Sunday, September 07, 2014

The Cloth Attack~!

How crazy am I? I think the level of of my craziness cannot be measured. I was cleaning the whole house, yes, cleaning and scrubbing and removing items and rearranging huge items in the house. Then, that sewing machine is seriously in my way. My hubby insisted on bringing the sewing machine back home and it's taking up a huge space in my already cluttered room. I shifted the sewing machine to the guest room. Then, I was staring at the sewing machine for a very long time. I wouldn't want a big white elephant in my house. I definitely do not want it to be sitting in the same spot after ten years and collecting dust. I seriously dislike cleaning up the house. It sucks the life out of me completely. 

I don't know what came to me. I announced to my hubby that I'm going to start sewing. My hubby is forever the supportive one. Everything I say, he will support me till the end. My hubby can cook and now my hubby is telling me how to start sewing. He seems to know everything. When I was small, I was always busy with mi mama's hand-operated sewing machine, doing patchwork for the blanket. I'm not really into the leg-press sewing machine. I only started using that kinda sewing machine when I was in school, sewing apron and baju Kedah. I used to be very good in using sewing machines, now I don't even know how to fix the thread in to get started. Not to mention about preparing the bobbins *is that how you spell it*.... I need to gather knowledge on sewing.

Mi mama sponsored me a few expensive pattern books. So wonderful, right.... and I still do not know how to fix the thread. I wanted to buy the book of basic knowledge on how to operate a sewing machine but mi mama said no need. OooOOooOOooOOooo... 
Since my student cancelled my class, so I decided to walk over to Kamdar as it's the store selling all sort of cloth. I always don't go there because I have no reason to go there. The moment I stepped into Kamdar, it's like cloth-heaven. There are all sorts of cloth ranging from those from Italy, Japan and then there's velvet and silk and cotton and I felt like lugging the everything back home to start sewing. I still do not know how to thread the machine Then, there's a whole floor of cloth and more cloth for curtains and curtains and curtains.... AHHHHHHH.... If hubby isn't beside me, I would have gone crazy and squeal like an idiot in Kamdar with all foreign workers staring at me. Now, I feel that I don't have enough windows to cover.... *piglet squeal*

I told my friend about my new interest. Straight away she drags me into business. It's her dream to sew under her own brand. Thus, I promised to make her dreams come true. I believe I can do it. I started cooking without knowing how to turn on the gas stove, now I'm a great cook under my own roof and I can bake, too. The same friend pestered me to start baking for two years. Now, my kitchen is fully equipped. I believe that no doubt I have no idea how to thread the machine, in no time at all, I will be able to produce a range of clothing under her brand and my brand. I was actually thinking of doing this at my own pace and my piranhas in the house is not very supportive of the idea that I'm going to sew, according to their studies on me, I would abandon the whole project in less than a month. Hmmmm.... I'll prove all of you wrong~! 

I'm not abandoning my other hobbies. I'll still be cooking, trying out new recipes. I'll still be baking. Will still be in photography. Will still be playing the piano and maybe seriously, try to endure the hardship of skin torture with guitar. Just adding one more time in the list. After all, according to King Solomon, all of these are just chasing after the wind. Let me chase the wind for awhile, okay.... 

Lord, bless me with the wisdom of King Solomon.....


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