Sunday, August 30, 2015

Kissed by the Devil...

"Look into my eyes... and feel the Father's love. Look into my eyes... look into my eyes..." And one by one, they were slain, by what power, one would ask. Is it the power of the Holy Ghost? To the one with poor knowledge and understanding towards the Word, that man will believe that he has been slain under the anointing of the Holy Ghost. To the one who is knowledgeable and stay close to the Lord, the spirit man will be on the alert and know instantly that the whole congregation was dancing with the devil, clothed in the sheep-skin. When the righteous and alert were not 'touched' by the devil, the devil himself delivered a kiss. Did not Judas Iscariot betray Jesus with a kiss? 

I have heard the voice of Jesus.... I have also heard the voice of the one from hell. I will not be deceived by any other voices or actions portrayed. Look into the eyes and feel the Father's love... please show me in which part of the Bible Jesus shows the Father's love through His eyes? Did he heal the blind by asking the blind to look into His eyes? Did he deliver a kiss to the one with demons in his body? There... there.... the whole congregation danced with the devil. What has happened to the church?
The end is drawing nearer, many churches will die away. It will just be a building for the old faithful. There are people who refused to follow the cloud. The main reason would be it's not nice to leave the church just like that. Well, put courtesy aside, you have to save your own soul. There shouldn't be any compromise. If a church leader has done 99 things correct but 1 wrong move that's against Biblical teaching, the alarm in your senses should have screamed out loud. No compromise. God never even give Aaron's sons a chance to explain what wrong they have done. Both sons died on the spot. So, there shouldn't be any compromise in any part. A church that's spiritually dead is better than a church that's lukewarm, a minute hot for Jesus, another minute dancing around with the devil.
Speak to the leader, you say... A man who worships his own pride will listen to no one even when he's digging his own grave connecting down to hell right under your nose. A church which tends to veer towards the worldly thinking is like a ship riding straight into the whirlpool. One may say that the Spirit of God is with us, so nothing can be done to our soul, let's just enjoy watching horror movie. Are you afraid of horror movie? What kinda question is that? Why should I enjoy horror movie? Why do you want to scare your spirit man for the fun of it? Watching horror movie does not show that you're a brave person. It shows how much pride you have that you can even hurt your spirit man just to show off. Isn't it pure stupidity to throw caution into the wind and out of the window? If you know that your neighbourhood is a safe one, why do you still lock your door? Why not just remove the doors and windows?? The one who comes in the night to steal, kill and destroy will be an outsider, not your neighbour. Sheer stupidity to open your soul to the devil. 
A man who explains the Bible with all sorts of theological nuances to water down the true meaning ought to hang himself like Judas Iscariot.  

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