Tuesday, August 08, 2017

Oz Day 8: Port Arthur - The Australian Convict Site...

~ 13th November 2015~
We arrived at the historic convict site. We had a couple of hours to roam around. The place was really beautiful. It looked like a place that I would like to be, to find quietness. 
If you looked at what the convicts were convicted for, their crime was so minor they did not deserve to be sentenced at all. The crime that this generation was committing was far more heinous that the convicts of the earlier era would think they have met the devil himself in real life.
Port Arthur was like a city on its own. I don't think we explored the place from one end to another. Maybe we did. You know what I have in mind? I would want to hold a worship concert there in Port Arthur. Endless worship session. That whole place can cater thousands and thousands of people. Ahhh... just my imagination running wild. 
We took the cruise to have a better view of the convict site. There were convicts who tried to swim themselves to freedom in the freezing water. I would rather stay on the island but behind those cells, no one knew what terrible things happened. It must be hell on paradise. If you want the full story of the place, go Google search okay... I'm not good in writing facts because you can go directly to the site to get the truth. I was enjoying the view...

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