that... can't find one that shows the true Malaysians....
Then, no one can deny that God has shielded from rising troubles due to the nation's build up of different ethnicity. There's no ethnic cleansing sort of trouble and we strive to live harmoniously with one another. But it seems like our forefathers believed that we could do it, live together in harmony, worshiping the different gods side-by-side. If you look at our nation today, some how or other, there will be people trying to tear this nation apart with cynical remarks aimed at people of different race. And the situation is put under the limelight once it appears in YouTube and Facebook. Racial disharmony..... nobody wants that to be torn apart but how are we holding it together. I can live harmoniously with my Muslim neighbours but what about those who put in extra effort to destroy it? How much do you really love this country? I don't want to go back to China because I don't belong there. I am only a tourist there. Malaysia is my home. One moment we could hurl abuses towards the Malay steering-lock queen who screamed like a madwoman towards an elderly man of Chinese race in a minor road accident and then out of the blue, a Chinese guy condemned the mosque for being too loud during the Raya prayer, that's so stupid to do. We have the freedom of speech but the same time, anything we said against another race is equivalent to stepping on a landmine that will explode right in your own face and hurt others in the process. Love thy' country... it's almost true when some politicians make the remark that if you're not happy with this country, please leave instead of trying to create racial disharmony. You will never be happy wherever you go. The grass is always greener on the other side, but when you reach the other side, it might be worse than back home.

The slumbering church. You know how hard it is to get people to go to church? The church must be creative in their activities to attract people to go to church. The preacher must have watered down and not-so-harsh preaching. Jesus loves me, I love Jesus. That's it. It's not easy to be a Christian. It's not easy to kneel down to pray as well. That's the hardest part to do. Pride must be removed before one can bow down or kneel down to anyone. A child would go down on his knees to beg his parents to buy him his favourite toys but that same child would not go down on his knees to beg His creator UNLESS he is desperate. Are we desperate enough now? 

I will not want to discuss about the Israeli-Gaza war. My friends are pro-Gaze. I will not voice out anything but let's just say, the Bible is not only about the New Testament. There's much to learn in the Old Testaments, for example the book of Numbers. The book Leviticus was a hard crawl as there were too many offerings to give unto the Lord. Exodus is the beginning of what happens now. Go read it for yourself instead of reading on what others' post up online. Open your heart before you open your eyes. Your eyes might not be seeing what you should see when your heart is so blinded. What you see in the Internet is what the world wants you to see. 
PS. I'm not a keyboard warrior. I write when I find the need to. I write when my time permits me to do so. I write what I have in my mind. I'm fully activated now. The lion in me is awake now. 

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