Sunday, August 03, 2014

Whose Magnet? What Magnet?

That's right. You read that right. God's Magnet. The first sermon of the night by Ps. Paul Ang. He's not a boring preacher. He's a fully anointed preacher. Those preachers who are not anointed will send you straight to dreamland. You'll be nodding your head in agreement with anything because you were actually not listening to anything at all. But, I've heard Ps. Paul Ang preached before, and he definitely wouldn't send you to dreamland. The introduction of the sermon was how magnet was created from metals that are able to be attracted by magnets itself. Let's not go into the scientific methods, as I have no love for science. I'm more interested on how to be God's magnet. It's not a copycat theory where you fake everything that's written in the Bible. You can be a fake preacher but one thing you cannot fake is the presence of the Holy Spirit. Thus, how to be a genuine God's magnet?

First of all it would be having the knowledge about God. Where do you get that from? You don't get it from listening to your friends telling you about God only, you will need to read it from the Bible. Whatever translation will be good as long as you can understand. Whichever language that you are good in, get that Bible. If you don't have a Bible come and see me, I have lots of Bibles at home that's collecting dust on the shelves. I only read ONE Bible. I'm not a preacher so I don't need that many versions to check through the words. I'm a simple person. I still stick to my first Bible which mi mama got me in 1997. As you read the Word of God, your eyes will be opened. I'm a reader so I can read the whole day. But if there's anything that I do not understand, I'll decide to torture consult my church pastors to explain further. I do not believe in getting all your information on the Internet, they are not 100% true. You don't know which Tom, Dick or Harry wrote the posts. No pastors should shun a church member from asking questions. That is the biggest NO NO in my opinion.

Now, as you read God's Words, He will realign you and you can encounter Him and be in contact with Him.
Re-positioning of self. How does one do that? I think you can understand the definition of the word very well? So, how do you apply it in your life? You'll need to allow God to re-position you. You will be at the right place, at the right time when God re-positions you. Blessings and doors will be opened. That takes obedience and patience. Hear Him. I've heard His voice loud and clear on the last day of the conference. I know what I'm called to do. I know where my gifts lie. Thus, I will allow myself to be re-positioned. 
Re-calibrate so that those who seek the Lord will not lack anything. Who says to serve in God's kingdom, one need not do any planning? The devil schemes and plans all the time so being a child of God, we have God's wisdom and the help from the Holy Spirit to beat the devil, if only we allow the Holy Spirit to work in us and through us.
Finally, the theme of the conference should be.... SERENDIPITY. Durian runtah la tu.... A pleasant surprise. A pleasant surprise~! A pleasant surprise~!! I don't know what's the pleasant surprise that you receive in your life. I know that I have lots of pleasant surprises throughtout my life~!! 

Whatever have been written is not what Ps. Paul Ang has preached exact to the dot. I don't remember what he has preached... sorry.... I don't even remember what I had for lunch yesterday so don't expect anything from a few days back. I just keep in memory what's the most important. I have the word SERENDIPITY and the rest is history. Again, I do take notes so I'm going through my notes and hubby is a better note-taker so I have him sent me his notes. I write because I know how to write :0)

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seahorse27 said...

The message was the heartbeat of God.Our camels are coming.