Friday, June 23, 2017

Oz Day 8: Devils Kitchen, Tasman Arch and Pirates Bay Lookout...

~13th November 2015~
We were still there at Tasman National Park. After a short trail of jungle walk, we arrived at the Devils Kitchen. It was a 5 minutes return walk but of course, I turned that 5 minutes to be a very long 5 minutes. 
Then, the time was stretched a little longer when we were looking at Tasman Arch. You would be walking on top of the arch until you got to the other end and had the arch staring back at you. It was just simply amazing. It's natural. I failed to listen to the rest of the explanation. I lack listening skills when the surrounding was too beautiful. Let the pictures speak for itself. 
Pirates Bay lookout point gave a better view of entire place. I fall in love with national parks in Australia. When I go to Australia again, I will go to every national park available. You will never find me in shopping malls unless the kitchen section seduced me. 

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