Wednesday, March 01, 2017

Oz Day 4: Melbourne City Tour...

~9th November 2015~
Mi madre was the tourist while I was the tour guide. We were done with our affairs in Essendon. While waiting for Pinky to finish work at the office, we decided to kill time by touring the rectangular-shaped Melbourne city. We went to the information centre but I had no idea where they put the map. I still remember the places though so it's okay walking without a map. 
We hopped onto the free tram ride, chugging slowly. It's not my first time in Melbourne so I was just refreshing my memory, looking around. It was first time for mi madre. 
We hopped at at Elizabeth Street and then walked to Bourke Street. It was really hot so we were planning to look for some expensive dessert. I have data so I Google-d and found one. As we walked along the road according to Google map, we stopped at an empty shop lot. An Australian guy stopped and asked what were we looking for, after showing him the map, he said it was the right place but he has no idea where has the cafe disappeared to. 
In the end, we ended up with nitrogen ice-cream. It was good but I was hoping to have a piece of cake as well.
We then walked along Bourke Street, passing by Myer and heading towards Brunetti. Sad case, Brunetti was closed for renovation so we crossed the road to have some fresh orange juice. We then walked around aimlessly before heading back towards Flinders Street. Pinky's office was just opposite Flinder's station.

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