Monday, August 31, 2015

Will You Live to See Miracles?

Some people pray that they will see miracles but when a miracle happened right under their nose, they don't even know it. They don't even believe about a miracle when they heard of it. They will question and ask for more details until the miracle does not seem to be a miracle after all. There are many people who are like that.

I've seen and experienced many miracles in my life, especially when I travel. It's when you step out of your comfort zone that you experienced miraculous events that no one can explain. My most recent miracle was my RM50 note turned into RM100. I have a few RM50 notes with me and I took one out to buy some meat at the market. I put it down on my shelf to comb my hair and I was contemplating whether to keep it in my pocket or bring my sling bag along with me. Then I remembered about the incident where my RM50 note flew out of my pocket, gone with the wind. Actually I didn't see that piece of money flying off, it just disappeared. So, I decided to bring the sling bag along. Lo' and behold, my RM50 note has turned into RM100.

Being excited and all, I texted my friends and loved ones. Hallelujah~! Amen~! Those were the responses I received but to my dismay, some even questioned whether I have taken the wrong note, seen wrongly. They even asked how could it happen. And they are believers of Christ. Suddenly, it dawned on me what there are people who have never experienced any form of miracles in their lives. Lord, help them of their unbelief. I started to text a few more people and in the end, I truly understand the whole thing with miracles. If a miracle so small that you will cannot believe, do you think God will show you bigger miracles?

You can't even believe that my RM50 turned into RM100. It's like Jesus carrying out His first miracle where He turned water into wine. If something that simple you refused to believe, even if He healed a person who is permanently disable, you wouldn't believe it. Number one, I cannot explain to you how my RM50 turned into RM100. I seriously do not know how to explain that but I wasn't blind. Well, if you can't believe that, will you believe me when I told you that I missed a train in Melbourne and being upset and all, I prayed a short prayer, asking God to help me out regarding this train issue. After moving forward a couple of stops, in the middle of the train track, the train stopped and started moving backwards at top speed. While other commuters were baffled and started to complain, I was baffled myself but I was really excited. We arrived at the other train station 45 minutes earlier than the train that we missed and we managed to catch that train. The furious commuters who got down the train demanded for an explanation from the station master, but the station master could only apologized for the technical glitch. I have nothing to complain. I was skipping around happily. You might think God is selfish at that point of time, not thinking about others who might be late to their appointments and destination, but I'm sorry, I cannot explain that either.

I have one too many miraculous incidents in my life that sometimes I tend to overlook them. Try not to ask for too much of scientific explanation. His ways are higher than ours. If everything you need lengthy explanation then sad to say, till the day you die, you will never live to see any miracles because you're blind at heart and you believe too much about science that you forget the wonders. Step up your faith. And by the way, you don't have to be a multi-millionaire to realize that God has blessed you tremendously. I may have no money in my wallet but I have really good food on the table. That's a miracle on its own.

Do you know that when you entertain your unbelief so much, you tend to explain everything within your pea-brain capacity and thinking that you have a smart answer, you become a real idiot? Like when you see the sick being healed, while the sick rejoiced because of the healing, you and your big mouth might water down the miracle because you explain it off that the medication is finally working. When the train moved backward, you just said it's a technical glitch and when there's nothing else to explain about, you just said there's no such thing. Change your mindset and look out for miracles.

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