Saturday, January 23, 2016

Day 13: Swallow Grotto....

~ 26th March 2014 ~
Our guide parked his car by the road. He went to take helmets for us and asked us to be careful of falling rocks. Then, he asked us to get down from the car and walked on. He would fetch us from the end of the trail. 
We walked on. The landscape was just so beautiful. It was like the Geography lesson more than a decade ago coming alive. If only we had field trips back then, everyone would have scored Geography with flying colours. I did get a 100% for Geography by just reading the revision books. As we walked on, I saw the name of the place... Swallow Grotto... it was a scenic trail. I was expecting to see swallows flying around, or should we be looking for the swallow nests?
The three of us just walked on, not knowing what to see. There was no sign of birds flying around, not even a tweet. Before long, we were walking through the tunnel. There were buses and cars passing through and I was thinking why did our driver not drive us through the tunnel. Well, he knows better. We were suppose to enjoy the scenic trail.
I just knew last week *more than a year later* that Swallow Grotto has no swallows and tourists were suppose to admire the uniqueness of the road cut at the belly of the hill. Go read more from Google. I was just fascinated with the river flowing in between two hills or boulders or mountains, whatever you call them. There was no rushing water, it was almost dry when we were there. So, I am grateful that God still spare some water to let it flow through or else I wouldn't know what we were suppose to see there other than rocks and more rocks. The bridge was name after the dead senior engineer, Jin Heng. He was swept away by the river during an earthquake in 1957. If I knew him personally, I would cry my eyes out for him. 

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