Tuesday, February 21, 2017

My 2017 Birthday with my Family[s]

What's the definition of a family? I found one that I could agree to and yeah, so that's that. I did not celebrate with anybody else except with my family[s].
The first round was at home. I wanted steamboat because I do like steamboat at times. And I have my doggie birthday cake. I admired the ass most. It was actually Swiss roll with really good cream but it was coffee cream instead of chocolate cream. It's okay... the doggie was cute.
My second birthday was really special because it was on the eve of Chinese New Year. I was in Korea and celebrated with my new Korean family. I am blessed to have families here and there. It was not steamboat but barbecued pork... my favourite bulgogi and I just sat there and waited to be served. The cake was a different one, a chocolate chiffon cake which was really nice from Paris Baguette. 
The third and the last one was at Ferringhi Garden. I was thinking of writing a blog post just for Ferringhi Garden but too bad, I don't have enough time in hand so be it, go find out for yourself. Don't ask me how to get there, I enjoyed being the passenger so I did not jot down the route inside my head. It was a picture perfect place with all the garden-like deco, suits the name Ferringhi Garden.
Grilled Alaskan black cod...

The menu was of many pages so I closed the menu and let mummy decide. It would take me an hour or so to read all and decide, so usually when I go to restaurants, I let others pick from the menu or I will just ask the waiter to recommend. Mummy got me cod fish which was the best choice according to my taste bud~! 
I am deeply loved, greatly blessed and highly favoured.

PS. No family photos... I think my blog is too public and I would like to keep my family in a tight circle, away from public view.
PSS. I wanted to write a nicer post but I just couldn't find enough time to write.

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