Monday, January 25, 2016

Day 13: Lushui Heliu Trail..

~ 26th March 2014 ~
This was another stop that the driver made us walk on our own. It was a path less taken and due to the increasing temperature, we refused to take that path as well. We walked less than 100 metres then we decided to call the driver, asked him exactly where the trail would be taking us. The name of the trail did not make any sense to us.
Our driver and guide told us we would be looking at almost the same thing, rock formation and water flowing. That's it! We're not going to that but we just needed some pictures to prove that we did start the trail but there's just no ending to the trail. Maybe you want to see the end result you can Google about that. I'm not going to Google that because if the view is really beautiful, I will feel very guilty for not persevering through. 
We were really happy though with just snapping a few pics and waiting patiently for our guide to turn back to fetch us. He was suppose to fetch us at the end of the trail. He must be thinking how terrible we were. We just gave him our most happy smile coz finally we got to sit in the air-conditioned car.

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