Saturday, July 16, 2016

Day 26: Second Half of East OCT...

~8th April 2014~
We continued with our exploration around East OCT. The developer of this place really thinks much for the patrons, due to the massive size of the entire area, an escalator was installed in the middle of nowhere so that walking is easier. 
We came upon a curvaceous red bridge and on this rare occasion, we have the whole bridge to ourselves so we took some 'passport' photos with the thick fog as the background and we just stood and stared into the faraway land not knowing that the next day we would be walking around those French-inspired buildings. 
There was ropeway ride which we took. I do not enjoy hiking and walking up on staircase. There was no queue at all so we thought that we really made a good date to come to this place. We walked through the splash ride because it looked exactly like the splash ride that we took in Taiwan. This time round we were not interested to get ourselves wet. As I looked back, I wondered why we never made the trip to 4000 miles to Earth center. 
Before we entered into Seafield Town, we saw this building with a signage screaming about Jellyfish. I enjoyed looking at jellyfish swimming around especially those which reflect on the lighting in the aquarium. I stood there for quite a long time just taking photos and be mesmerized. There was no one else to block our view. Imagine if the whole place was filled with visitors, there would be humans as the background of jellyfish shots.
Seafield Town was quite beautiful. We spend most of the time sitting on the bench gazing towards the sky LED-graphic ceiling with seasonal display of sorts. It was so beautiful and we have such modern thinking that we did not mind enjoying the 'view' through computer-controlled ceiling. *sigh* We crawled back to the hotel after that to have a good rest.

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