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Day 27: Third Quarter of East OCT...

~9th April 2014~
After we had breakfast buffet served by the hotel, we took some photos from the outside of the hotel. We chose this hotel because of the fake waterfall and another reason was because it was inside the theme park.
We started our journey, walking everywhere. There weather was good and a few schools have their field trip at the theme park. We counted at least 5 different schools and different grades. They were as young as kindergarten students. While Malaysian students are stuck in the classroom, banging more facts into their brains only to get low marks during exam, the students in first world countries have their students running around the zoos and theme parks. Parents in Malaysia will say the Education Department is crazy to allow any form of learning in theme parks but parents are gravely wrong. The students in other countries are faring better in examinations even with their students running around taking rides after rides and screaming at the top of their voices. They learn more indirectly. They are not such frogs under under the coconut shell, never seen roller coasters before. Yeah, some teenagers actually never seen one or been on one before, so sad right?
We queued like the rest of the teenagers to wait for the Wooden Coaster ride. Yeah, I was really scared, seriously don't know where has my daring ability disappeared to. I don't trust the wood support, don't have faith on them at all. While standing in line, that was where we met stupid young adults who jumped queue all the way to the front. The person in-charge of handling the queue had nothing to say, well they were hooligans and nobody wants to create unwanted scenes or any untoward incidents such as fighting and more fighting.
We continued with our exploration and walked straight into a walk-through aviary. Some of the birds were in cages, though. I just hoped those flying around will not have their shit landed on our heads. We have no spare change of clothes and we definitely did not have anything to clean ourselves. The peacock refused to open up its tail to show-off. I saw an orange-brown fox which I really like. And there were turkeys, chickens and rabbits running around in an open enclosure. Open Enclosure... what an irony.... it's an open space but with perimeter fencing.... ugh~!
We took the funicular tram to the French city. I can't recall much of this trip as it was so many years back... hah... it's 2.5 years back. No, it's not a funicular tram, that was the previous ride earlier in the morning. We took a train, yes, a train which ran through the expensive looking town. Where are there towns in a theme park? Who's going to stay there? The bungalows have private pools. I wish I have a bungalow with in-house pool and a huge garden outside with gym equipment. I am a dreamer and I'm good in dreaming. I want a farm of my own with donkeys and chickens. I prefer donkeys than horses. 
It was a scenic train ride. We soaked in the view of luxury living and thinking when we will ever live in one. And then we thought about who's going to help us clean up the entire house as my travel buddy and I are quite similar in the ways we live. We are too busy to clean up the house because we are not housewives. Even if we are housewives, we will find better things to do rather than to be the slave of cleaning. In the end, we decide to live in small houses but none of us manage to live as minimalists, owning less than 100 items in a house. On the other hand, after looking at some of these photos, I do wish that I'm a better photographer but I just do not have any patience to be a better one.

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